Expert Buying Advice on Radar Detectors under 200 Dollars


Speeding tickets are expensive and can be easily avoided with a radar detector. These convenient devices will alert you to any upcoming speed traps, and most radar detectors can also sense red light cameras. There are several radar detectors to choose from that are affordably priced, but finding the right one for your vehicle can be difficult when you don’t know what you are looking for. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will help you choose the best radar detector under 200 dollars.

Best radar detector under 200 dollars


One of the first aspects to consider is the type, and you want the radar detector to be compatible with your vehicle. Some models are designed to be installed in the dash, but these are often complicated and expensive to install. The best radar detectors will attach securely to your windshield or on top of your dash, which gives you the additional benefit of being able to conveniently store it out of sight when it’s not being used.



The model you choose should also be able to detect all of the standard police radar bands to ensure you can avoid all speed traps. The radar detector should be able to quickly scan before your vehicle is detected and clocked, and you also want to ensure that the device has a long enough range to be effective. Audible alerts are always convenient and can give you enough warning to decrease your speed in time, and radar detectors that can filter out false signals are always appreciated.


Easy to Use

The best radar detector under 200 dollars will be easy to use, which is an important consideration when you are driving. Automatic scans and simple programmable controls can all make it easier to set and use the radar detector. Bright LED display screens are easy to read in all types of lighting, and can let you know the exact location of the speed trap.


What Are the Best Rated Radar Detectors under 200 Dollars?


While we can’t choose a radar detector for you, we can recommend some top rated models. Designed to help you avoid expensive traffic tickets, maybe one of these radar detectors is exactly what you need to avoid speed traps and cameras.


Beltronics RX65 Professional Series


1.Beltronics RX65 Radar DetectorThere is very little not to like about this sleek and easy to use radar detector. It is designed to fit conveniently on top of your dashboard, and can be easily hidden away from would be thieves when it is not being used. The bright display is easy to read in any lighting, and will clearly indicate the current setting and any possible alerts. You will appreciate the advanced system that can quickly and efficiently scan farther distances, along with most police radar bands. The quiet audible alarm will warn you in plenty of time to slow down before you get a ticket, and since this device is virtually undetectable it can be used in almost every state. You can select from 7 programming options to fit your unique driving style, and you will also appreciate the include one year warranty.

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Whistler Cr90


2.Whistler Cr90 Radar DetectorIts compact design fits easily on your dashboard, and it is also convenient to store. The bright blue LCD lights are easy to read in any lighting, and will even display the current time. You will also appreciate the external jack on this radar detector that lets you connect your audio devices. There are 6 modes for filtering out the different signals, and you can also prioritize the alerts. This helps to limit the number of annoying false alarms, while still ensuring you are able to avoid expensive speed traps. This radar detector also includes a high gain lens so you can easily sense speed traps at a distance. With 3 modes for city and highway driving and its affordable price, this might be the perfect radar detector to help you avoid your next traffic ticket.

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Cobra Electronics SPX 7800BT


3.Cobra Electronics SPX 7800BT Radar DetectorOriginally designed and used by the military, you will love the strength and power of this compact radar detector. It is amazingly quiet, and incredibly easy to use. Its compact size fits easily on your dash, and its’ amazing output power is capable of scanning long distances ahead.  The bright screen is easy to read, and will pinpoint the location of the police radar. You will also appreciate its ability to scan the area in 240 milliseconds, which ensures you have plenty of time to slow down. It is also extremely easy to program, and its’ affordable price makes it the perfect choice for anyone with a “lead” foot.

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