Expert Buying Advice for Paintball Guns under 500


Paintball is a great way to release stress in a controlled manner. If you find yourself playing paintball more than four times a year, then it may be a good idea to purchase your own paintball gun. Fortunately, you don’t really need to shell out too much cash for a quality paintball gun. You’ll want one that’ll practically pay for itself in the long run, so if you only play paintball once a year, purchasing a paintball gun may not be a practical choice. If, however, you plan on playing paintball monthly, then an upgradable, high quality paintball gun is worth investing in. That being said, this buying guide will help you find the best paintball gun under 500 for your paintball sessions.

Best paintball gun under 500

Repair Cost

The thing about paintball guns is that they break even when taken care of. That being said, it’s important to see how much it costs to repair a specific paintball gun when it gets broken. Some paintball guns have proprietary parts that are often expensive yet prone to breakdown; therefore it’s often best to opt for paintball guns that have parts that can be easily replaced. In any case, choose a paintball gun with parts that are widely available and could easily be repaired.


Electronic vs. Mechanical Marker

Mechanical markers don’t need electricity to run and are usually much slower and louder. However, mechanical markers tend to be sturdier less prone to breakage. Electronic markers, on the other hand, require batteries to work and can fire faster and more consistently in a relatively quieter manner. Electronic markers are often more expensive, though, and is more prone to breaking down.



Lighter is always better. It’s important to find the balance between features and weight, as full-featured paintball guns are rather useless if they’re too heavy to maneuver. You’ll want a paintball gun that you can easily brandish around for hours.


Most Reliable Paintball Guns under 500


In trying to find the best paintball gun under 500, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the surprisingly wide array of paintball guns available. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the best paintball guns as testified by a lot of paintball enthusiasts.


Empire Paintball Axe Marker 16854


1.Empire Paintball Axe MarkerHighly acclaimed as the best mid-range marker, the empire paintball axe marker is precise, consistent, and runs quietly. The stock barrel, bolt, and trigger are good enough for most paintball players; however, if you require higher accuracy ratings and possibly a different feel in terms of ergonomics, you could easily purchase upgrades for this product.

This paintball marker is also easy to maintain and is comfortable to use for the most part. Programming this paintball gun takes a short time to get used to and air conservation is also excellent. In any case, this product is great for all kinds of paintball players, from those who just want to use the stock parts, to those who can’t live without upgrades. If you’re looking for a paintball marker that works well, looks great, and has great build quality, you’re going to want to try this one out.

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Tippmann X7 Electro PHENOM


2.Tippmann X7 Electro PHENOMDespite being one of the cheaper paintball guns available, the Tippmann X7 Electro PHENOM Paintball Gun Carbine Set doesn’t disappoint. What a lot of users love about this marker is that it’s a mechanical-electrical hybrid, which means that running out of batteries won’t necessarily equate to being a sitting duck. The full automatic mode is a lot of fun to play with and is rather easy to program.

In terms of maintenance, this product is easy to disassemble, upgrade, and clean up. The only drawback so far is that some users report receiving a lemon, so you’ll want to check your purchase quickly for any defects before using it in the field. If you want a paintball gun that can blow away the competition without blowing away too much money, this might just be for you.

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Tiberius Arms T-15


3.Tiberius Arms T-15If you’re looking for a paintball gun with a great build and will last for quite a long time, you’re going to love the Tiberius Arms T-15 Paintball Marker Gun Rifle. With a sturdy 2-piece cast aluminum construction and a 2-pin quick disassemble, it is both sturdy and low maintenance, which is perfect for people who just want to shoot and play. It also boasts a true 0.68 caliber 1 to 1 AR platform. Take note, however, that this marker does not have full automatic mode.

What some users have reported, however, is that one has to be careful in screwing the barrel, as it can be tightened too much rather easily. Other users have also reported that this marker leaks, so you’ll want to check your purchase first before using this product. Despite its simplicity and relatively higher price tag, it remains one of the most reliable paintball guns available and is great for people who want a paintball gun that just works and will do so for a very long time.

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