Best Power Supplies under $50


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If you are on the lookout for the best power supplies under $50, the rest of this article will identify some of the common models that can be taken into account. These products are known for their reliability and performance, which makes them some of the highly-rated models and most recommended.


Cooler Master RS500-PCARD3-US Power Supply


Best Power Supplies under $50

This model has a maximum power of 500 watts. Many computer builders have considered this model as one of the best choices because of its silent operations and having an integrated fan that provides cooling function to prevent heating.  It is also lauded because of its energy efficiency, unlike other models that consume more than what is required and ideal. Lastly, the intelligent structure of this power supply helps not only with durability but also with being able to maximize airflow.

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“I got this power supply to replace my old PC`s one which broke down and since I have it, the Cooler Master RS500-PCARD3-US has performed perectly. There is no loud noise coming from it and it is energy efficient as well, making me spend less then before on my bills.” Eddy Cooper


Corsair CX500 Power Supply


With a 120mm fan, this model that can be found in many best Corsair power supplies reviews will give you an assurance that the right cooling mechanism is being provided without the need to make a loud noise. Additionally, it is also a good thing that the fan operates in different speeds, depending on the temperature. It has also been subjected to numerous tests in the past that has proven its smooth operation and ease of installation. Lastly, its matte black finish is also a good thing as it adds up to its visual appeal.

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“Being that it had so many wonderful reviews I went ahead and bought the Corsair CX500. It performs more than satisfactory and so far no problem has come from it. The fact that it is very cheap is another bonus which I had to take advantage of.” John Hewitt


Logisys Corp. PS550E12BK Power Supply


This dual ball bearing unit is another model that is often listed as one of the best power supplies under $50. For those who are not aware, a ball bearing fan is better compared to the standard fans that are used in other power supplies. The good thing with ball bearing fans is that they have better lifespan and power.  The black coating has the ability to resist traces of fingerprint. Lastly, the nylon mesh sleeve is one thing worth noting about its design, which makes it possible to avoid having messy cables all over the area.

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“Simple and effective, this is how I can best describe this power supply made by Logisys. My PC runs smoothly because the power gets to it in a perfect manner and I don’t hear noise coming from the fan, unlike my previous power supply.” Andy Morrison


Antec VP-450 Power Supply


The Energy Star Certification of this model is one thing that makes it a favorite in the marketplace. The latter is an assurance that it has the ability to deliver superior performance without the need to consume too much energy. In spite of the provision of constant power supply to your computer, you can expect that there is no noise that can be heard. This is also one of the most affordable choices in the market and it can deliver up to 450 watts of continuous power.

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“I wanted a power supply which was energy efficient and made no annoying noise, plus  which came at a reasonable price. All my demands were met when I purchased the Antec CP-450 which works like a charm, without giving me any headaches.” Steve Moore


Cooler Master RS460-PSARI3-US Power Supply


The high performance components of this product make it one of the best power supplies under $50. Additionally, users can also expect that it has up to 70% energy efficiency compared to the standard models that can be seen in the market. It is also a good thing that it is compliant with numerous international standards, which can be an assurance that they can be used in different locations and still be assured of safety and performance.

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“I bought this power supply for a very respectable price, set it up easily in the case of my PC and for 4 months now everything has run smoothly. Because it is so cheap and it is so good I recommend it to other people which might be intrested in it.” James Marton