Are you in a rush, but you still want to get the best pet odor eliminator spray? We are here to help you out. Our research that included comments on specialized forums, sales figures, and overall quality for the price, lead to the conclusion that the Zero Odor ZOP 2022 is the product you should use to get rid of all the nasty smells caused by your pets. This solution has a dual action, as it manages to eliminate old odor, and also prevent new odors from developing. You can use it for removing more than just the nasty odors left behind by your pets, as it manages to deal with other smells, like the ones resulted from cooking. You can use the trigger nozzle to spray it into the air, and not only on surfaces, to improve the air quality in your home. If you are out of luck and the Zero Odor ZOP 2022 is no longer available, we also suggest trying the Citrus Magic 613571799, that comes as a second best.



Buying guide


No matter how much you love your pets, there will always be something that you cannot like about them, and that is all the nasty odors they will leave behind. The issue with pet odors is that they can be quite powerful and regular cleaning solutions are not incredibly good at eliminating them. That is why you need a special odor eliminator, and we are here to help you choose the right one.


One of the most important aspects you should consider when you are shopping for a new pet odor eliminator is safety for your household, your kids, and your pets. The whole point of getting a cleaner for your home is to eliminate all the nasty smells, and not create a health hazard for everyone around.

Pets will touch the areas treated with the cleaner again, and they may ingest such substances by accident, by licking their fur. Kids may also touch the same areas with their hands, and if the active ingredients are not safe for them, that could lead to severe health problems.

Check the cleaner and odor eliminator you intend to purchase for any ingredients that may be harmful to your kids or pets. Many manufacturers use natural ingredients to ensure that you won’t experience any problem of this kind. Opt for natural formulas that use bio-enzymes to eliminate odors, instead of strong chemicals. Only this way you can be sure that the health of everyone you love is in safe hands.



While it is a common belief that you should get a formula that gets rid of pet odors, in particular, there is nothing wrong with purchasing a multipurpose formula. A household can become a cesspool of bacteria, due to the various activities that are carried on inside, from storing garbage in a bin, to cooking, and, of course, pets that relieve themselves where they shouldn’t.

If you manage to get your hands on an odor eliminator that deals with everything efficiently, it would be for the best. Make sure that the air quality in your home is always within normal standards so that everyone living inside is protected against bacteria, as described earlier.

It is also a sound solution because you will not end up spending money on a plethora of products just to get rid of nasty smells in your home. This way, you can save up a little and also use a more convenient option.


Scented or not?

Some people may not appreciate scented cleaning products because they simply don’t like the smell. Many of the odor eliminator reviews online will tell you that an unscented product is more likely to offer you the possibility to keep a healthy clean air in your home because it will not add perfumes and fragrances that are chemical-based.

Go for the unscented variety, to ensure that the air in your home remains breathable for everyone. It is the surest way to keep your house clean and free of any unwanted odor for a long time.



Top Rated pet odor eliminator sprays in 2022


Instead of searching in the blind for a good pet odor eliminator, start by evaluating the following products listed below. These formulas will make your house cleaner than ever before, and they will prevent pet odor for making the air inside your home unhealthy and difficult to breathe.



Zero Odor ZOP 2022


You can count on the Zero Odor ZOP 2022 as the formula that will truly improve air quality in your home. Pet odors can be a pain to eliminate, as they are very powerful and your pets may just end up using the same corner or patch of a rug to repeat the same smelly mistake over and over again.

That is why you need a powerful ally by your side. This product is praised by the vast majority of the odor eliminator spray reviews written by users and experts, and this is the reason why we also decided to list it here, as well. The formula works on any surfaces, such as carpets, upholstery, furniture, and pet items, like their beds and the like.

One excellent thing about this formula is that it does not work just by covering the bad smells, as poor quality cleaners do. The manufacturer used no fragrances or chemical based perfumes in this pet odor eliminator, which means that you get exactly what you pay for: a formula that will eliminate bad smells from your home.

You can use it everywhere, whether you want to eliminate bad smells from the garbage bin, or you need to get rid of the nasty odors in your oven.

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Citrus Magic 613571799


A natural formula is desirable for cleaning your home, be it for eliminating pet odors or for simply restoring air quality. From the many products available for sale, the Citrus Magic 613571799 is one deserving of your attention. It is an excellent blend of vegetable enzymes that will work by eliminating bad odors actively, without creating any health threats for your family or your pets.

It takes very little time for this formula to become active. By simply getting in contact with the pet odor molecules, it neutralizes them, leaving nothing but clean, breathable air behind. You don’t have to worry about the formula affecting the surfaces on which it is applied in any way.

The active ingredients will not leave stains, and you don’t have to worry about corrosion problems, either. This formula is safe, and you can use it, headache-free, anywhere bad smells are affecting surfaces in your home. You can even use it directly on your pet’s fur if it smells bad.

From litter boxes to car seats, no type of surface resists this formula. Because it doesn’t irritate your pet’s sensitive sense of smell, it can be used anywhere you need. Your pet will not even notice the change, and even better, it will appreciate the clean environment.

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Valterra V33005 ‘Pet Force’


If you are looking to purchase more quantity in one container, the Valterra V33005 ‘Pet Force’ may be just the right choice for you. The 32-ounce bottle contains enough active solution to make sure that you get enough for cleaning your home thoroughly.

Let’s talk a little about the formula used for this specific product. The manufacturer uses a special kind of bacteria that produce enzymes that are extremely effective against stains and bad smells. The thing with multiple various products on the market is that they are not that effective against the strong smell of pet urine.

This bacteria-based formula deals with the molecules in pet’s urine that are responsible for the awful smell in a very efficient manner. Especially when you’re dealing with old smells, these can be very difficult to eliminate. This 100% organic solution will take care of everything for you.

Because it is made from nothing but natural ingredients, this solution is not bad for the environment either. It is completely biodegradable, and you can rest assured that it will be well tolerated by your pets. You can use it for various tasks, including mold prevention, and even on delicate fabrics.

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