Comparison Table


Product Recommended Age  Price Shooting Distance Elite Darts Our Rating Where to buy

Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster

6+ years $$$ 75 ft 12 A+ AMAZON

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

6+ years $$ 75 ft 6 A AMAZON

Nerf N-Strike Maverick

3+ years $$ 30 ft No B+ AMAZON

Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe Blaster

6+ years $$$ 75 ft 6 B+ AMAZON

Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Blaster

8+ years $$ 75 ft 3 B AMAZON



Buying Guide


Playing with Nerf guns can be a great way to get the family together for some fun outdoors. The foam based ammunition are ideal for shooting because they will not hurt if you get shot with them, and some ammunition even features suction-cup tips that can be used to practice target shooting.

Some of the most popular Nerf guns are the rapid shot guns, as they can send off many rounds and score more hits. But these aren’t the only guns that people like to play with. While we cannot tell you what is the best Nerf gun for your desired activity, we can tell you some of the basic types and why they are among the best rated Nerf guns.

Nerf Pistols

The Nerf Pistols are ideal for covert sneak attacks. If you are sneaking up on a target, you can hide this one handed guns under your shirt and shoot off a single dart at the target. They’ll never see it coming and thus being caught off guard!


Nerf Rifle

The rifle will require the use of both hands and they are generally quite a bit larger than the pistol. These guns feature extended range and a larger magazine size. They are widely popular among competitive players because they offer incredible fire power.


Nerf Shotguns

The shotgun blasters have a much quicker ammunition discharge. Instead of shooting off one dart, the shot gun shoots off multiple darts at once. These are among the top ten Nerf guns for competition use because you can shoot off 8 darts before needing to reload.



In the world of Nerf, it isn’t always about the gun that grabs players attentions. In fact, some players enjoy the ability some Nerf blasters have to modify the gun. This includes removing safety features or changing out particular springs. This results in higher-powered guns which allows you to shoot off more rounds. Beware though, if you remove the safety features, the toy has the possibility to actually cause harm. If the intended user is a child, you may want to skip the modded Nerf guns.

By staging a Nerf gun war between your friends, family, and neighbours, you are encouraging physical activity and promoting lots of fun. These friendly games can be a fantastic way to liven up any party, whether the party-goers are young or old.



Products for specific needs


Best Nerf Gun for 5 Year Old


Nerf N-Strike Maverick


If you want to get your child involved in family shoot out games, the Nerf N-Strike Maverick is the best Nerf Gun for 5 Year olds. The rapid shooting gun uses an air-powered blaster that shoots the foam darts out quickly from the rotating barrel. The toy comes with six micro darts with small suction cups at the end. The compact design of the gun is perfect for small hands and the easy to use trigger keeps the youngsters in the game.



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Best Nerf Gun for HVZ


Nerf CS-18 N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike


This streamlined nerf gun is lightweight and gives you the power to shoot rapidly at your targets. You can spray a blanket of ammo at the opposing side or you can take the offensive with an all-out assault. This is the best Nerf gun for HVZ because the acceleration trigger powers up the motor inside the gun to hasten the speed when firing. The clip can hold all 18 Elite Darts that come with the gun. The transparent container allows you to do a visual firepower check mid-attack. The gun can shoot up to 75-feet away, giving you long distance as well as incredibly quick shooting power.


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Best Nerf Gun for Modding


Nerf Vortex PRAXIS Blaster


This classic pump-action type gun can be customized so that you have the ability to modify your blaster for increased mobility or enhancing your fire control. The removable 10-disc cartridge gives you optimal firepower with very little reloading time. You can remove the stock and versatile tactical rail system so that you can modify the shooter to accommodate the battlefield. Like other Vortex guns, this features XLR long range disc technology that launches the discs further than ever before. Because of all the ways you can modify this gun to match your playing style, this is the best Nerf gun for modding.


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Top rated Nerf guns in 2021


There are many ways you can have loads of fun by practicing different sports, playing different games and so on. Nerf guns have become pretty common over the years and can prove to be the perfect gift for your son or you might end up using it every now and then, spending some quality time with him shooting suction-cups darts at one another. Through reading the best nerf guns reviews you will discover some pretty amazing guns which shoot darts with suction-cups attached to them.



Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator


Best Nerf Guns reviewsIf you are looking for power from your Nerf gun then the Elite Retaliator Blaster is the model for you. With it you will be able to fire a dart at a distance of 75 feet which is pretty impressive. Accuracy can be increased as well if you can’t keep it steady while firing by removing its stock. The clip can hold 12 darts which can be loaded in a very short while so you don’t waste any time while you are in the middle of a game. The best nerf guns reviews recommend it as a great investment for increasing the fun level.



Versatile retaliator blaster that features one tactical rail on its priming slide, which accepts addition of other attachments to make the Nerf gun more exciting to play with, making this the principal answer to what is the best nerf gun

Supplied barrel extension can be attached to the blaster unit, which then enables addition of two additional tactical rails with one below the barrel and the other on top

Blaster handle has a clip point so a strap can be attached, aside from serving to attach another clip point for carrying accessories

Handle leaves spare room for an extra dart, with a priming indicator that serves as the plunger rod for smoother priming every time



Retaliator stock does not fit into the Pyragon or Praxis/Lumitron

Elite Darts work with most original N-Strike blasters to protect product integrity


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Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm


The Nerf N-Strike Strongarm blaster can prove to be the perfect gift for your son so he can have a lot of fun with it. It is actually pretty powerful managing to shoot a suction-cup dart up to distances of 75 feet, making it great for target practice. Load it with 6 darts at a time and take advantage of its rapid fire system which will fire all 6 of them in a matter of seconds. The rotating barrel will flip open in an instant making you load it easily. The high quality makes it be seen as one of the top rated nerf guns in 2021.



Fires darts up to an impressive range of 75 feet, for Nerf-blasting fun and excitement that even children 4 years old and above can safely enjoy

Fires revolutionary Elite Darts up to a distance of 75 feet, with all the gear necessary to make users true N-Strike Elite warriors

Pumping the Slam Fire slide repeatedly while holding the trigger down permits rapid firing, which can add even more nerf-blasting excitement to the game

Easy loading by flipping the rotating barrel open, so targets can be fired at quickly and efficiently



Will not work well when streamline darts are used

Restrictor is no longer on the cylinder but on the plunger


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Nerf N-Strike Maverick


Probably the most popular suction-cup dart gun from Nerf is the Strike Maverick which is very affordable and proves to be a lot of fun when using it to play some games. The rotation barrel will let you shoot the darts in a flash so you surely hit your intended target. The micro suction-cup darts are 100% safe and there is no chance of injuring anyone. Even now it is considered one of the best nerf guns in 2021, a couple of years after it has been released.



Air-powered blaster offers awesome firing capability using the supplied six darts, for endless hours of nerf-blasting excitement and challenge

Micro-darts are all suction-cup darts to permit efficient firing without causing permanent harm or damage to players or property

Quick-firing rotating barrel discharges darts at amazing speed and agility, to give greater excitement and awesome game time

Simple slide, lock and load system allows continuous firing to bring the “enemy” down in no time and without need for more aggressive tactical equipment



Barrel swings out to the left, necessitating left-handed users to reload with crossed arms

Reverse plunger system does not allow increase to the firing range


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Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe


The Nerf N-Strike Stryfe Blaster is viewed by many as one of the best nerf guns in 2021 because it is powerful, accurate and fun to use, in other words a great gift to give your son. The Quick Reload clip will make it very simple for you or your son to load it with darts so you are ready to fire all of them in rapid succession. This gift won’t cost you too much and will come with 6 Elite Darts as well, plus the instruction for using it correctly.



Great answer to what is the best nerf gun thanks to being able to fire darts at an impressive maximum range of 75 feet

Clip works with any clip system blaster, which can be bought separately to enable  more versatile nerf-blasting enjoyment for everyone

Clip holds 6 Elite darts and is quick reloading to ensure that targets are quickly blasted with awesome firing power

Elite Darts are usable with any Elite Blaster and most original N-Strike blasters, for all-authentic nerf-blasting excitement and fire power



Will not work with non-original accessories and darts

Packaging and colors may vary from what is shown online, ensuring more choices


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Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3


Make a great gift out of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Blaster which won’t cost you anything actually. This compact Nerf gun has the outstanding capability to fire mini suction-cups darts at a distance of 75 feet. The barrel is loaded in a second and you are ready to fire 3 darts in a flash trying to hit your target. The only thing you should keep in mind when teaching you child how to shoot it is to not aim it at someone’s face.



Mega firing power with ability to fire darts to a distance of 75 feet, to provide hours of fun without causing irreparable damage

Shots are readied for efficient firing with the strong cocking handle, to ensure that targets get hit in the quickest time and with extreme accuracy

Blaster gun “knows” which barrel is loaded, enabling precise firing without misfires and empty chambers that only allow the target to evade hits

Comes with three Elite darts that are built for high-precision and awesome targeting ability, giving endless enjoyment and excitement to individuals who want to up the ante on competitive games



Not built for younger players or those ages four and below due to firm charging handle


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Nerf Guns – What to Look For:


There are many fun activities that adults and children love to do and enjoy without restrictions. Recent statistics showed that there is a growing interest for blaster toys, designed to offer hours of fun and enthusiasm. Among the most popular blaster toys we find the nerf gun, a product used by kids and adults for long and entertaining playtime. Gamers will absolutely adore investing in a brand new nerf gun, designed to offer long hours of fun. The growing interest in nerf guns is pretty impressive, since more and more gamers love shooting from time to time to blow off steam. These guns need special nerf darts with soft pieces of foam which enhance entertainment levels. With the right gun you’ll enjoy endless game possibilities with no restrictions whatsoever.

The impressive number of products available on the market makes it pretty hard for people to select the right nerf gun. This is why we took the liberty of testing 20 of the most popular nerf guns available for purchase. After 80 hours of extensive studies on each product we were able safely draft the best nerf gun reviews. You should consult professional information in order to understand more things about what makes a nerf gun great. Since there are so many types of darts and guns available on the market you need a model that delivers accuracy during each shot. The first thing that you have to do is invest in additional darts, for extra fun during each game. The market offers different types of nerf guns to choose from. For instance: there are small and hand held models, large and double handed guns for amazing experiences on any court.

How to find the best nerf gun in 2021? Well, there are many things to take into consideration before you decide one particular product. From the many nerf dart-loaded blasters you can opt for a reliable model for amazing gaming experiences. It is important to opt for a gun that matches your style during various terrains. You need to invest in a product that improves gaming performance and adds precision during every shot made. There are powerful nerf guns that can shoot a lot of darts in just a matter of minutes. There is a toy for any gaming need. The market offers the following nerf guns: swarm fire blaster which can hold up 20 dart tag darts; quick 16 blaster which can hold up to 16 dart tag darts; speedswarm blaster that can hold up to 10 dart tag darts; snapfire 8 blaster holds up to 8 dart tag darts; speedload 6 blaster (6 dart tag darts) and sharp shot blaster that can hold up to 4 dart tag darts.

Picking out the best nerf gun in 2021 is pretty hard, requiring access to user testimonials and specialized product description. It is important to be fully informed while browsing for a new playing gun. You have to make sure that the gun comes with an exclusive warranty, which improves your game time period to maximum.