Best portable DVD players under $75


Cheap portable DVD players prices


IF you are travelling a lot for multiple reasons, some entertainment is required to be there with you. If you are into movies than a portable DVD will do wonders for you, making your travelling time that more enjoyable. To help you purchase the best portable DVD players under $75 we have put together a list. For a moderate price you will have some great features and you won`t even realize that you have reached your destination.


Sylvania SDVD7027 Portable DVD Player


Best portable DVD players under $75

The Sylvania SDVD7027 easily enters in the list of the best Curtis portable DVD players reviews with its top performances. Its 7 inch color TFT display has a unique feature which sets it apart from other DVDs in its class, it can swivel even at 180 degrees. A SD memory slot gives you a lot of advantages as well, letting you listen to your favorite music or see wonderful photos.

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“ In just a very budget- friendly price, I already owned the Sylvania SDVD7027 Portable DVD Player. This player has it all. I can bring my favorite movies out of my home with this device. When I have travels, I always bring this product with me for the sake of my entertainment.” Erna Chang


Sony DVP-FX750 Portable DVD Player


One of the best options for your car and not only is the Sony DVP-FX750. Coming with a very eye pleasing black design, this 7 inch widescreen DVD player will perform as you would expect and more. For such a small device its rechargable battery manages to resist up to 3 hours of continuous viewimg. Another neat thing about it is the fact that is has 2 headphone jacks to share the fun with someone else.

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“ I can watch movies, listen to my favorite songs and scan for my pictures for almost 3 hours with the Sony DVP-FX750 Portable DVD Player. I can also recharge it anytime I want to without waiting for so long. The product is really entertaining which makes me love it every time I use it.”  Benny Gaines


Sylvania SDVD7014-MPINK Portable DVD Player


Any lady which is intrested into buying a portable DVD player should opt for the Sylvania SDVD7014-MPINK, with its excellent design and pink as its predominant color. You can even control it from a distance, beacause it also comes with a remote control. On it you can watch your favorite DVD, listen to your prefered MP3 or view some great pictures. Its compact size allows it to fit easily in your purse or bag so you are able to carry it without too much trouble.

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“I feel the satisfaction of watching movies even when I am out of home with the portable Sylvania SDVD7014-MPINK Portable DVD Player. This portable DVD player makes it possible for me to watch my favorite movies anytime and any condition. It is just lightweight yet compact.”  Lacy Mcdonald


Pyle Home PDH7 DVD Player


Another option that might suit your needs is the Pyle Home PDH7, a portable DVD player which is reliable and will make your boring moments while you are travelling dissapear. The 7 inch screen can rotate as well to offer you the best viewing angle so you can enjoy your movie in the best way possible. A USB slot also widens your perspectives and you can play files directly from it. The battery lasts you 2 hours of continuous viewing.

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“Even the Pyle Home PDH7 DVD Player is small; I can still have the chance to enjoy watching movies with it. The clear images and vibrant sound produced by this portable player is outstanding which makes me feel that I am in my home watching the movies in my television.”  Dorian Dejesus


Coby TFDVD7011 Portable DVD Player


Coming with a standard 7 inch wide TFT LCD display, the Coby TFDVD7011 is considered one of the best portable DVD players under $75 for its above avarage features and performances. You can even use it for your home theater system because it is equipped with AV outputs. Except for the headphones jack there are integrated stereo speakers as well. The compact design means it is very easy to transport around with you and fill those dull moments when you are travelling alone.

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“Aside from bringing and using the Coby TFDVD7011 Portable DVD Player in my travels, I also use the product as a home movie theatre. It has plug-in and outputs where the other gadgets can be connected. The portable DVD player has also settings that can be adjusted in the way you like it.” Angelo Esteban Sparks