Things to Conisder When Buying a Top Orbit Sander


An orbit sander is an essential tool in many workshops. These convenient tools can remove paint and old finishes, along with smoothing rough areas on your projects. Designed to take all of the hard work and hassles out of sanding, finding the right one can be difficult if you aren’t sure what you are looking for. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will make it easier for you to choose the best orbit sander in 2018.

Best orbit sander


One of the first factors to consider, according to the best orbit sander reviews is your budget. These power tools are available in a range of prices and deciding on a spending limit can help narrow your choices. Your budget will also determine which included features are necessary, and which ones are nice to have. Once you have decided on a comfortable spending limit you will find it easier to choose an orbit sander that best fits your needs.



The best orbit sander reviews state that you want to carefully consider the design. Padded handles allow you to comfortably grasp the sander, while textured grips help to prevent it from slipping out of your hand. The comfortable padding can also help reduce vibrations that can cause hand and wrist fatigue. Orbit sanders designed with longer power cords give you plenty of room to move around, which is always an advantage when you are working on larger projects. You also want the sander to include a dust collection bag or canister that is easy and convenient to empty. Models that feature variable speeds have the advantage of being able to be used on a variety of different surfaces, but these sanders can often come with a slightly higher price.



You want the orbit sander to be easy and convenient to use, and this includes changing the sandpaper disks. Most woodworking experts recommend choosing a tool that uses the convenient “hook and loop” system, which allows you to quickly change the sandpaper when needed. This convenient system also lets you reuse the sanding paper, which has the added advantage of helping you save money on replacement sheets.


Top Rated Orbit Sanders in 2018


While we can’t choose the right tool for you, we can show you the top rated orbit sanders for 2018. Designed to be easy and convenient to use, along with being able to quickly and efficiently smooth rough surfaces, maybe one of these affordable sanders is exactly what you are looking for.


DeWalt D26451


1.DEWALT D26451With its 5 star Amazon rating and affordable price, there is very little not to like about this random orbit sander. It features a powerful 3 amp motor that will effectively smooth rough surfaces, along with a convenient design that is easy to use.

The durable motor is capable of operating up to 12,000 OPM so you can remove old finishes, rust, and smooth over rough areas. You also have the advantage of the innovative system that helps the sander maintain a constant finishing speed, while ensuring a smooth start with minimal risk of marks and scratches. This also helps to reduce your overall sanding time.

You will appreciate the padded grip which helps to reduce vibrations, along with preventing arm and hand fatigue, and it is also textured to prevent the tool from slipping during use. The included dust bag is easy and convenient to empty, and helps make clean up afterwards a breeze. The “hook and loop” system ensures that you can quickly change the sandpaper disks as needed, and allows you to reuse some when applicable. With a limited warranty included and its affordable price, it’s easy to see why this 5 inch orbit sander is a consumer favorite.

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Black & Decker BDERO100


2.Black & Decker BDERO100There is very little not to like about this top selling orbit sander, including its affordable price. It is designed to be easy and convenient to use, and is a perfect choice for beginners and experienced craftsmen. Its’ 5 inch design is ideal for quickly sanding large and small projects, and you will love how efficient it is at smoothing over rough surfaces.

This orbit sander features a padded grip that is comfortable to grasp, and it is also textured to prevent accidental slips. The textured padding also helps to reduce annoying vibrations, while giving you maximum control over the sander. You will also appreciate its compact size that allows for easy maneuverability and convenient storage.

The switch is sealed to prevent dust and debris from getting inside, which helps to extend the life of the sander. This also makes it easy and convenient to empty after use, while preventing dirt and dust from getting all over your work space. This orbit sander also features the convenient “hook and loop” system for quick and easy paper changes.

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Bosch ROS20VSK


3.Bosch ROS20VSKWhether you are removing old, peeling finishes or simply smoothing over rough surfaces, this 120V orbit sander might be exactly what you are looking for. It is designed to be convenient and easy to use, and it also has the advantage of variable speeds.

This reliable orbit sander is designed for use on a variety of surfaces and projects, and the speed can be easily adjusted with the conveniently placed dial. The textured grip provides you with exceptional control, and it is also padded for extra comfort. You will also appreciate the long power cord which gives you plenty of room to move around.

The dust canister is designed to trap and collect fine particles, and it easily detaches from the sander for easy emptying. You also have the advantage of being able to monitor the dust level, so you never have to worry about the canister overflowing and allowing dirt inside the motor. The “hook and loop” system makes changing the sandpaper quick and easy, and with 35,000 plus hooks the disks will stay firmly in place during use. You will also appreciate the innovative pad system which helps to prevent the sander from marring finishes. Easy and convenient to use on a variety of projects and surfaces, this orbit sander might be exactly what you need in your workshop.

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