What to Consider When Buying the Best Radar Detector under 50


A radar detector enables you to avoid traffic tickets by alerting you when you are approaching a speed trap. The device is designed to detect radar guns that cops use to catch motorists who are exceeding the speed limit. Since radar detectors come in a wide variety of price points, it can be difficult to find the best radar detectors that suit your budget. Here are some of the features to look for that can help you find the best radar detector under 50:

 Best Radar Detector under 50

City/Highway Mode

This feature allows you to avoid false alerts by adjusting the sensitivity of the X radar band based on where you are travelling, with less sensitivity when you are in the city and more on the highways.


Blocking of radar detector detectors

This feature enables the device to detect Specter and VG-2 detectors.


Safety warning systems

This feature is not related to radar detection but rather helps to keep you safe by alerting you when there is a potential road hazard or approaching emergency vehicles. It works by detecting signals from alert transmitters.


False alert rejection

This feature helps the detector to avoid false alerts by remembering locations where these were triggered and ignoring signals from these areas.


What Are the Best Radar Detectors under 50?


Based on these criteria, here are some of the recommendations for the best radar detector under 50 that combine affordability with the features that you need. One of these choices will surely meet your requirements so that you can safely traverse the roads without fear that you are about to get ticketed.


Cobra ESD7570


1.Cobra ESD7570 9-Band Radar DetectorThis affordable no-frills model not only detects all of the radar frequencies and laser signals that are currently being used in North America but also provides 360-degree detection of signals using LaserEye. The signal strength meter estimates your proximity to the signal source. The device comes with a bracket kit that allows you to easily mount the radar detector on your windshield using suction cups (included in the package) as well as a coiled power cord.

It also protects you against radar detector detectors by alerting you to the presence of Specter I/IV+ and VG2 surveillance. To aid readability, the device has an UltraBright data display that allows you to easily view band identification icons.

The Cobra ESD7570 also has city/highway modes that allow you to screen out false signals that are prevalent when traveling in urban areas. And to ensure your safety while travelling on the roads, the Safety Alert warns you when you are approaching or in the presence of road hazards and emergency vehicles that are equipped with Safety Alert transmitters.

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Whistler XTR-130


2.Whistler XTR-130 Radar DetectorThis radar detector provides you with a full feature set at a price that will surely suit your budget. It offers 360-degree laser detection and detects all US radar bands and laser signals, ensuring that you are thoroughly protected against unseen lurking cops with laser guns. It also alerts you to the presence of VG-2 radar detector detectors and uses its cloaking technology to ensure that your radar detector remains undetected. When several signals are received at once, the Alert Priority feature prioritizes them in this order: laser signals, VG-2, speed radar and safety radar.

The XTR-130 also has a Safety Warning System that sends alerts through SWS. This system ensures your safety by alerting you when it detects emergency and safety signals from specially-programmed transmitters. These signals may come from approaching emergency vehicles or be placed at the sites of safety hazards on the road. In addition, you need to avoid distractions, enable the Quiet mode which automatically reduces the volume of the alerts to a low setting after the first warning.

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Uniden LRD450


3.Uniden LRD450 Radar DetectorThis basic, no-frills model is the ideal choice if you are buying a radar detector for the first time since it is easy to use while still providing you with the features that you need to stay invisible to radar gun-wielding cops. As with the best radar detectors, it offers 360-degree laser detection that ensures you are covered from all sides.

The LRD450 monitors fifteen bands as well as radar systems using POP mode. It also provides you with protection against Specter and VG-2 radar detector detectors by making your vehicle invisible to them. And when it detects a signal, the signal strength counter tells you how strong it is so that you can estimate your proximity to its source. To help you avoid false alerts, it has city and highway modes that allow you to adjust the detector’s sensitivity to signals.

Other notable features include a clearly-readable display with the signal icons clearly displayed in red as well as a mute function that lets you silence the audio alerts when you need to drive undisturbed.

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