How to Buy the Best Motorcycle Trunk


Trying to carry extra clothes or even documents on a motorcycle is almost impossible without a convenient storage compartment, and many riders are discovering the advantages of adding a small trunk. Generally durable and affordable, there are several types and styles to choose from and the informative tips included in this buying guide can help you find the best motorcycle trunk in 2018.

Best motorcycle trunk


According to the best motorcycle trunk reviews one of the first aspects to consider is its size. Not only do you want the trunk to be large enough to hold your items, it must also fit on the back of your bike. While most trunks list the make and model of compatible motorcycles, there are some that feature convenient universal mounting systems. This helps to ensure that the trunk you choose will attach easily to your bike.



The best motorcycle trunk reviews state that you want to carefully consider the construction. Models constructed from ABS plastic are durable and designed to last for years. Trunks that feature a weatherproof construction will help keep clothes and papers dry in the rain, which is always an advantage on long road trips. Some motorcycle trunks are constructed from recycled materials which can lower the price, and these models have the added advantage of leaving a smaller footprint on the environment. If you do choose a motorcycle trunk that uses recycled materials it is important to ensure that it is still strong enough to withstand constant exposure to the elements.



There are several convenient features that you might want to consider that can include padded back rests that will give passengers comfortable support. Top luggage racks are always convenient, and can be used to secure small bags and extra helmets. Trunks that lock give you extra protection from thieves and spare keys are always appreciated. Some motorcycle trunks also include a small LED light for added safety, and models that include mounting kits are generally quick and easy to install.


Top Rated Motorcycle Trunks in 2018


While we can’t choose the right model for your bike, we can show you the top rated motorcycle trunks for 2018. Designed to be durable and convenient to use, maybe one of these models is exactly what you need to store your gear.


Bestem T-Box TBOX-929-BLK (B001O77CMW)


1.Bestem T-Box TBOX-929-BLKThere is very little not to like about this motorcycle trunk, including its affordable price. Designed to fit most budgets and featuring a durable construction, this trunk is perfect for most motorcycles and scooters. It is also designed to be easy to install.

This motorcycle trunk features a durable construction that is designed to last. Constructed from strong ABS plastic, it can withstand the rigors of long road trips. The trunk measures 12″ x 22″ x 16″ making it the perfect size to hold documents or a change of clothes, and you will appreciate the sturdy lock that helps to deter would be thieves. As an added bonus the trunk includes a spare key in case one gets lost on the road.

The trunk is designed to fit securely on top of your luggage rack, and be easy to install. It features a universal design that is compatible with most motorcycles and scooters, and you will appreciate the “quick release” mounting system. As an added bonus this motorcycle trunk also includes convenient safety lights on the back for added visibility on dark roads. With its affordable price and durable construction, it’s easy to see why this motorcycle trunk is a consumer favorite.

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Emgo 72-32440 (B000GVD0VE)


2.Emgo 72-32440Everything you need to keep your belongings safe and protected when you ride is included with this durable motorcycle trunk. It is designed for use on the open road or for shorter rides in the city, and is large enough to hold toiletries, clothes, or important folders. You will also appreciate its affordable price, along with how easy this motorcycle trunk is to install.

Measuring 12 inches x 16.5 inches x 11 inches this motorcycle trunk is designed to fit easily on most flat luggage racks and you will appreciate the included hardware that makes attaching it quick and easy. The durable motorcycle trunk locks for extra protection, and you will appreciate the spare key in case one is lost. Perfect for carrying documents to work or a change of clothes, you will also appreciate its durable construction.

This motorcycle trunk is constructed from ABS plastic that is designed to last through years of road trips. The black plastic will also look great on the back of your bike, and you will appreciate the reflective safety light that improves your visibility to other drivers. Designed for convenience and durability, this motorcycle trunk might be exactly what you are looking for.

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TMS TBOX-JK1001 (B00513G82U)


3.TMS TBOX-JK1001If you love taking long rides and need a place to store your extra gear, this motorcycle trunk might be exactly what you need. It features a durable construction that can handle anything the road might throw at it, along with a spacious interior that is roomy enough to hold two helmets.

Constructed from durable ABS plastic, including the padded backrest, this motorcycle trunk is designed to last. It features weatherproof stripping that will protect the items inside the trunk from rain, and prevent moisture from getting in. You and your passenger will also appreciate the included backrest that provides additional support and comfort and on long trips.

The strong lock will keep your belongings safe, and you will appreciate the extra key that ensures you can always open the trunk. It is designed to fit easily on most luggage racks measuring 8″ x 8″, though it should be noted that there is some drilling required. Everything you need to most the trunk on the back of your bike is included, along with the easy to read instructions. You also have the advantage of the additional luggage rack that gives you even more room to carry your belongings. Priced to fit most budgets and featuring a durable, weatherproof design this reliable motorcycle trunk might be what you need on your next road trip.

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