Top rated Digital Photo Frames from NIX


Digital photo frames have been popular recently because of their ability to store and play numerous photos, unlike in the case of traditional photo frames. When looking for the right choice in this product category, the best NIX digital photo frames reviews have noted five of their best models, which will be further discussed in the rest of this article.


What si the best digital picture frame from NIX?


In the present there are more and more people searching for reliable digital photo frames that can display important moments of their lives in style. The latest developments in photo frames are pretty amazing, gathering new fans month after month. As you probably already observed the current top digital photo frames don’t simply display images. According to recent statistics it seems that NIX photo frames represent great investments, worth considering hands down. Such devices do more than simply show images; they motivate people to embrace life and enjoy coming back home or taking trips dowstn memory lane. Since there are so many digital photo frames available on the market discovering the right model is pretty challenging. Delight your friends and family members with all your accomplishments.

We took the liberty of testing with attention 25 of the most popular digital photo frames released by NIX available for purchase. After one week we were able to carefully draft the best NIX digital photo frames reviews, which anyone can consult without reservations. This powerful device uses advanced “Hu-Motion” system, comprised out of advanced Motion Detection Sensors which helps senior citizens in order to keep better track of their lives. These photo frames come in handy for older men and women that suffer from Alzheimer’s or short-term memory loss. Such high resolution digital picture frame works whenever somebody enters the room within a range of 2.5 metres. The sensors precisely detect motion and power on and off, depending on movement parameters. The device can also be used in order to set photographic slideshows or even video shows.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Size Price High-Res Internal memory Our Rating Where to buy


15 inch $$$ 1280 x 800 4GB A++ AMAZON


12 inch $$ 800×600 4GB A AMAZON


18 inch $$$$ 1366×780 4GB B+ AMAZON

NIX Hu-Motion

12 inch $$$ 800 x 600 2GB B+ AMAZON
 NIX X08D 8 inch $$ 800 x 600 No B+ AMAZON


Finding one of the best NIX digital photo frames in 2019 requires access to professional information. The impressive flexibility that the digital photo frame offers allows people to significantly add something special in their home. One unique thing about the device is that you can even set out different memos and inspirational texts. You can read them and turn a bad day into a bright one. Furthermore such a digital photo frame is great for people that work out and need a bit of push to get things going. As a result you can use this particular device as a constant reminder that you need to push yourself in order to obtain amazing results.

How to identify the best NIX digital photo frames in 2019 ? The proper answer to this question starts with access to professional information. Furthermore it is mainly a personal choice. Now, you can choose a digital photo frame that respects your desires and blends with your expectations. As so many people pointed out, this is the type of device that makes an amazing gift. You have the possibility of offering a great digital photo frame from NIX to friends on anniversaries or wedding gifts. Discovering the most efficient model takes time and the search is pretty exciting. This is probably why in the last couple of years the interest for NIX digital photo frames grows with each passing month.



NIX X15C Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame


8The best NIX digital photo frame reviews believe that the X15C model has every feature required to be considered a top notch product. It won’t just show high-quality pictures and albums, this model can show high resolution video as well. You will have the chance to play videos in MPEG-4 or AVI formats and also to  create slide-shows with normal JPEG images. It comes with a motion sensor as well, so it will prove to be energy smart.  The 4 GB internal memory space should be enough for your photos and videos, but If you want to expand it, there is also a USB port.



Plug-and-play design makes the Nix X15C ready to play videos and pictures when the product comes right out of the box, needing no stressful set-up or installation process

Built-in sensor enables the unit to turn on or off when movement is detected by the sensitive device, to enable the user to instantly show off favorite images and videos to visitors

Makes a great gift for people who do not want complicated functions in a sophisticated device just to enjoy a revolutionary way of showcasing favorite memories

SVGA screen offers high resolution with LED backlighting that renders a brighter screen to enable slideshow display of photos and videos



Despite absence of Wi-Fi capability, product still performs above and beyond standard photo frames

Some types of media files just need to be converted to be played on this innovative device, chosen many times over as the answer to  what is the best digital photo frame from NIX


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NIX X12C Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame


9If you want to get rid of the old picture frames and add new technology to your home, a great investment can prove to be The NIX X12C. This digital photo frame has the ability to show MP4 and AVI videos, plus excellent quality photos. You even have the option to mount it on your wall if you think its stand is of no use. Except the USB socket, the X12C comes with a Micro SD slot, so you can add something extra to the 4GB memory. The motion sensor is definitely a nice touch as well, making it one of the best NIX digital photo frames 2019.



Built with plug-and-play simplicity that enables the buyer to instantly display their most treasured memories caught on cam, whether in photos or videos

Large 12-inch LCD screen makes pictures look really sharp and vivid, with little light bleeding at the edges that helps in better viewing under subtle lighting environments

Frame uses 4:3 aspect ratio for high resolution, with remote control functionality and straightforward menu navigation

Built-in motion detector turns the screen on and off, depending when it senses motion inside the room, to display precious memories instantly



Due to the 4:3 aspect ratio, there may be black bars present above and below pictures that are viewed on the display

Not designed for superior music and movie enjoyment but still provides a basic way to view videos without using complex devices


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NIX X18B Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame


10The NIX X18B can offer you a top picture quality, an excellent video resolution and motion sensor technology, all for a huge 18 inch LED backlit screen. Have the chance to see videos that are important for you and meaningful photos too, each time you pass near this frame. Although it comes with a 4 GB USB memory you can expand it because it has an USB input and a SD/SDHC memory card slot. You can even opt for mounting it on a wall with some sturdy brackets. This frame has an easy to use remote control too, so you can access every option without any hassle.



Motion sensor programmable to turn on/off so when set to 30 minutes for instance, will turn on when motion is detected and turns off automatically after half an hour

No program set-up needed as product is up and running in seconds the minute it comes out of the box

Frame can play jpeg images as well as .avi-format online videos and even mp4 recording audio, and supports USB input, SDHC and SD

Large 18.5-inch screen is LED backlit with amazing clarity supplemented by 1366 x 768 pixels to enable viewing of photos and videos in high resolution



Addition of music to slideshow is tricky but learnable to help enhance viewing on the LED-backlit screen

Required pixel size for photos may require larger sizes to be resized


“This NIX digital photo frame was a gift received for Xmas and I’m quite happy with what I got. I’ve uploaded hundred of family pictures which bring back so many memories. For me it works great and I’m certain it’s one of the highest rated models in the market. Now I know who makes best digital photo frames – NIX.” – Jasmine Farrell


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NIX Hu-Motion Pro-Series Digital Photo Frame


This is another option that has also been commonly recommended in various best NIX digital photo frames reviews. One of the main reasons on why it is a popular choice for many people is the fact that it is not complicated to use. It has a simple operating mechanism, but does not compensate the quality of the outputs being played. It also has an Auto-Rotate Sensor, which automatically changes the orientation of the photos when the frame is flipped.



Comes with small remote control that can be used to switch modes on the digital photo frame, zoom in on a picture, or to pause and play the slide show

Glossy black finish makes the photo frame look good with existing décor in any room, all to make viewing of photos and videos smarter and more high-tech

Comes with 2 gigabytes of internal memory, good enough for thousands of pictures on low native resolution or resized

Menu navigation is easy and straightforward and motion detection sensor sets the frame to display images when movement is detected



Zooming in eliminates black bars due to 4:3 aspect ratio but may cause parts of the picture to be lost to view

Not made for audiophilic movie or music playback despite having internal speakers, but that’s not the product’s purpose


The simplicity of the NIX 12-inch Pro-Series Digital Photo Frame is one thing people admired it. There is no need to touch and pints on complex buttons of the photo frame in order to use it. It is simple to manage and easy to understand if compared to other digital photo viewers. It’s cheap too and I got it for under $80.”  Ronald Hall


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NIX X08D Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame


Even if this frame is small in terms of size, it is big in terms of features, most of which have been commended by the people who have bought such. One thing that makes them happy is the motion sensor technology, which eliminates the need to have the frame manually turned on and off all the time. In addition, it will be able to play not only photos and videos, but also music. It has an external jack that can be used to connect your speakers for better audio experience.



Bestselling and top answer to what is the best digital photo frame from NIX  thanks to great viewing angles and revolutionary In-Plane Switching (IPS), which solves the primary limitations of matrix LCD configurations

Viewing angle and color performance deeply intended for displaying superior photo slideshows, so precious memories caught on camera can be shared by everyone

Better image quality obtainable by tweaking settings for contrast, brightness and saturation, to enable livelier and more brilliant photo slide shows

Photos can be copied in flash driver or SD card and then displayed on this revolutionary digital photo frame for greater enjoyment by everyone



People who like transition effects in photo slide shows will just enjoy no-nonsense slideshows with this revolutionary product

High-end features make this product overcome the relatively low native resolution


Aside from watching my photos and videos in the NIX X08D 8-inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame. I can also play and listen to music with greater ease. Just by plugging the speaker, I can listen to my favorite songs. The product is small yet has the quality and features which most people commended. Also, I found it for a discount on Black Friday, so I just had to have it. ”  William Olvera


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NIX 12-inch Digital Photo Frame – Not available


Best NIX Digital Photo Frames Reviews

The NIX 12-inch digital photo frame will prove to be a good item to purchase if you would want to have an innovative gadget that can always remind you some of the best moments in your life after reading the best digital photo frame reviews. This digital photo frame has 800 x 600 pixels and internal memory of 4GB. If the memory space is not enough, there is no need to worry as it can also handle and play contents from external storage devices, such as USB. You simply need to have it plugged and the frame can have it played. It can also handle a wide array of file formats.

Try to have the new NIX 12-inch Digital Photo Frame as your digital photo frame. You will surely love this product the way I love it. I can store lots of photos I took before. The memory is large enough to handle video and photos at a time. I can also play various files by just plugging my USB. I don’t know what’s the best digital photo frame, but I am sure this model from NIX is among the best.” Willie Romero


NIX 15-inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame – Not available


One of the reasons on why many of the users of this frame have been extremely satisfied with such is because of its plug and play simplicity. You simply need to plug the source of the file that will be played, and it will automatically start functioning, without the need to deal with complicated commands. Many were also happy with the brightness of the screen and having 1024 x 768 pixels, which enhances the quality and color of the pictures.

One feature I like about the NIX 15-inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame is its simplicity in commands and controls. I don’t have to click and push lots of commands in order to play a file. Just by plugging up the contents I want to watch, I can easily have the access to it without much ado.” Luther Bradley


NIX Hu-Motion 7-inch Digital Photo Frame – Not available


This digital photo frame has 2GB of internal memory. Even such is small memory capacity, many still liked this model because of its ability to automatically resize the file size of the photos to fit them in the frame’s internal memory. It also comes with a convenient remote, making it easy to control the functionality of the product. Lastly, it has an elegant and contemporary look, which makes it the most ideal choice for people with discriminating taste.

I was enticed by the fashion and outlook of the NIX Hu-Motion 7-inch Digital Photo Frame. This photo frame is very modernized and professional to use. Controlling this item doesn’t need much effort because of the remote control that can access this product even in a distant.” Esther Sears