Pocket Multi-Tools – What to Look For:


If you ever find yourself camping or out in the woods, you will want to have one of the top ten pocket multi-tools handy. Of course, you want to make sure that you are choosing one of the best rated pocket multi-tools to suit your needs.

We have created this guide to help you understand some of the important aspects of choosing one of the best rated pocket multi-tools. While we cannot tell you who makes the best tool, we can offer you information that may help you in your decision making process.


How Will You Carry It?

The way you will be carrying your pocket tool can be a big deciding factor in the design of the tool. If you are going to put it on a keychain, you will want the tool to fold up and not be overwhelming on your key ring. This can limit how many tools are actually part of your multi-tool. If you are going to be storing it in a tackle box or in your bag, you can go with a design that is a little less compact. By going this route, you may find a multi-tool with a plethora of useful tools combined.

Specific Needs

There are many different uses for these multi-tools, you want to make sure you are purchasing the one that is best suited for your particular needs. You wouldn’t want to choose a tool that is dedicated for fishing if you need to fix your bike. If you are purchasing a tool to use for work, you may find it helpful to purchase a tool that has tools that you frequently use on the job. This will allow you to be ready for any emergency problems you may face if you do not have your tools handy.


Knife or No Knife?

There are several reasons that you may not want a knife mixed in with your multi-tool set. Some of the highest rated pocket multi-tools do not feature blades. If you feel that you do need a blade, you will want to make sure that the blade is strong, sharp and durable.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product No. of tools Price Weight Material Customer Rating Where to buy

Leatherman 830040 New Wave

12 $$$ 5.6 ounces Stainless steel A+ AMAZON

Gerber 31-000749 Bear Grylls

12 $$ 8.6 ounces Stainless steel B+ AMAZON

Leatherman 830846 Skeletool

7 $$ 5 ounces Stainless steel A+ AMAZON

Leatherman 831426 Wingman

14 $ 6.9 ounces Stainless steel A AMAZON

Gerber 01471 Butterfly

12 $ 9 ounces Stainless steel B+ AMAZON


By purchasing a new pocket multi-tool, you are ensuring that you will be ready for life’s little curve balls, one loose screw at a time.


Best way to find pocket multi-tools – A buying guide


pocckHandymen, in general, have a wide variety of tools in their collection, so they are prepared for anything. To avoid carry around an entire tool box, a pocket multi-tool is a good investment. It is both compact and efficient. If you don’t have one yet and you are seriously considering getting such a tool, then you should pay attention to some key aspects presented by this buying guide. One of the best pocket multi-tools in 2019 can be yours, if you don’t rush into a decision and remember that it must have some key features.

The first thing you should do before you buy a model, is to identify the tools you want in such a helpful device. You can use such a tool for all sorts of tasks or repairs. When you go fishing for example, it can prove useful for cutting a line or to open a bottle of your favorite beverage. So think long and hard about what its main purpose will be and the tools you think will come in handy. The locking mechanism of the multi-tool because is very important for your personal safety. Each individual tool must open and close properly because if a knife is not closed all the way and you reach in your pocket, you can easily cut yourself.

Professional multi-tools reviews were read by us, before we put together this buying guide. With their help we have managed identified the most important features presented in the following paragraphs.

The material from which they are made of is also very important. Stainless steel is the best material and it will have in some cases different kinds of coatings. Another important aspect is the ability to change any individual tool. So, if one particular tool is worn out or broken, it can be changed. You should be able to send it back to the manufacturer for repairs, at least for the bigger brands this is possible. Moving on to the maintenance of a multi-tool, you’ll have to do what you would normally perform for any individual tool. Its knives need to be sharpened regularly, look for signs of rust and so on.


Best Pocket Multi-Tool without a Knife


Swiss+Tech ST53100 Micro-Max Key Ring Multi-Function Pocket Tool


The Swiss+Tech Micro-Max 19-in-1 tool was created to be able to fit onto your key ring without being cumbersome. The tool is equipped with six screwdrivers, two hex wrenches, pliers, wire cutter, stripper, and crimper, a hand drill, file, bottle opener, two rulers and ruler extensions. The tool features a patented quick-release and self-locking mechanism that is safe and easy to use. The patent pending design is ready to be used in any situation—helping you tighten and loosen, wire, measure, drill, and file with ease. The tool is so versatile, it has been called one of the best pocket multi-tools without a knife because it is one of the few tools that does not, in fact, have a knife!

This product doesn’t have just positive reviews, click here to see what unhappy customers wrote about this product!


Make sure you don’t keep it in wet places, so you prolong the life of your multi-tool.We recommend to wipe every tool on a regular basis, so dust doesn’t affect how they function. For you general knowledge, you should know that the best multi-tool manufacturers are Leatherman and Gerber. There are other brands which produce some high-quality multi-tools as well, but we recommend these two most of all.


Best Multi-Tool with Pocket Clip


Leatherman 831207 Style CS Multi-tool 


The handy Leatherman style multi-tool is unique because it features several different tools in one compact design. Voted as one of the best multi-tool with pocket clips, the Leatherman tool measures 2 x 1.25 x 3 inches and weighs a mere .09 pounds. The tool features a clip that allows you to attach the tool to your backpack or your clothing for easy access. You can be certain that the tool is always within reach to help you perform simple tasks. The durable tool is made out of stainless steel with glass-filled nylon scale. Some of the tools include 420 HC clip-point knife blade, nail file, tweezers, both a flat head and a Phillips screw driver.

Some people consider this product excellent while others are not so excited about it. Click here to find out why!


So, get your fair share of pliers, knives, bottle openers, tweezers, corkscrews in one top-quality multi-tool. Remember these simple things and your multi-tool will last you a long time. You also should look to the best pocket multi-tools reviews for some pieces of information, regarding some of the most reliable models. With this knowledge you are well and truly on your way to buy yourself one of the best pocket multi-tools in 2019.


Best Pocket Multi-Tool with Light


Power Tek Fire Talon Premium Multi-Tool Pocket Knife


If you are looking for a tool that has it all, the Power Tek Fire Talon is considered to be one of the best pocket multi-tool with lights. The tool features two LED flashlights that are built. It is made of a black oxide stainless steel for incredible durability—not to mention it is a nice looking tool to have in your pocket or in your tackle box. The tool features a combo knife, spring-loaded needle nose pliers with wire cutters, wire strippers, as well as spring loaded scissors. The built in rubber inlay in the handle ensures you have a secure grip while it still being comfortable in your hand.

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Things to consider:

–       A wide variety of tools;

–       A reliable locking system to avoid accidents;

–       Its tools are made of stainless steel;

–      It must be rust-resistant;

–       The possibility to change worn out or broken tools.


Top rated pocket multi-tools in 2019


Getting things done around your property or even for building new things requires you to have all the necessary tools. One tool in particular that will always come in handy even in unforeseen cases is a pocket multi-tool, which can be at your side wherever you go throughout the building site. I had the chance to work with different models and based on my experience and also after reading some reviews I believe these are the top pocket multi-tools in 2019.



Leatherman 830040 New Wave Multi-Tool


One of the top pocket multi-tools in 2019 is the Leatherman 830040 which is suited for all types of jobs. Its tools all lock into place when you use them so they minimize the risk of them sliping while you are cutting something, for example. The whole thing is made out of stainless steel which is very durable and waterproof, a feature which I think is very important. Knives, pliers, wire cutters, files and a lot of other tools lie at your disposal if you choose to purchase it.



Designed to be a useful companion during camping or hiking trips the 830040 New Wave multi tool is comprised out of different types of tool which one might need in various situations

Emerging from the best pocket multi tool comparison as the most generous when it comes to useful tools this product is made out of 100% stainless steel

This multi-tool offers users free access to the following tools: 2 knives, 2 pliers, 2 wire cutters, 2 flies, screwdriver, wire stripper, bottle/can opener, scissors and even 2 bit drivers

Backed by an exclusive 25 year manufacturer warranty this multi-tool set is 6.3 inches when open and 4 inches closed



Does not include a pocket clip

Does not come with a lanyard ring but all the major tools are present


Leatherman 830040 Multi-Tool has proven to me that it is very useful in numerous scenarios. I don’t see one trace of rust on it, after I have used it in wet conditions. I also like the fact that it is extremely light. ” Sarah Kelly


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Leatherman 830846 Skeletool Multi-tool


The best pocket multi-tool reviews have identified the Leatherman 830846 with the label of a very popular tool with handymen all over the US. All the body and tools are made from metal, either from stainless steel or light aluminum. No job will be impossible for this multi-tool which also has the reputation o being the lightest on the market. I like the fact that it comes with a 25 year warranty as well, which is very impressive.



As the first option for thousands of users from the best pocket multi tool comparison, the 830846 Skeletool is extremely light (5 ounces) which makes it the ideal companion during camping trips with friends

Benefiting from an exclusive 25 year manufacturer warranty this powerful multi-tool incorporates amazing bit driver technology which offers users the possibility to customize the tool

With a solid stainless steel construction and 6061-T6 aluminum handle the multi-tool will resist different weather conditions from hot summer days, rain and cold environments

This multi-tool features hard-wire cutter, universal bit driver, Philips 1 and 2 screwdriver, large knife blade which can easily handle different jobs



Does not include the protective belt sheath (this is an optional accessory sold separately)

Does not come with a can opener component


Leatherman 830846 Skeletool Multi-tool has impressive me. I tested all the tools, working on multiple tasks and all the tools were to my satisfaction.” Charles Martinson


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Gerber 31-000749 Bear Grylls Multi-tool


Best pocket multi-tool reviewsThe Gerber 31-000749 will always be there for you when you need it, right in your pocket. The 12 different metal tools are all made from stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about them getting rust. I particularly like the handle design which is ergonomic with a very good rubber handle that minimizes the chance of it slipping from your hand. Remember to always put the tools back into their safety position so no accidents occur.



This multi-tool is the result of a tremendous collaboration between Gerber engineers and survival legend Bear Grylls offering users the chance to use 12 carefully designed stainless steel components

With rugged and weather resistant construction each tool is easy to manoeuvre due to the no-slip grip handle

Completed by a nylon sheath this pocket multi-tool features the exclusive Safe T Plus system which locks the selected component in a usable position

Backed by a detailed survival pocket guide written by Bear Grylls the 31-000749 multi-tool is lightweight and easy to carry around



Mastering the Safe T Plus lockable system may take some time (read the instructions to speed up the process)


I bought it for its extremely safe closing mechanism and because I found it for a Black Friday discount. My last multi-tool gave me some pretty nasty cuts, from knives that didn’t lock properly. This hasn’t happened with the Gerber 31-000749 making be believe it was the best option for the money I was prepared to spend. Now I know which pocket multi-tool is the best.” George Marshall


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Leatherman 831426 Wingman Multi-Tool


The Wingman`s manufacturer put a lot of effort into making such a quality multi-tool and it is very sure about its performances, offering a 25-year warranty. Because it is made 100% from stainless steel, it is resistant to water. With it you will be prepared for many different tasks. no matter how hard they appear. You will have quick access to knives, pliers, a bottle opener, a can opener, screwdrivers and many more, so you are virtually equipped for anything. The best pocket multi-tool reviews recommend it for its resourcefulness.



Affordable and tough this fully functional tool is pretty amazing in the hands of skilled individuals that often go on hiking or camping trips in the middle of nature

This useful multi-tool features an opening blade, spring action jaws, scissors, screwdriver (small, medium and Philips), can and bottle opener which cover the basic needs of a handy individual

With a lightweight construction (7 oz) the Wingman multi-tool is made of durable stainless steel which easily fits in any pocket

Easy to manoeuvre during different tasks each tool delivers precise results despite of the minimalist general design



Does not include in the basic package a sheath (this is an optional accessory sold separately)

Does not come with a wood saw component


I recommend getting this Leatherman multi-tool because I find it to be very practical and reliable, plus it’s quite cheap. I was very pleased to see it that it comes with a 25 year warranty as well. Plus it got great feedback, proving it’s one of the most reliable models in 2019. ” Mark Crick


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Gerber 01471 Butterfly Multi-tool


With 12 different tools in one you can`t go wrong on any job if you use the Gerber 01471. I enjoyed the nylon cloth sheath which comes with multi-tool because it can shelter your investment from the elements when you don`t need to use it. When they are in use the tools are locked securely in place by the innovative Saf.T.Plus system which will prevent any unwanted accidents.



Made with a stainless steel construction and a light aluminum butterfly handle this powerful multi-tool comes equipped with essential tools that a person might need in various situations

The multi-tool includes the following components can opener, awl, saw, lanyard ring, screwdrivers (large and medium), straight and serrated blade, wire cutter and needle-nose pliers

This product comes equipped with Safe. T.Plus system which people can use in order to safely lock each component in place

Reuniting 11 useful tools this product is completed by a protective nylon cloth sheath



Some users pointed out that the primary knife blade is pretty small but in most cases the overall length gets the job done in a wide range of tasks

The locking mechanism takes a while to get used to


Gerber 01471 Butterfly Multi-tool is among the best models I have ever worked with. The safety system also seems very solid to me and in the time I have used it, all the tools open and close like they should. I got it for a price under $25 because it had a Black Friday discount.” Ken Nash


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