How to Buy the Best Pet Car Seat


Generally, pet owners consider their furry friends part of the family. This means their pets deserve to travel in safety and security at all times in a motorized vehicle. You may have to search far and wide to get the perfect pet seating option. Or you can simply check out the many best pet car seat reviews to help you along in your quest.

A. Pet Car Seat

Type and Fit

There are best pet car seat reviews that focus on booster types. A booster seat is comfortable and cozy. It can provide stability during a car ride. This type of pet seating option attaches directly to the seat of the car, providing a safe space for your pet to sit during vehicle trips.

Travel seats that go into the back of a car can accommodate mid-sized dogs easily. A back seat-configured pet travel option provides adequate room for your furry pet to move around while still ensuring safety and security. Make sure to take measurements so there’s enough leg room for your pet even when it’s strapped in the travel seat.

A large dog will be able to travel in safety and comfort with a seating option that comes with several mechanisms of car attachment. Multiple attachment points plus adjustable straps secure this pet seating option in place.

A hammock seat prevents an extra large dog from moving around in the car and creating distraction to the driver and the passengers. Many models of this type featured in the best pet car seat reviews are geared with clips and straps to enable vehicle attachment through the front and back seat headrests.


Security and Comfort

Make sure your pet is comfortable with the material the pet car seat is constructed of, so it will keep still during the ride. There are plenty of top rated pet car seats 2018 that feature adequate foam padding to provide safety and comfort especially if your dog is particularly fussy.

Allow your dog to test out the device before you actually make the purchase. The design, materials and fabrics should not cause your pet to want to take the car seat off. Organic cotton covers in today’s pet car seats are made of environment-friendly materials such as dye-free substances and velcro straps. Synthetic fibers can cause allergic reactions in susceptible dogs that chew on the strap.
Car Design

You may have bought the best pet car seat 2018, but will it go perfectly with your car? Make sure that the product you get can adust to your car’s design. Bucket and other irregular types of vehicle seats may not accommodate certain pet seating options. In addition, do make sure any attachments will correctly hook onto the vehicle you intend to use. Some models are intended to snap onto the vehicle’s seat belts, or go around with a strap on the back of the front seat.

It is important to examine measurement information about straps and attachments prior to the purchase.


Top Rated Pet Car Seats in 2018


Not all pet car seats are created equal. Unfortunately, this causes a complication when you’re in the market for this type of device. If you’d rather not go through all the trouble of researching and reading, there are three products worth checking out in the succeeding paragraphs.


Kurgo Skybox


1. Kurgo SkyboxThe Kurgo Skybox is the best pet car seat 2018 designed for adorable little dogs. It is a stylish booster seat that enables your small furry friend to travel in a happy and safe environment. Made to accommodate dogs up to 30 pounds, the Kurgo Skybox is usable in both the front and rear seats of your car. It comes with a collapsible structure to enable problem-free storage when not in use. The Kurgo Skybox has an adjustable dog seat belt tether that you can simply attach to any dog harness, keeping your pet safely within its confines.

The liner is machine washable. It has a reversible pad that keeps the pet car seat fresh and clean. This is a car lookout seat built with metal supports to ensure strength and solidity. The waterproof exterior ensures complete pet comfort. The unit installs quickly and securely to the specific position in the car. It can even be installed on the back or front of a bucket seat or a 60/40 split bench seat’s smaller side. Measuring 16 by 12 by 8 inches, this pet car seat has a small profile that makes it very convenient to use.

The Kurgo Skybox ships with a lifetime warranty, your assurance of premium quality and craftsmanship.

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Solvit Tagalong


2. Solvit TagalongThe Solvit Tagalong deserves high rankings in the best pet car seat reviews thanks to its special design that supports the product from below, giving your furry friend an unobstructed view of the road ahead. This device has no clumsy straps that can get in the way, so your pet can see what you see. The Tagalong is made for pets up to 12 pounds, such as chihuahuas and Yorkies. It also goes well in a back seat with headrests. This means your pet can stay with you in the front or the back of the car.

The metal bracket on the pet car seat helps the booster pet travel device retain its sturdy form, together with the stiff bottom. This booster seat is well made, as proven by many buyers. The faux sheepskin liner on the pet car seat exterior is removable, as well as washable. You can also just wipe it clean when needed. This keeps the faux leather liner fresh and clean. The pet car seat comes with a safety leash, eliminating the need for a separate purchase. It can fold up so it lays flat against the back of the car seat.

With the Solvit Tagalong, your pet will surely enjoy every car ride with you.

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Snoozer Console Cream Fur


3. Snoozer Console Cream FurKeeping your pet close to you on happy car trips, the Snoozer Console Cream Fur is designed to attach to your vehicle’s central console. This pet car seat ensures that your pet is always within reach while staying strapped in via the included security harness. The security strap also ensures that your pet can freely move about in the pet car seat but won’t be able to jump out so easily or cause any distractions to you as you focus on driving. This is a patented up front riding solution for pet owners who like to take along their furry friends when they have car trips.

To ensure that your pet stays warm during the winter, the Snoozer Console Cream Fur has a Sherpa lining, which also remains cool during the warmer months. The quilted nylon cover repels hair, so you won’t have to worry about a heavy accumulation of pet hair after every trip. Just in case, the cover is removable and can be washed and dried to keep it nice and clean. The Snoozer Console Cream Fur lets you keep your pet close while being safely contained in its confines.

Your pet will not get startled or overexcited by the road ahead, as the console attachment design keeps it sufficiently elevated in the front but not overly so to cause unwelcome distractions.

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