Top pliers sets in 2019


Your garage or tool shed must house a lot of different tool so that you are prepared for any kind of repair or other application. The pliers are one of the most basic and important tools which can be used for a wide variety of purposes. In order to have pliers of different sizes and with different heads you need to get yourself a complete pliers set. The high quality ones can be found easily if you go through the best pliers set reviews.


Irwin Vise-Grip 2078712 GrooveLock Plier Set


Best Pliers Set reviewsThere are very few pliers sets that are as complete as this one form Irwin Tools which has 8 different quality pieces and which comes with kitbag that will ensure all the pieces have a perfect storage space. You will have the ultimate grip on its specially designed handles which are covered in ProTouch grips, for that extra comfort. The set except its pliers also includes a 10 inch adjustable wrench and a 6 inch diagonal cutter. The best pliers sets reviews don’t think any set is superior to the Irwin Vise-Grip 2078712.

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Craftsman Evolv 5 Piece Pliers Set


This 5 piece pliers set will be there for you to ensure you get the job done properly without any unwanted complications and with the end result being professional. The handles are covered by a soft and resistant rubber to allow you a firm and comfortable grip so you can conduct your work without accumulating too much wrist fatigue. The set will also have 2 additional screwdrivers making it one of the best pliers sets in 2019 after many satisfied customers.

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Tekton 3561 Utility Pliers Set


You can invest in the Tekton 3561 pliers set which has a steel construction, making all its 6 pieces extremely reliable. The handles are cushioned so they are non-slip and ensure you have a comfortable grip on them so you can work very efficiently. The precision-machined jaws will hold on to anything so you do exactly what you have in mind with their help. The high quality has been praised by customer reports which also thinks of it as one of the best pliers sets in 2019.

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Kobalt #0253677 Chrome Nickel Steel Pliers Set


You won’t have to pay much to get this pliers set from Kobalt which will prove to be extremely useful for a lot of different applications. The set consists of 5 different pieces: 6 inch long nose pliers, diagonal pliers and slip joint pliers both having the same size as the previous one and 7 inch linesman pliers, plus the biggest piece which is the 8 inch groove joint pliers. Durability is assured by the chrome nickel steel construction and the nickel finish will keep rust away from it.

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Stanley 84-114 Diagonal Pliers Set


You can place your faith in the Stanley 84-114 pliers set which has a solid construction that will prove to be very useful on numerous occasions. The secret behind its durability is the forged-steel construction which is covered in a rust-resistant finish. You will feel comfortable while working with them because they have a double-dipped handle. The cutting edges are extra-tough because they are made from chrome-nickel steel. Saying that this is one of the top rated pliers sets in 2019 is a correct assessment of the Stanley 84-114.

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