A portable canopy is the perfect solution any time you need temporary shelter outside. It can provide shade from the hot afternoon sun, and cover during sudden rainstorms. A portable canopy can become part of the décor at an outdoor wedding, or make a backyard BBQ more comfortable during the hot summer months. The temporary shelters are available in a wide range of styles and sizes designed to fit almost any outdoor occasion. With so many to choose from, finding the best portable canopy can be difficult. Included in this buying guide are helpful tips and portable canopy reviews all designed to help you choose the right model that also fits your budget.

1.2 Coleman Instant Canopy with LED Lighting System

What to look for when buying a portable canopy?


Lightweight or Heavy

One of the first aspects to consider is whether you need a lightweight or heavy canopy. A lightweight canopy is ideal for temporary shelter in the backyard or on camping trips, and is designed to be easy to carry and set up. Lightweight canopies are not intended to withstand strong gusts of wind, but are less expensive than heavier ones. The lightweight shelters are also available in a wide range of styles and colors. Heavy duty canopies might be priced higher, but are also designed to withstand strong winds and can be left erected for longer periods of time.



Canopy frames are usually constructed from steel or aluminum, and each has its own advantages. Aluminum canopy frames are lightweight and extremely portable, while ones constructed from steel are durable and able to withstand strong wind and rain. Canopies with sturdy steel frames can also be more difficult to assemble which should be taken into consideration before choosing an outdoor shelter.



Most portable canopies use polyester, polyethylene, or vinyl material for the covering, and there are a few things you will want to consider. The best canopy for wind and rain is generally polyester or polyethylene, and it is also the most affordable. Vinyl coverings are waterproof, but are expensive and often too heavy to carry. You also want to consider if the material is UV resistant, and if it is flame retardant. Untreated polyethylene canopies can present a potential fire hazard, while not all polyester coverings are resistant to UV rays.



Best Portable Canopies



Coleman Instant Canopy with LED Lighting System


1.1 Coleman Instant Canopy with LED Lighting SystemOne of the reasons this is the best Coleman canopy is its lightweight design that is easy to set up. The process only involves three simple steps, and you have a beautiful outdoor shelter that is also illuminated. The pretty canopy is ideal for backyard parties in the evening, and the 4 LED lights will ensure that your guests will be able to see. The lights also operate on 4 D cell batteries so you can set the portable canopy up almost anywhere.

The 10 x 10 foot canopy is large enough to keep food covered, along with wedding presents. Since it is lightweight and easily portable, it is also perfect to take along for additional shelter on camping trips. The cover is UV treated, and also resistant to fading. The main advantage to this portable canopy is the innovative lights, which also include a dimmer switch so you can always have the perfect lighting. Turn it up to full brightness for serving food or filling out forms, or keep it dim to create a romantic atmosphere.

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Quik Shade Go Hybrid Backpack Canopy


2.1 Quik Shade Go Hybrid Backpack CanopyThis is often considered one of the best canopies under $100, and there are several reasons why. The versatile outdoor covering is designed to provide shelter in almost any setting, and is also easily portable. While the canopy can be used for backyard picnics and BBQs, it also is great for backpacking and camping trips. It is easy to assemble, and takes up very little room when it is packed with the rest of your gear.

The frame is constructed from durable and lightweight aluminum, and it is large enough to cover two to three people. Since it weighs less than 15lbs, the canopy can also be carried on a mountain bike. The storage bag is fashioned after a backpack, which makes it ideal for extended hiking and biking trips, and it also includes UV protection. With mesh eaves for plenty of ventilation, and half a wall for additional weather protection, this portable canopy is perfect for sleeping or simply extending the covering over your campsite. Since it is also priced to fit any budget, it is easy to see why it is one of the top rated models.

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Trademark Innovations Portable Event Canopy Tent


3.1 Trademark Innovations Portable Event Canopy TentThis is the best portable canopy for almost any outdoor occasion. The durable covering is waterproof, and extremely easy to set up. You will love how the frame looks when it is assembled, and it can add a touch of class to your next backyard BBQ. Since it measure 10 x 10 the canopy is large enough to cover food laden tables, or provide a shaded spot where guests can sit and relax.

The durable PVC material can withstand slight wind gusts, and it also includes a steel connector for extra reinforcement. The connector is easy to remove, and the portable canopy can be conveniently stored when you are not using it. The coverings are available in several colors so you can match your outdoor decorations, and best of all the portable canopy is priced to fit most budgets. Perfect for backyard picnics or to cover a booth at a craft show, designed to be versatile and affordable, it is easily one of the best outdoor coverings for all your events.


A portable canopy can provide shelter in almost any outdoor setting, and there are several types to choose from. While the best canopy will mainly depend on your budget and where you are going to use the shelter, it doesn’t have to be difficult to find the right one. Two of the top rated portable canopies are the Coleman Instant Canopy withy LED Lighting System and the Quik Shade Go Hybrid Backpack Canopy. Perhaps one of these products will be the perfect portable canopy for your next outdoor event.

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