If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best plasma cutter money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We’ve decided to take the hassle out of your research, which is why we’ve looked at a lot of info in regards to the best plasma cutters money can buy. We analyzed the owner feedback, the value offered for the price, the sales figures, and even the impact several thousands of products have had on social media. It goes without saying that we did not leave out the expert review websites, which gave us the right tips for separating the wheat from the chaff. Eventually, after several months of tossing and turning and some thousands of models later, we made up our mind on the best unit. It’s the Miller Electric Spectrum 375. This product is packed with all the features one might ever require. It takes the cake in terms of performance and size, as it can be carried around conveniently from one job to the other. If you are looking for a more affordable option, you might want to check out the second best unit you could opt for, the Lotos Technology LT5000D.



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A plasma cutter can be a great piece of machinery if you someone who works with metal frequently—either for your job or as a hobby. The plasma cutter uses inert gas that is blown through a nozzle at high speeds. As the gas is pushed through the nozzle, an electrical arc turns the gas into plasma. This becomes an incredibly hot torch that can cut through metal like a hot knife through butter.

Because this is some heavy duty stuff, you will want to have a good idea about what is the best plasma cutter for your needs. While we do not recommend going with a cheap cutter, we do suggest that you look into the most popular plasma cutters that are on the market and compare the features. This guide will tell you some of the basic features that you need to watch for.



Duty Cycle

The duty cycle generally refers to how many hours the cutter will be used. If you want to use the cutter often but not continuously, you can choose your cutter based off of the highest cutting ability the cutter has. Of course, if you don’t intend on using it that much, you can choose a cutter based off of the average thickness of the material you typically cut. Keep in mind that high amperage cutters will usually have higher duty cycles than that of lower amp cutters.


Electrical Outlets

This may not have much to do with the cutter itself, but it is often overlooked by those purchasing cutters. These machines typically require a lot of power and they are usually designed to work with 110 or 220 volt outlets. Plus some of the new plasma cutters list the amp ratings as well. The outlet must be able to support the minimum amps that are required by the cutter. You also want to take into consideration if there are going to be other tools plugged into the same circuit. This split of power will affect the cutter as well as the other tools.


Inverter Based

If you are looking to optimize the portability of your cutter, you will want to choose one of the highest rated plasma cutters that have a built-in inverter. Mind you, these devices are a bit more expensive, but that is because they take DC power and channel it through a high-frequency transistor inverter. This converts 10 kHz of power to 200 kHz, thus allowing the manufacturers make the housing for the cutter smaller and more compact.


Whether you are a handyman or a professional metal worker, you can never go wrong with a plasma cutter. These devices make short work of cutting through all types of metal and you can get through tough jobs easily.Comparison Table



Products for specific needs


Best Plasma Cutting Machine for Stainless Steel


Lotos LT5000D


This machine is designed to be used for an extended period of time in the most rugged industrial or construction environments. Don’t think the device is only limited to these applications. The Lotos Plasma Cutter can also be used at home, as it features a 50A dual voltage 110/220 vac digital inverter plasma cutter. This portable device is the best plasma cutting machine for stainless steel because it requires less cutting power while producing less noxious gases and is less of a fire hazard. Because the cutter takes less effort to use, it provides a cleaner cut every time.


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Best Plasma Cutting Machine for Metal


Ramsond CUT 50 DY


The Ramsond Digital Inverter Portable Air Plasma Cutter is by far one of the best plasma cutting machines for metal because it features dual voltage (110v and 220v), dual frequency (50Hz and 60 Hz). It utilizes inverter technology and high frequencies to produce clean, precise cuts thanks to the constant and concentrated current that surges through the device. The plasma cutter is reduced in size and weight, allowing for maximum portability, so you can take it anywhere without having to worry about lugging around a heavy machine. This particular model has been designed with the at-home handyman in mind, but still provides professional grade quality and power.


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Top rated plasma cutters in 2022


The best plasma cutter reviews surely guarantee a high quality cutter machine. If you want to be successful in your business, then this device will help you raise your business. Here are five units which are quite marketable.



Miller Electric Spectrum 375


Miller Electric Spectrum 375This is the best product on the market because it comes with virtually everything that a prospective buyer might desire. What’s more, it’s compact and lightweight enough to satisfy the needs of people who tend to use it on a daily basis. Additionally, the lengthy cords of this model allow owners to avoid using extension cords. A heavy-duty work clamp, an X-case, a shoulder strap, MVP plugs, an XT30 torch, a 30A output as well as a 208/230V input are all part of the deal with the Spectrum 375. A set of consumables is another thing you’ll find in the package.



The Spectrum 375 is possibly the best Miller plasma cutter, as emphasized by the many positive user reviews it has gathered over time. The pack includes broad variety of items you might require for the job you have on your mind.

The model weighs only 19lbs and is incredibly compact, making it one of the most versatile and easy-to-use plasma cutters we’ve come across. Many owners have emphasized that the performance and the size of this product are two main reasons they decided to buy it.

The carrying case is made of hard plastic and is known to last for a long time. What’s more, it’s roomy enough to fit the protective equipment of the user.

Both the torch and the grounding cable of this model measure 12 feet and this detail is hassle-free in itself.



Amazon customers have reported no incidents or issues regarding the operation and build of this unit.


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Lotos LT5000D


Best plasma cutter reviewsThis is the second best product on the market because it is easy to work with, portable as well as cost-efficient. It’s considerably more affordable compared to the model we’ve showcased above, although it might not be as versatile as the Miller. It weighs in just a tad more but it does come with everything you might need. Some users have gone as far as state that they’ve used it right out of the box. While it might require you to pay some attention to the details, it’s not the most complex unit in regards to usability.



If you have little to no experience when it comes to picking a new plasma cutter, this one might be the right one to get. It’s hassle-free, meaning that it won’t pose any problems in terms of ease of installation and operation.

The LT5000D weighs in at 25 pounds, which means that it’s heavier than the formerly mentioned Miller Electric unit. However, the price difference between the two is downright baffling. If you can do with this weight, you’ll find that the LT5000D offers amazing value for the price.

The cooling system in this option features the PAPST technology which has been specially designed to allow the unit to withstand long cutting sessions. What this means is that the system practically makes it impossible for the unit to breakdown in the middle of a job.



ome owners have complained about the fact that the pack does not include the electrical plug that goes in the wall.


Lotos LT5000D Cutter is a solid plasma cutter which I bough for a really affordable price. It is extremely reliable and I even cut easily through stainless steel frames.” Kenny Russell


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Lotos LTP5000D


For a consistent and neat production of slug, this is for you this is your chance to make a no-regret choice. Although this model is known for its production of less slug, but this is applicable for personal and industrial use. One of the things that makes you choose this type is because of its usage it almost common sense, there is no need for you to find the guidelines in the manual just for the details, you can do it as you sensed it and this is the best thing for some of us who don’t have time reading the instructions.



Featuring advanced Inverter technology this powerful plasma cutter can be used by contractors in order to easily cut and weld different metals.

Due to the unique high frequency Inverter system the LTP5000D cutter delivers a concentrated and accurate current during various cutting applications.

This high quality plasma cutter allows users to deliver clean and accurate cuts on alloy steel, aluminum, brass and also stainless steel.

Incorporating PAPST advanced cooling system and Siemens Infineon IGBT Power drive the cutter offers maximum cut thickness of 1/2″.



The hose clamps are not that solid which after a while might need to be replaced (additional accessories are available for purchase).


It paid off to read customer reports and reviews because they led me to this Lotus plasma cutter. I do only professional jobs with it and the results are perfect. I got if for a Black Friday discount which made it quite affordable. I definitely suggest getting this plasma cutter which is recommended by the highest rated reviews!” Mike Gallagher


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Ramsond CUT 50DY


As one of the best plasma cutters, this model is highly innovated. Even though it is small unlike the other but its ability to perform is as the same as the other models, but one thing that gives the consumer the best option for this type of cutter is its easy usage. This will effectively perform on either thick or thin sheet without any complication of the usage as what the other types don’t. This machine only weighs 25 pounds.



For people trying to find the best answer to the question “what plasma cutter should I buy” the CUT 50DY features high frequency inverter technology which delivers amazing cuts on different types of metals.

Fully equipped with digital amp display and also a user-friendly integrated pressure gauge the user can easily manage the product’s functionality.

Due to the foldable handle and the German designed cooling system this powerful plasma cutter is very comfortable to use.

Including Pulse Width Modulation and also Toshiba V-MOSFET system the plasma cutter will help people deliver clean and uniform cuts on carbon steel, copper, aluminum, brass and stainless steel.



The instruction manual should include more information.

Does not include a trigger safety lock.


Ramsond CUT 50DY Cutter  plasma cutter was bought by me because it has a compact design and I have the option to take it from building site to building site. I have to praise its precise operation as well and I’m sure it’s one of the top 10 plasma cutters in 2022. I would advise for any professional job getting a best rated model like this one. ” Douglas Alexander


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Thermal Dynamics C-35A


For different tasks you need different tools and a plasma cutter like the Thermal Dynamics C-35A can prove to be of great importance to get the job done in a professional manner. Top performances are integrated in a compact design which is light as well, weighing just 44 pounds so you can easily transport it from one work site to the other. It is even considered as one of the best plasma cutters in 2022.



Incorporating an advanced inverter system this powerful plasma cutter operates on 230-volt current which offers contractors access to adjustable force from 15 to 35 amps.

The plasma cutter weighs only 44-pound that permits people to go from one work site to the nest with minimal effort.

Easy to connect to any air compressor the 1-1635-1 plasma cutter delivers accurate cuts on stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, copper and aluminum surfaces.

It features a powerful torch trigger release and comfortable handle which improves user’s capacity to easily perform various cutting applications.



Some minimal assembly is required (consult the user manual).


 “I was searching for portability in a plasma cutter because when I work, I have to change locations a lot of times. This was the best choice I could have made for the money I spent and to this point it has done its job.” – Mitchell Goss


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Hobart Airforce 500i


This is the smallest among the top rated plasma cutters, but one thing that stands out is its multi voltage plug. This means that this model is flexible and easier to use, making it the best for those who do not want to always need carry it around. Aside from its flexibility, there are also no complications in using this equipment, and this ease of use has been noticed by the best plasma cutter reviews.




This economical plasma cutter features a powerful multi-voltage plug (MVP) which allows people to connect it to most of the common 120V and also 230V power sockets.

A trustworthy solution to the question “what plasma cutter should I buy”, the 500548 Airforce efficiently cuts through a wide range of metals.

Powered by a professional engine-driven welder this powerful plasma cutter offers comfortable cutting precision during even the most demanding of tasks.

Backed by an exclusive 1 year limited warranty the plasma cutter features an inverter design which offers solid performance.



Does not include a protective case to store the plasma cutter after each use (this is an optional accessory sold separately).

Due to the 32.4 pounds weight the product is pretty hard to transport from one job site to the next.


With the Hobard 500548 I have managed to work fast and accurate. I find it very easy to operate and I think of it as one of the best plasma cutters available, while still having a compact size.” Randy Orozco


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Lotos LTPDC2000 – no longer available


This unit has many usages the user can enjoy using not only its basic use as a plasma cutter, but also its unique usage as a stick and tig welder. You can use this single unit in three different things. If you to get this model and honestly, you did not know how to use it, it’ not your problem the customer service can handle this situation with perfect details about this one of the top rated best plasma cutter. This will ensure you to be more enjoyable not because its top rated, but because of its different functions and guaranteed great performance.


Lotos LTPDC2000 Cutter is a durable plasma cutter and I say this after I have been using it for well over a year. The cuts I have made with it have turned out exactly how I wanted them and overall I am very satisfied with how it functions. I was even fortunate enough to get it for an Xmas discount.” Joshua Lloyd



Plasma cutters. What to Look for:


Your work shop is where the magic happens and where the creative process comes into play. But you can’t build your projects without having the right tools for the job and this implies that you are prepared for everything. Cutting trough metals is a tough business, which requires you to spend a lot of effort and resources. A plasma cutter is the right tool for the job, for making precise cuts through heavy metals with a high degree of precision. A problem always is encountered when having to choose one from the many models that are available. To make sure you don’t end up with the wrong model for your particular needs, you should keep a few things in mind.

Your search for the best plasma cutter in 2022 should begin with defining its actual purpose. By this we advise you to determine how often you are going to use it and how thick the metal parts you need to cut. Getting a too high voltage plasma cutter for thin metal, is not a very wise decision because you will consume a lot of power, for a job which can be done with a cutter that consumes a lot less. To see what is the maximum thickness a unit can cut through, you should check its description from the manufacturer. Then, compare this to the maximum thickness you will work with and you will know exactly what to aim for. Reading customer reports about the model is also a very good idea because some manufacturers may exaggerate the actual capabilities of their plasma cutters.


We have written this buying guide after looking over a large number of reputable plasma cutter reviews. A top notch model must have the features we have listed, because they are vital to the efficient functioning of the device.

There is a different type of plasma cutter you can go for, if you plan to take it from one job site to the other. The portable plasma cutter is the type in question. Even though they weigh 80 to 100 lbs in general they can cut easily through 1 inch of stainless steel. Of course, 80 lbs will still require a bit of effort to carry, but it will surely be a lot less than what full sized model weighs. Another thing you should be careful about is the voltage level the cutter uses. This way you will find out if your power network can support the device when it is running at full capacity.

When we are talking about prices, you should expect a normal model to cost more than $700. We personally recommend paying a couple of hundred bucks more for a inverter type plasma cutter because it will consume less energy in the long run and the results will be the same.

The best plasma cutter in 2022 can be in yours, if you follow these simple tips and also take the advice of the customer reports. Cutting precisely through thick metal, can be a lot easier if a reliable model is in your possession. For more details about the best models, read the best plasma cutter reviews.


Things to consider:

–       A high maximum cutting capability;

–       80-100 lbs plasma cutters can be considered portable;

–       $700 is the average price for a plasma cutter;

–       Inverter plasma cutters are more durable.