Top rated pedometers in 2019


You are trying to do your exercise regularly by jogging but can’t measure you exercise. Wait, you don’t need to worry about it. Because you can do it by a device called Pedometer. It’s an electronic device that can measure your steps. It measures steps by detecting hips motion converting your footsteps mile, kilometer etc. also it is a small device that you can keep in your belt. It’s very popular now that even sportsman and health conscious people are using it. It’s not a difficult task to have a best pedometer. Let’s check out the best pedometer reviews given only for you.


Popular pedometers this year – A buying guide


15Fitness enthusiasts understand the importance of keeping track of each step made for better management of results. Today there are many fitness devices that can help people exercise in complete freedom. Out of them it seems that pedometers represent a great investment in quality results after each jogging session or daily physical tasks. Gym and physical trainers recommend the use of pedometers by people who are trying to lose weight. What makes this device so special? Well, it can help with motivation issues through a comprehensive look on daily physical progress. Still, since there are so many pedometer models available on the market narrowing the search down to one single product can take some time.

We drafted the best pedometer reviews in order to help people identify the ideal device. On average 10.000 steps a day is the perfect fitness goal, ideal for men and women to lose or maintain their weight. Furthermore even 7000 steps can bring about health benefits and pedometers can help you keep track of daily steps. This fitness device can help you remain connected to your goals and thus experience proper results. We carefully tested over 25 high quality pedometers which can be used by anyone that wants to lose weight. In addition, these devices can provide an accurate hold on physical progress. This is why we invested 80 hours of attentive studies on some of the best models available on the market.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Functions Price Available Colors Dimensions Our Rating Where to buy

Fitbit One Wireless

Tracks steps, distance, calories burned and more $$$ Black, Burgundy 0.2 x 0.8 x 2.2 inch A+ AMAZON

Fitbit Zip Wireless

Tracks distance, sets goals, free apps and more $$ Blue, Charcoal and more 0.2 x 1.2 x 1.8 inch A AMAZON

Omron Digital HJ-112

Counts steps, time, distance and more $$ Blue 0.6 x 2.1 x 1.4 inch A AMAZON

Fitbit Ultra Wireless

Tracks daily steps, stairs climbed, sleeping time and more $$$$ Black/Blue and more 2 x 0.5 x 0.4 inch B AMAZON

Striiv Smart Pedometer

Count steps with motivational challenges and more $$$ White 2.75 x 1.7 x 0.5 inch B AMAZON


In order to find the best pedometer in 2019 you have to take into account a couple of things which can make the selection process easier. There are standard pedometers that count every step by precisely detecting movement. Furthermore the fitness devices can calculate calories and track distance during different exercises. During each workout a good pedometer can help you track physical progress and use the data to manage results even better. You might find that some people use GPS watches. Still, these devices track only distance and not steps. In order to safely exercise without restrictions and ultimately reach different goals, you have to use a reliable pedometer that tracks steps.

Our agents tested different top pedometers taking into account quality, data precision, and durability. As a result, they discovered that these fitness devices are useful and deliver impressive data. Which is the best pedometer in 2019? Well, this is a great question with multiple answers since people usually recommend the stuff they’ve used. Still, as you will soon see there are some products that impress up front, becoming a part of your daily physical activities. Those are the pedometers worth your attention. It is important to use a product that merges with your fitness goals.

A good pedometer is the ideal companion for activities like: walking, running, swimming and pedalling on a bike for hours. This device can also help people track speed and distance but it is not as accurate as GPS watches. As a result, for daily physical exercises and gym workouts resort to a high quality pedometer for it won’t let you down!



Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker


If you want good fitness, you need three condition- Moderate sleeps, healthy diet and being active. You can get these three facilities in one package with this device. Just use these simple rules- get up early with silent alarm, have a good workout measured and a calculated sleep. It has rechargeable battery and is a small one to wear it easily. It is designed to protect itself from rain, sweat, and splash. Also you will get Bluetooth, wireless sync option, free iPhone and Android apps, competition with friends etc with this fascinating device.



Because of its accurate registry entries and its durable construction, this is currently considered by most as being the best pedometer step counter 2019.

It is incredibly versatile managing to record steps, calories, stairs and distance regardless of the environment.

As an added bonus, this device can also be used as a silent alarm which will not wake the ones sleeping besides up. It will remind you though it is time to go to work, to the gym or any other place you might need to go.

It can be synced with your PC or smartphone. It can also be used with tablets.

If keeps track of our progress and can be used to set certain goals.



If you find yourself on a bumpy road in a car, chances are this device will record a lot of extra steps to your progress.

The sleep tracking button is easily pushed by mistake.


The total distance of my evening running sessions is kept in the memory of this pedometerI use this info so I better my distances steadily. For premaring for semi-marathones I believe this is a great device, which I definitely recommend.” Amanda Robson


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Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker


Best pedometer reviews

If you are looking for best pedometer reviews over the web then I would definitely suggest you this model. If you are the one who can’t get up early to have an exercise, than this device can help you by waking you up from sleep without disturbing anybody. It has Bluetooth option than can sync your information into your computer or into your mobile. As a result you have the opportunity to judge your workout within a longer time period.



Simple and lightweight design which make this device very comfortable to carry around.

It not only tracks basic information like calories burned, distance or steps but it also helps you with your goals through its goal setting function.

It has a fun option that will reward you with badges each and every time you improve or reach a goal.

It comes with a free app which is found on both Apple and other products.

It can connect to any device using Bluetooth 4.0.



The battery does not last as long as advertised.

The silicone housing is not the best in the world, considering that it sort of loses contract with the metal components when you remove the pedometer.


I use Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker regularly and I am satisfied with the way it helped me to improved my sleep patterns. My positive experience with it, leads me to recommend it for other people with sleeping problems, like I had.” – Anthony Wilburn


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Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker


This device has 3D sensor and altimeter technology that can measure your burned calories, footsteps, distance and height that you climbed. It can also measure your sleep with its sleep tracker technology. I am using this as I can upload my data wirelessly into If you like to have fun with your workout, then this is a best choice as you can have competition with your friends with the help of online graph. So, stop thinking and start your game.



This is a really nice-looking, discrete device which will accurately keep up with the needed information which when provided properly, can help you in many different ways.

You will be able to register your basic steps, stairs, distance and calories with the added benefit of a 3D motion sensor and an altimeter.

It registers sleeping patterns and tells you when you’ve slept best helping you understand what is best for you.

When paired to a computer, it provides detailed information via graphs or charts you can share with friends or anyone interested.



Despite the fact that people love the design in terms of looks, its exterior is a bit too slippery which makes this device easy to lose.

The belt clip is not too great and will probably allow the pedometer to fall on some occasions.


“Since buying this new pedometer, I have managed to keep and accurate track of my daily movement, of how many calories I burn, of the distance I cover and many other useful facts. With this valuable information I can live a healthier life and better organize my day. Expert reviews pointed out it was one of the highest rated pedometers and I got it for a low price, under $200” – Allan Nilsen


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Striiv Smart Pedometer


From recent statistics and online surveys, this is the one that has high feedback in best pedometer reviewsThis is the first smart pedometer that has touch screen in it. I like this for its high resolution touch screen and built in apps. Also I don’t need any smart phone as I have this one. The interesting part in this model is that, it has made its apps, games that will keep you alive during your workout.



Considered by many of the best pedometer step counter reviews as one of the most complete and easy to use pedometers, the Smart Pedometer by Striiv is a great investment to make.

It is capable of registering all important activities and it can also set challenging goals to further motivate you.

It is very compact and looks great. It even has a 2 inch touchscreen display which makes it look like a tiny smartphone.

It is battery-powered and it is easy to start and use.



It is a bit complicated to set up.

The software acts up every once in a while.


This pedometer had very good reviews and they convinced me to buy it. After I have started using it, I can understand why experts view it as such a good device. I think its best feature is its sleep trakcing ability, which has proven to be of much use for me. I managed to get it on Black Friday, so this pedometer had a cheap price too.”  Mike Lawson


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Omron Digital HJ-112 Pedometer


This model is very user friendly. It has 2D sensor technology that can measure horizontal and vertical component of your footstep. I like this product as I can keep this in my belt, pocket, bag, anywhere I want. It has six tracking modes and also can keep information about your past seven day’s workout in its memory card so that you can have an evaluation of your exercise. This device automatically starts with a new screen every day so that you don’t need to reset it again and again.



It is one of the most affordable pedometers you will currently find on the market.

It is one of the most accurate gadgets of its kind and can store up to 7 days of data.

Despite looking a bit outdated it is actually one very popular device which can be used in six different tracking modes including one which tells you how many grams of fat you’ve burned.

It is so smart it can separate between regular steps and brisk steps.



It is not the smallest pedometer in the world which may be a problem when out jogging.

The controls can easily be pushed by mistake.


Omron Digital HJ-112 was my choice for a pedometer and in the time I have used it, this model has been very accurate with the data it has given me. I spend my day in a much more active manner thanks to it and for this reason I suggest its purchase. It’s surely one of the top ten pedometers in 2019 and I’m going to make this pedometer a Xmas gift for my brother, who is starting to get a bit overweight.”  David Wagner


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