Top rated pillow top mattresses in 2021


After a long and demanding day everybody is entitled to a good night’s sleep and the bed’s smattress is certainly the most important means that can ensure a relaxing sleep and not a nightmare. Going through the best pillow top mattress reviews will only get you the elite products, which makes it easier and safer to choose from.


Select the perfect mattress for a good night sleep


Comfort is more than important for anyone that wants to sleep without twitching and turning all night long. As a result the growing need for high quality pillow top mattresses is not surprising. People need to enjoy comfortable naps and sleeping sessions! A good pillow mattress can without a doubt take you closer to amazing experiences. Every time you place your head on the mattress, a sudden feeling of tranquillity and ease should “strike”. Lying in a comfortable bed is more than desirable for anyone that wants to replenish his energy for the following day. With the right pillow mattress you won’t have to worry about dealing with pain or aches in lower extremities. Such products include multiple layers of foam and proper cushioning system for added comfort during each sleep session.

In order to help people discover the ideal pillow mattress we took the liberty of testing 30 of the most popular models available on the market. After 60 hours of attentive tests and material research we were able to draft the best pillow top mattress reviews. With a better understanding on what makes a mattress great and perfect for daily use, you will know what to search in a brand new model. Most of the best mattresses incorporate multiple layers of foam and advanced pillow cushioning system for proper comfort. With the right mattress anyone will be able to fall asleep with minimal effort. Now, you should know that a good mattress suits the body’s needs. As a result, if you have back or neck pains quality mattresses are without doubt cheap solutions to your predicament. Still, you should do a bit of research in order to set the optimal firmness levels.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Size Price Height Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Sleep Innovations SureTemp

Queen and more $$$$ 12 inch 20 years A+ AMAZON

Sleep Master Pocketed Spring

Queen and more $$$ 10 inch 5 years A+ AMAZON

Textrade Inner Spring

King and more $$$$ 11 inch 5 years B+ AMAZON
Signature Sleep Signature
Full, Queen $$$ 13 inch No B+ AMAZON
Signature Sleep Contour
Full and more $$ 8 inch No B+ AMAZON


How to find the best pillow top mattress in 2021 ? Well, this is a tricky question since so many people have different answers. Going through professional mattress reviews can certainly help out. Heavy sleepers will definitely love a mattress capable of delivering high levels of comfort. The makings of a great pillow top mattress combine firm support and precise body contouring. First of all, you need to check mattress firmness levels for optimal support. The density of the foam is directly linked to the mattress’s level of comfort/firmness. Still, you should also opt for models that feel soft at touch. Now, mattresses with soft top layers can significantly reduce pressure points or causes of neck pain.

With the best pillow top mattress in 2021 you will be able to sleep well and without worrying about common causes of pain. Another important thing revolves around materials used to design the mattress. A professional mattress needs to have high-grade memory foam, specially layered for amazing comfort. Pillow top mattresses should include unique springs for solid support. Furthermore it is important to check the mattresses size, capable of installing on different frames. The current standard dimensions of mattresses include the following: king size (76 x 80 inches), queen (60 x 80 inches), full (53 x 75 inches) and also twin (38 x 75 inches).



Sleep Innovations SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress


Best pillow top mattress reviewsNothing compares to the relaxation a good night’s sleep gives to people and the Sleep Innovations mattress is fully aware of its hard duty. It comes with characteristics that make it a product right from the tops of the best pillow top mattress reviews, such as supreme levels of resistance towards microbes and mites. In addition, in case of an unwanted fire, it is equipped with fire retardant. Finally, due to the SureTemp feature, people using it can benefit from the 12-inch double layer memory foam and enjoy their sleep on a mattress that are sure takes good care of them.



12-inch-thick premium memory foam mattress with patented Sure Temp open cell memory foam guaranteed to provide superior comfort and performance so users can easily fall asleep and stay asleep

Composed of two layers: a comfort layer constructed with 2.5 inches of exclusive 3-pound density Sure Temp memory foam and a base layer 9.5 inches thick made of premium support foam, both contributing to optimum therapeutic support not obtainable from conventional spring mattresses

Offers exceptional relief from pressure point stress, with extra support to reduce or totally eliminate tossing and turning and excessive motion transfer

Mattress conforms to the body contours to ensure proper spine alignment while sleeping



May come with initial foam smell potential that quickly goes away after some time and with use

Options for firmness may be limited to being too firm for users who have not used memory foam beds


I am happy that I never have the second mind of buying the Sleep Innovations 12-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress. This pillow mattress provides me with the best and comfortable experience in my night habit which is sleeping. I can sleep easily with this product with greater ease.”   Doris Omalley


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Sleep Master Pillow Top Pocketed Spring Mattress


If you are searching for the right bed mattress for your bedroom, a great choice can prove to be this model from Sleep Mattress. Its numerous layers, which include super soft foam and an iCoil spring unit, will make sure the comfort level is kept high. In total, the mattresses numbers 435 regular coils with an additional 32 gauge ones. The materials which make up this model aren’t damaging for the environment or for you who sleeps on it, earning it the title of Environment Sleep mattress. The five year limited warranty proves that you can place your faith in this Sleep master product.



Comes with several mattress layers that include: a 7.5-inch iCoil spring unit; a ½-inch layer of high density foam; a 1 1/2–inch  layer of super-soft foam; and a 1-inch layer of super soft foam, for comfort and support during sleep

Exclusive iCoil system consists of a huge number of independent coils made to reduce, if not eliminate, motion transfer so people sleeping on the bed will not be bothered when one of them changes position while sleeping

Coil count is high at over 400, with 32-gauge coils to ensure  greater durability and consistently superior performance through the years

Lauded in lots of best pillow top bed mattresses reviews due to CertiPUR-US certification attesting to the absence of  PBDE flame retardants, ozone depleters, heavy metals like mercury or lead, formaldehyde and phthalates in the manufacture of the product



Comes in  compressed and rolled form to facilitate shipping and handling

Made rather heavy and can require assistance for carrying


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Textrade USA King Inner Spring Pillow top mattress


Sleping in a Textrade USA King Spring model is the guarantee you need for a comfortable sleep, since it is one of the best pillow top mattresses released in the current market. If offers great total corporal support and eliminated any motion inconvenience, due to its ability to fit perfectly with every bed whose frame is centrally-based as well as other platform frames.  Moreover, it is ideal for any household that needs a reliable pillow top mattress due to the Textrade’s 1000 tempered steel coils that come in 15 gauges each, the delicate thick and soft pillow top of 2.5 inches and the 20-denier foam on top. On top of that, the fabric cover that is 100% polyester and Damask quilted are the final additions that take the product’s sleeping experience to other dimensions.



Unique physical design uses foam padding of 100% polyester layered on top of 1,000 tempered steel coils of tough 15-gauge, for extraordinary support and strength

Guaranteed to absorb movement, thereby reducing motion transfer that can wake one individual up every time another individual moves on the bed

Deep pillow top mattress offers total body support on the whole bed, with the mattress border having wire support to prevent sagging of the sides and to ensure that users stay on the bed securely

Has 2.5-inch thick padding that contains 20 layers of Denier foam for excellent weight support, making the Textrade Mattress one of the best pillow top bed mattresses 2021 for hundreds of happy users



Limited five-year warranty amply covers conditions of premature deterioration during the first few years of mattress use

Can be pretty heavy to move around, but boasts of top quality performance nonetheless


Textrade USA King Inner Spring Pillow top mattress in a Box is a good investment for me. I sleep better than on my old mattress, so I recommend it to other people who aren’t satisfied with the quality of their mattress. On top of all this it’s quite affordable too.”  Amber Gillispie


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Signature Sleep Signature 5437096 Mattress


2Are you looking to invest in a mattress which offers a high level of comfort at an accessible price? One possible solution is this particular model from Signature which even has a pillow top to increase your comfort. It offers such great support for a sleeping individual because in its construction no more than 609 wrapped pocket coils have been used, a figure far superior to most other models in its size range. The body’s weight is equally distributed among the coils, thus relieving the pressure from sensitive areas. The model’s success makes it one of the best pillow top mattresses in 2021.



Available in King and Queen sizes, this pillow top mattress carries multiple layers of foam and pillow cushioning to provide matchless levels of comfort by solving the problems of sleeping on a regular spring mattress

Helps users easily fall asleep and stay asleep, with 609 individually-wrapped pocket coils that are intended to provide superior comfort

Pocket coils made of 15-gauge material to ensure firm and thorough back support while conforming to the contours of the body

Impressive foam supports the body frame from the top down to relieve pressure points on the hips, back, shoulders and neck



Comes compressed, rolled and vacuum-sealed in a bag  to facilitate shipping and handling, which is basically a non-issue

Barely noticeable new-mattress smell disappears when product is aired out for a few days


“I got this pillow top mattress for a cheaper price because it was discounted on Black Friday. I am quite happy with its level of comfort and I’m sure I go the best deal for the money I spent.” – Laura R. Moss


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Signature Sleep Contour Mattres


3One of the most popular mattresses in the US is the Signature Sleep Contour with its excellent features and its affordable price range. This model is composed of multiple layers of foam and polyester over specially designed coils to ensure a nice and comfy night’s sleep. All the coils are independently-encases and will make sure the user’s weight is distributed evenly among them. This feature makes sure you will wake up in the morning without any neck or back pains. We agree with what the expert reviews have to say about it and think it’s a worthy candidate for the title of best pillow top mattress in 2021.



Pocket coil mattress of excellent quality available at prices that won’t break the bank

Contains quality foam plus polyester layering between the strong and supportive coils and cover, all designed to deliver extreme comfort and excellent performance during sleep

Can go into any standard bed frame and perfect for bunk beds, with unique way of unrolling from package by expanding when mattress package is opened

Easy to set up, with shipping weight of 44.4 pounds and dimensions of 74” x 38” x 8”



New-bed-smell always disappears with sufficient airing out for a few days

Comes rolled and vacuum sealed to make shipping and handling a lot easier


“After reading the best rated pillow top mattress reviews, I had my sights set on this model from Signature Sleep. It’s very comfortable and I don’t sweat while sleeping on it. The only thing I didn’t like was its new smell, which lasted for a couple of weeks. Other than this it’s surely one of the top 10 pillow top mattresses.” – Amanda Buckley


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Textrade Queen Inner spring pillow top mattress


A good night’s sleep is something you can get from various products that are available to the public. Sleeping in a mattress that has jumped out of the best deals’ lists, though, is an experience you won’t forget, nor want to forget. The Textrade Queen model is well known for the comfort it generously offers and the quality of every night’s sleep. It is not only 100% polyester-made but also comes with a fabric cover which is Damask-quilted. Additionally, its 1000 tempered steel coils that come in 15 gauges and the fluffy pillow top with a 2.5-inch of thickness are features that define the product’s quality, while its body is fully supported and given the best there is so as to enjoy a delightful sleep.

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Textrade Queen Inner spring pillow top mattress in a box is very durable and comfortable. At least that’s what I’ve been led to believe since last Xmas when I got it for under $300.”  Charlotte Lee


Pinzon Basics Overfilled ultra-soft micro plush mattress pad – Not available


Tracking down a mattress that can ensure comfort and relaxation is a hard task, especially with all the products in the market that seem equally promising. However, the Pinzon Basics model stands out from the pile and comes with great characteristics that all its inhabitants seem to highly appreciate, like its 100% polyester top fabric and the 100% olefin bottom fabric. Moreover, it is not only micro-plush-sawn, thus providing even more comfort to anyone using it, but also has a proportion of 90% polyester in its sides and 10% spandex adding to a whole 100% filling, making it ideal for a tranquil sleep.


DynastyMattress Queen Celebrity 13 memory foam mattress – Not available


When it comes to sleeping quality, the DynastyMattress Queen model is one of the wisest choices one could make, since its pillow of 13 inches and the design that is one of its kind are more than adequate to provide a long and relaxing sleep to everyone using it. It comes with a pure cotton cover with a zipper and foam that keeps the shape of its user’s position and his temperature, due to the Visco 5LB feature. What is more, the DynastyMattress gives out a profound and unique characteristic that helps people sleeping on it to experience less aches in their bodies, due to its specially designed pressure points.

I am happy that I never have the second mind of buying the Sleep Innovations 12-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress. This pillow mattress provides me with the best and comfortable experience in my night habit which is sleeping. I can sleep easily with this product with greater ease.”  Issac Cogar