How to Purchase a Top Plunge Router


As stated in the best plunge router reviews this adaptable tool is an important addition in any workshop. A router makes it possible for you to make accurate cuts in the interior, without ruining the surrounding material. The best plunge router of 2022 will not only let you cut mortises and grooves, but also intricate patterns. Plunge routers are available with different features designed for individual projects, and only you know which functions are essential for your workshop. In our buying guide you can find tips that will help you make an informed decision so you can find the right plunge router to finish all of your projects.


According to the best plunge router reviews the first aspect you need to consider is the type. One of the advantages to using a plunge router is its ability to make precise cuts on the interior of the material. You have the advantage of being able to make controlled vertical cuts, which is beneficial during pattern and design work. A fixed base router is generally considered easier to maneuver, but are not designed to give precise, interior cuts, These routers are ideal for edging and are often priced lower than other models. The best plunge router of 2022 features a combination base which gives you all of the advantages of both models.



While power is important when choosing a plunge router, you do want to make sure that you are comparing sustained horsepower between different models and not the maximum. According to the best plunge router reviews you do want to decide whether you need a ½” or ¼” collets. This refers to the bit size that the model is compatible with. The most common and versatile plunge router has ½” collets which gives you the option of also using 3/8″ bits, along with ¼” ones. If you do plan on using different size bits for your projects, you will want to choose a plunge router that includes variable speed settings.


Additional Features

Some additional features to consider include the construction of the plunge router. While plastic bases are lighter in weight, ones made from durable metal tend to outperform similar models. Other features can include the ability to lock the tool in the “on” position for easy and convenient continual use, or the ability to change bits without having to stop and use tools. Different settings for speeds and depth can also make a difference in the plunge router that you choose.


Top Rated Plunge Routers in 2022


While only you know which plunge router is right for your workshop, we can show you three popular models. These are three of the top rated plunge routers in 2022 and each one can make it easier for you to finish all of your creative building projects.


DeWalt DWP611PK


Even though this powerful plunge router has a maximum 1.25hp that is not what makes it stand out from similar models. According to the best plunge router reviews you have the advantage of the combination base, which allows you to make precise cuts anywhere on the material. Use the router with its fixed base for quick and easy edge work, and conveniently switch to the plunge style for precision cuts in the center of the material.

You will only remove the excess material that you don’t need, and you will also appreciate the simple release design. This lets you securely attach the base where you need it, and easily move it when you are done. The router also includes a scale for depth, so you can mark precisely where each cut will start and stop.

The ¼” collet is constructed for precision and accuracy, and you’ll appreciate the low vibration design. The soft rubber handles fit comfortably in your hands, and make it easy to control the tool’s movements. With all of the benefits of a fixed and plunge router, it is easy to see why this tool is commonly found in many home workshops.

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Bosch 1617EVSPK


You have the advantage of being able to adjust the speed on this router, which enables you to use different sized bits. With the ¼” collets you can make precise cuts, and you can easily change to 3/8″ or ½” size with the include wrench set. Enjoy the router’s lightweight construction when it is time to move it, and it also includes the security of a 1 year warranty.

This router is designed to last with its aluminum construction, and the power switch is also covered to protect it from dust. While it is designed to last for a lifetime, the router will also give you precise and accurate cuts from start to finish. The included micro adjuster can be used with both the plunge and fixed base to ensure that every cut, groove, and mortise is accurate to your measurements.

This router includes everything you need to make cuts as precise as 1/64 of an inch, and features a design that is convenient and easy to use. The bases can be switched without using a tool, and the bits are just as quick and easy to change. This is the ideal plunge router for busy workshops that frequently deal with a variety of projects.

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Black & Decker RP250


This top plunge router is designed to give you precise and accurate vertical cuts in the interior of the material. Its lightweight design is convenient and easy to move, and you also get the benefit of a two year warranty. Perfect for home and garage workshops, you will love what you can create with this plunge router.

You have the benefit of the powerful 10 amp motor that features a slow starting system than other models. This gives you the advantage of more control during the cuts, so each one is accurate and precise from start to finish. The router also includes 1/4″ collets for intricate cuts on the interior of the material.

The bases lock quickly and easily in place for exact vertical cuts, and you also have the advantage of the precise depth scale to ensure that everything comes out to your exact measurements. With plenty of power for performance, who knows what you can create with this convenient and precise plunge router.

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