Best Plunge Routers under $150


Cheap Plunge Routers prices


The best plunge routers under $150 that will be mentioned in the succeeding paragraphs of this article are amongst the choices that can be taken into account if you wish to find the best product within this category. Take note of their features and functionalities to make it easier for you to make a well-informed decision.


Porter-Cable 690-LR Plunge Router


Best Plunge Routers under $150

With this top-rated plunge router, you will be able to experience powerful performance. One thing that makes this highly possible is the 11-amp motor that has the ability to produce 1.75 horsepower at its peak. In addition, the rugged construction is another thing that is worth commending as it makes it durable. With that, you can be assured of its long-term functionality. You should also know that is has a dust seal, which will make sure that the internal components will not be affected by dirt.

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“I got this plunge router because it had and still has the best reviews I  have seen and because it comes at a very affordable price. It is a fast and safe tool to get the job done properly and without unwanted complications. The materials from which it is built from make it very durable.” John Flint


Bosch PR20EVSK Router


For small routers, its 1 horsepower motor can already be considered as the top rated within the best Bosch plunge routers reviews, and hence, providing the power that is needed in its performance. More importantly, a good reason on why it is often listed as one of the best routers under $150 is that it is filled with user-friendly features that make it easy to use. It has a speed dial that is accessible as it is conveniently located. Additionally, it also has a solid base that helps in making it durable.

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“I work a lot with wood so getting a plunge router is a necessity. But I didn’t buy the 1st one I saw, after careful consideration I got the Bosch PR20EVSK. The excellent thought of design makes it easy to use and incredibly precise.” George Wilson


Dewalt DWP611 Compact Router


Some compact routers are hard to use when there is poor light, which results into inconsistent outcomes. However, with this model from Dewalt, such will no longer be a problem basically because it is equipped with dual LEDs for illumination. It has 1.25 horsepower motor that makes it functional for a variety of tasks that you need to complete. The latter also helps in increasing its reliability. The design of the grip is also commended by many as it helps the user to have a better control of the router.

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“Any type of wood is accurately cut by this plunge router, giving me some excellent results. I can even work with it in low light condition because DeWalt have equipped it with two powerful LED lights on each side of it.” Simon Hughes


SKIL 1830 Plunge Router


In many of the customer reports that have been blushed about the product, many people believe that this is an excellent choice because of the soft start technology that makes it a snap to launch the functionality of the unit. It is filled with high quality features that will make sure you can easily accomplish woodworking projects, including those that will require attention to the details. Lastly, it is designed with a soft-grip handle that will make sure of the comfort of it user eve if used for a long time.

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“Any type of job I had to do with this power tool, I have done it in the best way possible and in the shortest time. THe SKIL 1830 has never created unwanted complications and I particulary like about it the handles which are covered in soft rubber for excellent grip.”  Nick Doyle


Porter-Cable 7310 Trim Router


This is another product that is commonly recommended when looking for the best trim routers under $150. The powerful performance of this router should also be highlighted, which is basically due to its 5.6-amp motor that has the ability to deliver 30,000 RPM for demanding tasks. The durable design is also attributed as a reason for its popularity. It has a dust-sealed switch that will make sure of the protection of the internal components against being worn out.

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“The powerful motor powers this plunge router so it cuts easilty through all types of wood. I still can’t believe it is this cheap, this being one of the main reasons I acquired it. I recommend this for handymen which are working a lot with wood.” Bill Appelton