How to Choose the Best Nut Splitter


If you work in a business that needs nuts to be split on a regular basis, you will surely need a simple item like a nut splitter. Despite its modest appearance, a nut splitter can be quite an indispensable item at work or in your own garage. It all boils down to that rusty nut that doesn’t want to come off, no matter what tools you use on it; when all fails, it is time to get the nut splitter out of the toolbox and put it to work. In case you want a strong and dependable nut splitter that doesn’t break after just a few uses, the following buying guide will help you out.

A. Nut Splitter


Since most nut splitters available on the market work pretty much in the same manner, you may wonder what exactly to look for when shopping for one. The first aspect to keep in mind is size, because trying to get a stuck nut to come undone with the wrong sized nut splitter simply won’t work. So, when you intend to purchase such an item for your toolbox, make sure to check the size of nuts it can split. Also, if you need to handle all kinds of nut sizes, your best bet is to go with an adjustable nut splitter, to cover all the situations that may appear.



No matter how simple a nut splitter is, you need to make sure that it is durable and dependable. Since just looking at various models may not help at all, a good course of action is to stick to known brands that vouch for the superior quality of their products. Many of the best nut splitter reviews mention brand as one of the important aspects to keep in mind when shopping for a good quality model. Getting the right nut splitter is essential for having such a reliable tool ready to serve you for years to come, as opposed to breaking it after just using it for a few times.



The general design is fairly the same for nut splitters, so it is not an easy task to say which one is better just by looking at them. However, a sturdier construction can truly make the difference, and you need to make sure that the nut splitter you want to buy is made of reliable materials. Forged steel is the option of reliable brands, and you should always go for a tool that feels heavy and sturdy in your hand.



Most nut splitters are priced between 10 and 20 dollars, and this could be an indication of their quality, too. Don’t go for models that are too cheap, as this is a sign that they will not last for more than just a few uses.


Top Rated Nut Splitters in 2022


Getting the best nut splitter 2022 may feel a little less difficult, now that you know what to look for in such a tool. To help you even more, we put together a list with the most popular models on the market and we offer it below as a guide for buying the one that can become that indispensable item you are after.


Cal-Van Tools 183


Removing rusted or corroded nuts can be a real hassle, which is why when working as a mechanic, or at home, in your own workshop, you need reliable tools to get the work done. The Cal-Van Tools 183 Nut Splitter does a great job at relieving you from the burden of dealing with such mishaps. A very compact model, it is capable of splitting nuts up to 1/2 feet automotive series or any nut 7/8 inch across flat. Without using air or sheer power, this tool is really handy. You only have to turn the splitter with a wrench a few times, and the stubborn nut will come undone and save you a lot of time and frustration.

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Steelgrip 2265015


2.Steelgrip 2265015 Nut Splitter SetFeaturing two tools in the same set, this model is a really time saver when it comes to removing rusted nuts from their bolts. Use the smaller one for nuts that are ½ inches to 5/8 inches, or the larger one for those between 5/8 inches and 7/8 inches. In case you wonder how these work, it is fairly simple: the strong steel chisel is driven into the nut, while you use a wrench to turn the bolt end. A thing worth mentioning is that these nut splitters work without damaging the bolt threads, which may be an issue when you only want to replace the nuts and not the bolts.

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OTC 4576 Universal C-Frame


3.OTC 4576 Universal C-Frame Nut SplitterAmong all the models showed here, this one has a different design. Its C-frame is favored by some mechanics, but the way it works is just the same. The best nut splitter reviews mention this model and praise it for its efficiency and reliability. Actually, there are users who say that this nut splitter is a reliable option when other nut splitters do not manage to do a good job. Its main job is to split nuts measuring between 7/16″/11 mm and 3/4″/19 mm in diameter. Measuring is 6-3/4 inches in length, this is a very handy tool that you will not want to do without.

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Craftsman 1049222


4.Craftsman 1049222 Universal Nut CrackerCraftsman is a well known company, praised by its clients for the sturdy products they make, and the Craftsman 1049222 Universal Nut Cracker is no exception. Capable of splitting nuts between 5/16 inches and 7/8 inches, without causing any damage to the bolt threads, this nut cracker works like a charm, as the cone shaped prod made of steel is forced into the nut with impressive force, while you only turn the bolt end with a wrench. What you may also like about this model that is listed among the top rated nut splitters 2022 is its compact size, as the tool is just 4 inches long and weighs a little under 1 pound.

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Great Neck OEM 25738


5.Great Neck OEM 25738 Nut Splitting ToolThe quality of materials is very important when you pick new tools for your toolbox. The Great Neck OEM 25738 Nut Splitting Tool is made of chrome vanadium steel and high quality carbon, ensuring that no rusted nut will stand in your way. Used for nuts up to ½ inches, it is easy on the bolt threads, as it does not damage them. Featuring limited lifetime warranty, this nut cracker is built to last and its compact size also recommends it. Although it is not a good choice for large tasks, for your toolbox at home, it is quite an indispensable item.

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