How to pick the right Padding Gloves:


Swim paddles or gloves are often worn by swimmers during swim practice to help them build up arm and shoulder strength. These gloves also help to improve a swimmers technique. There are also gloves that you can choose for paddling sports, like kayaking and rafting. If you’ve looked at the best paddling gloves reviews, you may wonder what are the best gloves to get.

The truth of the matter is that there several different kinds of gloves that are available that are pretty good. We have scanned the best paddling gloves of 2022 and we have created this guide to help you choose your new paddling gloves—or at the very least give you some insight as to what to look for.

Some of the best rated paddling gloves are gloves that can be worn for. These gloves are made of soft neoprene with some kind of texture on the fingers. This texture gives you the ability to hold onto your paddle securely and it also helps you to keep control of the paddle, should the waters ever get too rough.

In order to choose which is the best paddling glove for you, you will want to properly fit the gloves to your hands. Properly fitting gloves will help from experiencing any kind of injury and, if you choose swimming gloves, they will insulate your hands while training in open waters. To measure the size glove you’ll need, you will want to measure the fullest part of your hand (minus your thumb) and measure from the tip of your middle finger down to your wrist. You will want to take the largest of the two measurements. This means if the circumference of your hand is 6” but the length from middle finger to the base is 7”, use the 7”, as this is the size of the glove you need.

Of course, if you are not wearing the gloves for a sport, but want paddling gloves to help you train for lap swimming, there are several different paddle gloves that you can choose from.

Flat swim paddles are ideal for the swimmer who does lap training. This piece of equipment can also come in a variety of styles, but they make it harder to stroke, which builds up muscle strength in the arms.

Ergonomic paddles have curves that mirrors the natural shape your hand makes when you are paddling water. The silhouettes follow the outline of your hands, so while you are using a tool to help you train, it will not alter your technique.

Specific-Use paddles are designed just for a single technique or a particular stroke, while there are some freestyle-only paddles. These paddles are generally used less frequently because they do have intended uses.

The best paddling gloves of 2022 fit snuggly and this includes the seam should not rub on your skin. You don’t want a blister to begin forming under your skin.

When you are looking through the best paddling gloves reviews to make your decision, we hope that you keep these bit of information in mind and you can choose what are the best paddling gloves for you.


Things to consider:

  • Decide what you will be using the gloves for. Will they be for lap swimming where you are trying to build arm strength and improve your stroke, or will it be to help you swim in open waters.
  • Look for gloves that fit comfortably and they fit your hand properly.
  • You do not want gloves where the seam rubs against your skin, which could cause blisters.


Top rated Paddling Gloves in 2022


Sea to Summit Solution Gear Eclipse Paddle Glove


Since you may be wearing paddling gloves outdoor, these gloves are ideal for outdoor use, as they offer UPF50 protection, keeping your hands safe from harmful UV rays. The double layered neoprene contours to fit your hand in areas with high wear, making the gloves more durable and have a longer lifetime. The soft material of the glove helps you to keep a firm grasp on your paddle, while the neoprene cuff helps to give wrist free-range of motion.

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Warmers Barnacle Half Finger Paddling Glove


The barnacle glove features a ½ finger design that helps you to hold onto your paddle and maintain control in rough waters. While you wear the gloves, the lightweight neoprene and lycra material has a textured feel to it which gives you ultimate grip while the soft terry cloth fabric on the thumb is perfect for wiping away sweat. To give yourself a better fit, the gloves feature a Velcro strap around the wrist, which allows you to tighten or loosen the hold around your wrist.

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NRS Boaters Paddling Glove


These particular paddling gloves feature a synthetic leather in the palms. This portion gives you excellent grip and the lycra backing works to prevent blistering while you are paddling.  Velcro wrist closure allows you to adjust the tightness of the gloves to ensure a proper fit. These gloves also have a fleece strip that can be used to remove perspiration from your face and nose.

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Outdoor Research Chroma Sun Gloves


These gloves are made of two different types of fabric: 91% polyester/9% polyurethane is on the back of the hand while the palm is made of 100% synthetic suede. The suede is also on the thumb to give the glove extra durability. The hook and loop wrist closure makes it so that the glove will not come off your hand under any circumstances. The vented palm of the glove allows your hand to breathe, making the gloves comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

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NeoSport Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 3/4 Finger Glove

With these gloves, you have a 3/4 finger design that makes it easier to hold on to paddle. The flexible construction of the gloves give you a secure grip that is great for any water-sport you may be engaging in. The gloves are made of neoprene that is 1.5mm thick, which can keep your hand warm and protected, without experiencing flexibility. The synthetic leather palm will release heat and will keep your hands from slipping while holding paddles, towlines, or oars. You can be sure the gloves will stay in place, thanks to the sturdy wrist fasteners.

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