If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best portable DVD player  money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best portable DVD player on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, sales figures and overall brand quality. Out of the products we have looked at, the Sylvania SDVD7060 proved to be the best. The 7 inch screen can swivel so you can watch it from different positions, without losing anything on the experience provided. The various portable DVD player accessories offered with the unit include a deluxe travel bag, a pair of headphones and a car power adapter, so you will never run out of juice when you want to watch your favorite entertainment while on the road. The model comes with USB connectivity and SD card reading capabilities, so you can comfortably playback digital media with zero headaches. In case you cannot find the Sylvania SDVD7060, you can always opt for the Sylvania SDVD1332, as a solid second best choice.



Comparison Table


Product Screen Size Price  Weight  Remote control Our Rating Where to buy
 Philips PD7016/37 7 inch $$$$ 2.6 lbs No A+ AMAZON
 9 inch $$$ 2.86 lbs Yes A KMART
 Sony DVPFX970  9 inch $$$ 2.3 lbs Yes B AMAZON
 Philips PD9000 9 inch $$$ 2.8 lbs Yes B+ AMAZON
 Philips PD9016/37 9 inch $$$ 7 lbs No B AMAZON



Buying Guide


Today’s offer on DVD players can cause confusion during the selection process. Going through the most popular portable DVD player models will significantly narrow the search parameters. It is recommended to know what to look for in a brand new product. So, people should take into account the following functions:

Sylvania SDVD7060


Nobody cares for the standard DVD player which offers limited playtime parameters. Today’s statistics show that more and more people desire a flexible device, equipped with mounting straps and tilting options. Such models are known to improve viewing comfort and implicitly pleasure. There are models that include 180 or 360 degree tilting options. People use such features in order to set the right viewing position. A flexible unit, with a big screen and curvy lines is easier to control during long or short breaks between drives. Cab drivers love to equip their vehicles with DVD players because it helps them pass the time faster.


Battery life

Most of the current portable DVD player ratings best to worst underline the importance of the battery’s life. When it comes to reliable players, battery power is linked to the duration of playtime. It can be pretty frustrating to watch a movie and just before the end the battery to run out of juice. So, a good DVD player should offer at least 3.5 hours to 5 hours. In this timeframe people will be able to see one or two comedies or long movies like Lord of the Rings. Furthermore if the unit comes with WiFi technology the battery must compensate the growing demand for power.



Which product is the best? There can be no direct answer to such a question since each user has had at least one good experience with a DVD player model. Still, a good portable player will definitely include many outputs. These options permit people to add other devices, capable of enhancing the overall multimedia experience. It is important for the DVD player to come equipped with USB slot, SD card, HDMI ports or S-Video outputs. People are interested in owning a DVD player with HDMI port because it helps them connect HD TVs or PC monitors. The best product for the money will also include an SD card slot, which permits users to expand the player’s storing capabilities.


In conclusion

Each model incorporates specific features that improve the overall media experience. Units with the traits we underlined above can be used to watch movies, documentaries, TV-shows or even view photos. With this information anyone can find out whats the best portable DVD player, capable of providing a comfortable visual experience!



Products for Specific Needs


Best portable DVD player for travel


Sylvania SDVD1332


Seeing as so many people like to travel with a portable entertainment device by their side, we recommend the SDVD1332 portable DVD player from Sylvania. This advanced multimedia experience comes with a 13.3 inch display which offers a thriving visual experience. There are thousands of American drivers that consider this model the best portable dvd player for travel. It is fitted with a flexible swivel screen which users can rotate to 180 degrees or even lie flat.

This viewing flexibility helps people set the most comfortable position to enjoy movies at their very best. The unit also comes with a remote control, for proper access to visual and audio content.


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Best portable DVD player for car headrest


Audiovox DS9443TPKBK


Drivers find it very challenging to tackle long drives without having around a good DVD player. According to recent user testimonials it seems that the DS9443TPKBK portable DVD player from Audiovox represents a great addition to drivers. Considered by thousands of drivers as the best portable dvd player for car headrest this unit offers a wide array of position angles, capable of delivering optimal viewing pleasure.

The player features 9 inch TFT display which can offer a thriving media experience. It comes with built-in stereo speakers which can render clear sounds during movies or music videos. Furthermore the dvd player features a headphone jack for a private listening experience.


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Best portable DVD player for camping


COOAU CU-969-PU Rechargeable


While some DVD players have to be plugged into an outlet all of the time in order for them to be able to play content, this one has been equipped with a rechargeable battery of which the runtime is estimated at five hours. So, if you’re at the campsite, it’s reassuring to know that you’ll be able to watch your favorite movie thanks to this device as its battery won’t run out before you’re all done.

The swivel screen is another benefit ensured by the design of this product as it enables you to position it as you wish. You can also utilize the product as a game controller as it’s compatible with plenty of retro games.


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Top rated portable DVD players in 2022


As the demand of a Portable DVD player increases, companies are providing different features for the satisfaction of people. The simplest way to get the best convenient DVD player is reading the best portable DVD player reviews with benefits and drawbacks in particular type, which are as follows:



Sylvania SDVD706


1.Sylvania SDVD7060


Considered the best portable DVD player by Sylvania, this great unit will keep you and your family entertained while on the road, as it comes with great connectivity, a good quality screen and some nice accessories that you will absolutely love.




The model has a 7 inch screen that swivels, so you can place the unit in the position that fits you best. This way, other people will be able to swivel the screen towards them when the need arises, so they can have the same great watching experience.

A bonus bundle is included with your purchase, and it is made out of a pair of oversized headphones and a deluxe travel bag, so you can rest assured that your DVD player will be properly protected when not in use.

The model comes with an USB port and it can read SD cards, so you will have plenty of entertainment right at your fingertips.

Compatible with DVD and CD formats, as well as JPEG and MP3, this is a complete product many people love.



There are no separate volume controls, which may be a drawback for some people.

Also, those who want a unit capable of playing Blu-Ray discs should look someplace else.


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Philips PD7016/37


Everybody knows Philips provides just top quality with all their products. Philips PD7016/37 is one of the top on the best portable DVD player reviews. Philips PD7016/37 portable LCD dual DVD player tends to make no difference, reuniting performance, professionalism, and trust within the basic design, expanded audio tracks and graphic capabilities. The specific 7” TFT LCD DVD player is superior inside offering sharpened photos from your videos, documentaries, and live shows or perhaps TV shows you will be seeing. The particular design works together with structure DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, SVCD and also CD.



 Very easy to install and manage

 Offers a vibrant multimedia source, accessible during long or short drives

 Features two 2 inch TFT widescreen LCDs which display movies, documentaries, TV-shows and photos

 Includes a smart car mount and cigarette outlet adapter

 Designed by highly skilled Philips engineers

 Comes with a professional and detailed instructionmanual that helps users manage easier the product’s functions



 Doesn’t come with an extended warranty (limitedperiod only)

 Includes only 1 power cord cable (this is an accessory which can be purchased at different stores)


A clear and top quality picture quality is provided by Philips PD7016/37. My family watches on it a movie or two, while I drive to our destination. I see them happy so I am sure I have bought a top portable DVD player.”  Beverly Baker


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Impecca DVP1016


2.Impecca DVP1016


In case you are looking for some great portable DVD players for cars, the Impecca DVP1016 fits the bill quite nicely, featuring a large screen for a portable unit and many other interesting features.




The display is made of a 10.1 inch TFT screen, which means that you will have the possibility to see even the smallest details. The high contrast display has clear, crisp image that makes watching movies while riding in a car really enjoyable.

The battery is made of lithium polymer and it provides up to 6 hours of playing time, which is enough even for longer car rides.

You can use the unit not only inside a vehicle, but also at home, connected to a TV, since the model comes with AV in/out ports, along with other connectivity options.

One feature that many people like about the Impecca DVP1016 is that it comes with a bunch of accessories, including a car headrest mount, which makes installing it inside a car really easy.



One downside noticed by users is that the unit works only with USB sticks with up to 32GB of memory.

Another thing mentioned by owners is that the sound quality is just decent, and for more volume you should get an external speaker.


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Koolertron GC-PDVD05


3.Koolertron 10


Another cool portable DVD player you should consider is the Koolertron GC-PDVD05. This model has everything you need in a portable unit, packed in a compact design and featuring the necessary capabilities for playing all kinds of content sources.




The model has a 10.1 inch TFT LED screen that renders images in high definition. The screen can rotate 270°, so you can easily manipulate it as you see fit in order to get the proper viewing angle.

The Koolertron GC-PDVD05 is compatible with a wide array of formats, including DVD, VCD, MPEG5, MPEG4, CD, MP3, CD-R, DVD-RW, JPEG and DIVX. Basically, you will feel hard pressed to find a common format for video or audio content that doesn’t work with this unit.

Because the screen has two aspect ratios, 16:9 and 4:3, you can watch various types of video content, without having the picture stretched or deformed in any way.

As a portable DVD player with USB, the unit comes with other connectivity options, as well, since you can use it with SD cards and even removable hard disks.



Some buyers complain about the fact that the model looks a bit on the cheap side, and as if it might break if not properly handled.

The cables are also a bit too short, so you may need to keep the unit close to the car adapter for charging.


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Be entertained wherever you go with this portable DVD player from GPX which comes at a very affordable price. The 9 inch LCD screen lets you see your favorite movies or videos in the best way possible so boredom won’t become an issue. The swivel possibility lets you even have the option of transforming it in a tablet. It is no surprise why it is seen as one of the best portable DVD players in 2022.



 Vibrant potable entertainment system with user-friendly interface

 Highly appreciated by American drivers, experienced and beginners

 Includes vibrant 9 inch LCD screen which displays rich and vibrant colours

 Incorporates powerful rechargeable battery pack for extended pack

 Received high marks of efficiency from the best dual screen portable dvd player reviews

 It can become a highly entertaining tablet, worth using whenever and wherever



 Poorly detailed instruction manual (detailed information can be consulted at the GPX official website)

 It comes with only 1 power cord (this is an accessory, sold separately)


 “I got it for a very good price and with its help I can be up to date with the series that I watch, even when I’m on the road.  It has definitely proven to be a very useful investment. Also it has worked perfectly until now.” – Jake Dawson


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Sony DVPFX970


Best portable DVD player reviews

Sony DVPFX970 is one of the best portable DVD player reviews in 2022 praised for its very clear 9” high quality display, exhibits anything anybody wants to see in style. This product features a 6-hour standard rechargeable electric battery that lets you notice films, videos, pay attention to songs or even take pleasure in a fascinating documentary. Furthermore, HQ fundamental constructed Sony DVPFX970 features a Stereo system Virtual Dolby, Encompass sound system providing you with the delicate sound encounter complementing the actual visible one.



 Features Stereo Virtual Dolby Surround system for amazing audio quality

 Includes an accessible 9-inch high resolution LCD monitor that renders 800 x 480 video resolution

 Regarded by thousands of users as the best dual screen portable dvd player 2022

 Benefits from 1 year exclusive warranty on parts offered by manufacturers

 USB port for additional connectivity with other devices



 It works only in the U.S. (functional in some countries in the European Union)

 Do not comes with detailed instruction manual (more information can be found on the internet)


I always have time to watch my favorite shows and movies with the Sony DVP-FX970 . I can just easily insert the CD or DVD and I can watch the show I want. The screen is clear and provides a vivid colorful image. The player can also be used anytime and anywhere. I think this will prove to be a great Xmas gift for a great friend of mine.”  Karen Gibbs


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Philips PD9000


The majority of modern day best rated transportable DVD player, underline the fantastic top features of the actual Philips PD9000, within providing crystal clear pictures linked to the improved sound. This specific convenient portable DVD player lets you appreciate videos virtually anytime and anywhere you desire without the constraints. This special model provides us approximately 5 hours of DVD/DivX/MPEG videos, MP3-CD/Cd or simply just lets us observe photographs which are quite outstanding. Busy peoples out of the house can pass a good time by enjoying movies with Philips PD9000.



 The DVD player plays 5 hours of movies, TV-shows, music and photos

 Incorporates 9” TFT LCD screen for great viewing experiences, with rich and crystal clear images

 Multi-languages user manual with detailed instructions

 Car mounting pouch and cigarette port

 Includes powerful stereo speakers which delivers vibrant and intense sounds during everything played

 Very popular among American drivers



 It comes with only 1 AV Cable (this is an accessory and if needed can be purchased at different stores)

 Does not come with a carrying case


Philips PD9000  Portable DVD Player is great for me, because I use it to not get bored on the long train rides to my hometown. I am very satisfied with the picture quality and sound . The battery can last for 5 hours which is just about how long the train ride takes. For a DVD player priced under $100, I think it’s a bargain and it surely makes the top 10 list in my opinion.”  Katelyn Roberson


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Philips PD9016/37


Reading through a large number of pleased customer reports, as well as specialist review among the best portable DVD player for 2022, Philips PD9016/37 product functions on 34 widescreen LCD shows which can be installed on the actual headrests. You only need to able to install the particular LCD monitor around the backside of entry headrests hence developing a specific enjoyment method inside your automobile. Philips PD9016/37 makes it possible for typical visualization of movies, graphics or maybe movies any time along with all over the place you need.



 Includes 2.9-inch widescreen LCD displays that offer amazing intense and detailed images

 Benefits from 1-year exclusive manufacturer warranty

 Permits users to stream DVD movies, photos and music without problems

 Once installed the DVD player offers amazing entertainment levels

 Features useful headphone jacks that deliver great private listening with no external audio distortion

 Plays simultaneously two movies for passengers in the backseat to enjoy



 Doesn’t come with multi-language manual (Includes popular languages like English, Chinese, French and German)

 It doesn’t come with a screen wiping cloth


I am happy that I choose the Philips PD9016/37 because my family long car trips, just got a whole lot better. The player didn’t prove to be too expensive, on the contrary being quite cheap for a portable DVD player. Except the image quality which is great, I also like the clear audio level. This was a Black Friday deal which proved to be extremely advantageous.”  Dawn Dickey


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Sony DVPFX750


Sony is known for that professionalism and awareness of particulars inserted in every of its goods. DVPFX750 which has a 7-inch widescreen keeps an eye on your aesthetics and music expertise without any graphic or weird disturbance. This device does not want to compromise with the journey because it includes a car adaptor, which always keeps the device active. Sony has a 3-hour rechargeable battery power which helps to enjoy movies, videos, songs, anywhere and anytime. Also it is consistent with all types of DVD and CD. This is precisely why Sony DVP-FX750 got this sort of excessive grades in the list.



 Designed by experienced engineers and technicians from Sony

 The DVD player is ideal for plane and road trips

 Due to the advanced battery it offers 3 hours of continuous video playtime

 Benefits from a unique 1 year exclusive warranty

 Features 2 built-in headphone jacks for private listening experiences

 Includes a useful A/V adapter, great for connecting TVs



 The remote control needs batteries (this is a power source sold separately)

 Do not include a carrying case (this is an accessory, available on its own)


My new Sony DVP-FX750 DVD player is taken by me anywhere. I can watch movies during periods when I’m not doing anything interesting. With it I have managed to eradicate those awfully boring moments. Watching moveis on it has proven to me it’s one of the best rated portable DVD players and that Sony is the one who makes the best models. ” Martha Reed


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Portable DVD players – What to look for:


portdvdLong train rides or drives are often nor very enjoyable. In order to avoid these dull scenarios, a good idea would be to watch movies. One possible solution is to get yourself a DVD player that can be always with you or can be fitted in your car, so every passenger joins in on the fun. Of course, everyone would like to get their hands on a model which is considered the best portable DVD player in 2022. Luckily this can be achieved  if you just pay attention to certain details and read this buying guide.

There are two different types of portable DVD players you can go for. If you are traveling alone and are not driving, the best option for you would be a model with a bigger screen size, almost laptop like in design. For a car’s interior you should invest in a smaller sized DVD player. It should be easily mounted, without any complicated steps. Normally one such model comes with 2 separate screens, which you can set up in the back of the front seats or one even in your glove compartment. Another option is represented by the so called flexible version. Such a DVD player is actually both the previous options in the same design.

The research our team has done for this buying guide, has also included reading the most reputable portable DVD player reviews. The conclusions that we have come to, are displayed in the following paragraphs.

You should keep an eye out for the ability of the DVD player to read multiple formats. You must be able to play a whole array of movies you have downloaded from the internet or directly from a CD/DVD. The more formats it can read, the more options you will have. The best format you should look out for, if you want to have the best video quality, is of course the Blu-ray format. We move on to another vital feature, the all important battery life. From our point of view the battery life should last at least 4 hours, on a full charge.

Accessories are important because they can prove to be extremely useful in many cases. For instance, easy connectivity options with other devices, like HDTV, are welcomed because you will be able to use the DVD player at home as well. Furthermore you might want surround sound capabilities and this can be achieved with the newest models. They tend to cost a bit more than your regular ones. A swiveling display is also a great innovative feature, giving you more viewing options. You will surely find the right angle for watching your movie with such a display.

The best portable DVD player reviews should be read because they have singled out the most impressive models for any price range. Be sure to keep in mind the little details mentioned above when you go ahead and purchase a DVD player. These details will be the difference from investing in a high quality DVD player or a model that will break down after just a few months. Don’t rush into making a decision because it rarely pays off.


Things to consider:

It is recommended that you read the best customer reports in order to have a great insight on the model you are about to purchase.

–          Know if you want to take the DVD player with you or if you want to set it up in your car;

–          Make sure it supports multiple file formats;

–          It has a long battery life, so you can watch multiple movies;

–          Easy connectivity options;

–          Go for surround sound capabilities if you have the chance;

–          A swiveling display is very advantageous.




Impecca DVPDS720


Discovering the best portable dvd player for camping is very important for people that love to spend time in the wild. For smooth performance we recommend the DVDPS720 7-inch portable DVD player from Impecca. Equipped with two 7 inch TFT LCD screens this device also comes with a useful carrying case.

Great for outdoor activities this unit as built-in stereo speakers which come in handy while watching movies with friends. Still, people can always use the 3.5 mm built in headphone jack for more private experiences. Due to the built-in shock protection the player can also resist drops from low or medium heights.