How to Purchase the Right Printer Toner:


Laser printers, fax machines, and photocopiers are often preferred over models that use ink jets for their ability to put out high quality text and pictures. The laser models can handle larger volumes of text, and can often be found in schools and businesses. Using toner that is fast drying and able to print fine details, these models can make all of your printing jobs easy. In order for these devices to work properly you need to make sure that you are using the best rated toner, which is why we have included some helpful tips in our buying guide.


Model and Quality

When you are trying to determine which printer toner is the best, it is important to make sure that it will work with your device. The model number can usually be found on the side or bottom of the printer, and it can also be located in your owner’s manual. The most popular product will not be the best choice for you if it does not fit in your device.

The quality of printer toner is also important when you are deciding what are the best products for your model. Some toners have been refilled which lowers its price, but it can also prevent it from printing all of the finer details. The best printer toner reviews recommend always purchasing a new product, especially if it is being used for business purposes.


Yield Value

This refers to the number of pages the toner cartridge can print before running dry. You can find the “yield value” listed on the printer toner’s packaging, and documents that only contain a page of text are counted as one yield. Colored charts, graphs, and photos do count as more than one page, and can quickly the toner cartridges dry. To find the best product for your money you will want to look for printer toner cartridges that have a high yield count.



New printer toner cartridges are available in a wide range of prices that can go from economical to extremely expensive. The type and amount of printing can help you decide on a budget, along with a product that includes a manufacturer’s warranty. Some of the more expensive printer toners are also refillable, which can also save you money.


Printer toner cartridges can make your images and text come to life on the page, but it is important that you find the right one for your device. According to the best printer toner reviews choose the right product will depend on your needs, and how you plan on using it.


Things to consider:

  • It is important that you make sure that the printer toner is compatible with your device.
  • The page yield will determine how much the toner cartridge can print, before running out of powder. Colored images will require more toner, and should be consider when you are looking at the cartridge’s yield.
  • Printer toners are available in a range of prices, and you should one according to what you are going to be printing.


Top Rated Printer Toners in 2021


Printer toners are used in laser devices and can produce high quality text and visual images. There are several different products to choose from, in a wide range of prices. Deciding on what you are going to be printing, and the volume can help you make the right choice for you and your wallet.


Brother TN450 High Yield Black Toner


Best Printer Toner ReviewsThis is considered one of the best printer toners in 2021 for its amazing ability to reproduce lush black colors, and muted grays. It can print every fine detail of your text and images, and best of all the cartridge is designed to be easy to install. It has a page yield of 2,600 and can last you for a lifetime of printing. The black printer toner is compatible with certain Brothers laser printers, and is inexpensively priced to fit most budgets.

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Cannon 128 Toner Cartridge


One of the best aspects of this printer toner cartridge is that it arrives as preassembled. The toner, development, and drum comprise this single cartridge system that can also print every fine detail included in your text. It is designed to be hassle free, and the cartridge is also recyclable, which means that you can feel good about leaving a small carbon footprint on the environment. The cartridge has a page yield of 2,100, and its innovative printing system can also help to prolong the life of your laser device.

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Brother Black Toner Cartridge (TN-350)


Compatible with several Brothers printer models, this affordable toner cartridge features a page yield of 2,500. Capture every detail in your text, along with recreating lush black colors. The fine particles in the toner can also capture the subtle grays in your text. Able to print professional documents without smudges or smears, it is also affordably priced for home or business use.

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HP 85A Black Original Toner Cartridge


HP is proud to manufacturer the best printer toner in 2021 that is also an affordable investment for your business. The cartridges are easy to use, and will consistently create crisp and professional looking documents. The toner can recreate every nuance in your text, and print crisp black and white images without smears or smudges. The printer toner works with most HP devices, and will give your professional looking documents every time. With a page yield of 1,600, the printer toner also features free recycling so you can feel good about your business’s contribution to the environment.

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V4INK Compatible 131A Toner Cartridge


With both black and color toner powder the possibilities to what you can print are virtually endless. This printer toner cartridge includes a one year warranty, and has a page yield of 1,600 for black and 1,800 for color. It is compatible with several HP devices to give you consistent and professional looking text and images. Capture every detail of a photo, and all of the subtle shading in your text with this affordable and professional printer toner cartridge.

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