What to Consider When Buying a Top Notch Monitor for Gaming


Getting the best monitor for gaming in 2022 sure looks like a complicated thing to do particularly with the number of models out there today. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you can start by going through the best monitor for gaming reviews, because the opinion of buyers is often unbiased and will let you know whether the model’s worth purchasing or not.

Try to think of your research as an investment instead of believing that time spent reading reviews is wasted pointlessly. If you buy the right gaming monitor, you might never need to replace it with another one. So, what should you look for in such a device?

A. Monitor for gaming

Refresh rate and pixel response

A high refresh rate and a fast pixel response are two features that are the most important when it comes to buying a gaming monitor. The pixel response is measured in milliseconds so what you need to know here is that a response of less than 2 ms will always be better than one of 4 ms. Nevertheless, even the last one is also adequate for some types of games.

A higher refresh rate is responsible of reducing image blur. This is why you should probably pick a monitor with a refresh rate of over 120Hz. Regular LCDs nowadays come with rates of 60Hz, so this is basically the difference between a monitor that’s specifically designed for gaming and one you can use for browsing the internet.


Resolution and panel size

Do you know the saying ‘the bigger, the better’? That might not go for all products of all kinds, but in this case it couldn’t be truer. A higher resolution is great, but since it can generally be displayed on larger screens, you might be forced to spend your bucks on a 27-inch monitor instead of being satisfied with a 24-inch one.

If you have the space and the money, just go ahead and do it. If you don’t, don’t be disappointed. A 24-inch one will be perfect for most games you might play.



Since you need the monitor to work with a computer or a laptop it really wouldn’t hurt if it came with HDMI, USB and even DVI ports.



Prices of gaming monitors vary largely according to the specs and the features. Some low-end models can cost less than $200, whereas one of the best monitor for gaming in 2022 could make you spend up to $3,500.


Top Rated Monitors for Gaming in 2022


Regardless of your choice in the matter, what you need to know is that your personal preferences have a say. Don’t ignore your natural gaming needs and don’t choose a model simply because it looks cool and is big enough for your friends to be amazed. Don’t forget to check out the best monitor for gaming reviews.


Philips 272G5DYEB G-Sync


Philips is a Dutch company that has a long and withstanding reputation of manufacturing top quality products. Let’s just say that this device is one of the top rated monitors for gaming of 2022. It comes with a 27” display and a brightness of 300 cd/m2.

You might be keen on getting a higher resolution, but the one of the model is more than enough to make you feel satisfied with the graphics of any game: 1920 x 1080 HD.

With a refresh rate of 144Hz and a response time of 1ms it’s practically impossible to be disappointed with this model.

You’ve probably heard by now that some monitors go well with some games. Since most games and graphic cards are manufactured by NVIDIA, the Philips model is NVIDIA 3D Vision Ready. Movies, games, photos, you name it. You can watch anything in 3D technology on this monitor.

More than 75% of the reviews of the product are associated to 5-star ratings. This means that the Philips model has received some of the best monitor for gaming reviews. Characterized by buyers as ‘amazing’, ‘the best thing ever’ and ‘beautifully awesome’, the monitor is nothing less than a must have.

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LG Electronics Gaming 24GM77


This LG model comes at a friendly price. Although it is a bit smaller-sized than its Philips counterpart it is known for doing a great job of displaying games and movies. The resolution is the same, which is 1920 x 1080.

Since most of the gaming monitors manufacturers focus their efforts on developing low response times, this one also comes with a 1ms one. Input lag is optimized thanks to the Dynamic Action Sync system.

The refresh rate is the classic 144Hz which allows users to focus on their actual gaming instead of on motion blur.

The device features increased brightness, although you’re of course not forced to use it at maximum levels: 350 cd/m2. If you’re keen on playing at night time, you’re probably struggling with contrast and visibility. This monitor takes care of the issue thanks to the Black Stabilizer it comes with, which automatically makes dark scenes look brighter.

As for connectivity, this monitor features 2 HDMI inputs.

Over time, the model has also received some of the best monitor for gaming reviews. More than 73% of the buyers that chose the LG claim it comes with zero lag and provides top quality displays, be they images, videos or games.

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BenQ GL2460HM


The BenQ is by far the cheapest model we’ve come across. This doesn’t mean it’ll necessarily let you down. It’s still a gaming monitor, but since it is an LED, it unfortunately can’t be compared to the LG or the Philips models we’ve mentioned before.

Yet the BenQ performs decently and does come with the cutting-edge Senseye human Vision Technology, which it seems that is responsible for displaying tones that are fit for human sight. The display can be customized according to your activities. For instance, if you’re looking to browse through some pictures, simply use the Photo mode.

The refresh rate of this one is just a tad higher, considering the fact that it comes with a 2ms one instead of the 1ms one donned by its counterparts.

The monitor is optimized for Windows 8. The operating system isn’t exactly loved by everyone, but it is widely known that some games work best on Windows.

Additionally, if you are keen on saving energy and on being friendly with the environment, this model’s a great bargain. The item is in compliance with the Energy Star Program, which means that you won’t spend your entire paycheck on electric bills.

Buyers state that the model works wonderfully when used for gaming and casual use.

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