Expert Buying Advice for Paintball Guns under 250


Thanks to the way paintball has evolved into a competitive sport, you will need to ensure that you are equipped with the best paintball gun on the market to be able to dominate your opponents and prove to be an asset to your team. Military training is now supplemented with paintball technology, which also proves useful for law enforcement/riot response, non-lethal suppression of dangerous individuals, and for security and paramilitary operations. Here’s how to ensure you’ve got a great paintball gun in your hand.

Best paintball gun under 250

Appropriate to Range of Play

If you plan to do plenty of paintball, you will have to determine whether you should get a low-range or medium range gun. A lot of guns that cost anywhere between $60 and $150 can work perfectly for majority of players. These types are reliable and can be upgraded. They also prove to be ample enough for virtually any paintball activity. The best paintball gun under 250 runs on carbon dioxide (CO2). The wear and abuse of a scenario game may require a gun that drives to the $200 to $300 price range.


Right Feel

The best paintball gun under 250 will feel right in your hands. It should be a steady and light marker. Some models are customizable to make them usable for individuals who run in and stay back. The add-ons will cost money, but they do offer the satisfaction that the paintball player seeks. The gun should work when you need it to. It should not require too much attention to do its job effectively.


Great Performance

The gun should let you get as many shots as possible with a given volume of air. Although paintball guns can shoot at close to 300 feet per second, few weapons ever do that without making a huge deal of noise. The gun should shoot smoothly and with little recoil. There should be little barrel rise or kick when shooting so the muzzle doesn’t stray from your target.


What Are the Best Paintball Guns under 250?


Buying a paintball gun is a form of investment so it is best to choose wisely. This means you should be ready to commit yourself to getting a quality piece of equipment to ensure success on the field. Here are three weapons that easily fit the requirements you want to find in a paintball gun.


Tippmann TiPX T120001


1. Tippmann TiPX .68 Caliber Paintball PistolGeared with a 150-foot effective range, the Tippmann TiPX .68 Caliber Paintball Pistol is designed to be a true military-style paintball pistol. It features a compact, lightweight design that enables easy carrying in the hand. The under-barrel 12-gram carbon dioxide air system provides easy loading. The trigger reliably punctures carbon dioxide on the first pull, for reliable shooting performance. The Tippmann TiPX .68 Caliber Paintball Pistol makes a terrific solo marker as well as a tactical backup weapon. The clear ammo windows allow you to view if the weapon is loaded. The gun has the ability to add a remote line, for easy upgradability.

The Tippmann TiPX .68 Caliber Paintball Pistol comes with a pair of 7-ball True-Feed magazines. The spring-loaded, self-locking eight-ball magazine clip offers easy carrying, loading and usage. The pistol comes with a revolutionary, compact design that is easy to upgrade and maintain while being amazingly dependable. Air efficiency is maximized while kick is minimized thanks to the efficient spool valve system. The hard shell carry case is foam lined to protect its contents during transport.

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A. C. Kerman Tippmann US ARMY Project Salvo


2.Tippmann US ARMY Project Salvo Paintball Gun SNIPER SetThe US ARMY Project Salvo Tippmann Paintball Gun SNIPER Set is designed to be an officially licensed U.S. Army paintball marker set intended for use in ultra-realistic play. It can be used for paramilitary, security and military combat training to develop shooting and leadership skills in individuals and professionals. The US ARMY Project Salvo Tippmann Paintball Gun comes with the AR15-style 6-position folding and collapsible stock that offers a means for the player to support the gun firmly and aim it easily. The folding design also makes the weapon more compact to facilitate transport and storage while providing better control when deployed before shooting.

The maintenance kit helps with easy cleaning so the paintball gun is always ready for action every time. Get consistently smooth, steady shots via the under-three-pound trigger pull. It ships with all the necessary tools to ensure a successful paintball activity including a 20-ounce carbon dioxide tank, a 200-round hopper and a GXG safety mask. The US ARMY Project Salvo Tippmann Paintball Gun can be upscaled effortlessly with a separately purchased e-Grip, along with other performance upgrades in the Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum series.

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Empire Paintball Slice G36


3.Empire Paintball Slice G36 Paintball MarkerBuilt with an authentic H&K G36 styling, the Empire Paintball Slice G36 Paintball Marker is the perfect weapon to have for paintball participants who need a most reliable means of ensuring success on the field. The paintball marker boasts a slice hinged body system that enables easy maintenance thanks to its effortless opening mechanism. The front and rear fold down sights provide a means to see your target and facilitate positioning in your shooting range. The stock comes with tool-free field stripping and folding to enable close quarters battle. The Picatinny rail for easy carrying as well as to enable expandability of the paintball marker to other accessories such as tactical lights, night vision devices, foregrips and red dot sights.

The Empire Paintball Slice G36 Paintball Marker has a front shroud that features two more rails plus a barrel that is APEX ready. Popular for awesome field performance, the Empire Paintball Slice G36 Paintball Marker is ideal for big scenario games and the woods. The magazine tops off that awesome G36 design. The drop-in upgrade enables enhancement with an electronic grip.

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