Top rated miter saws in 2022


Carpentry is an artwork. Whether you do it as a part time hobby or professionally, carpentry is something that needs a number of tools especially saws. Now there are varieties of saws for various purposes available in the market. But if you have been looking for a miter saw and got puzzled with all the offered alternatives then this piece of writing on the best miter saw reviews will be enough to guide you through the best tools available and their advantages.


How to decide on a new miter saw – Buying guide


A professional workshop should have reliable power tools, capable of handling different construction tasks with minimal effort. People are interested today in finding the most efficient miter saw for their daily construction tasks. It is not surprising given this tool’s impressive cutting capacity on wide variety of materials. As so many specialists pointed out a workshop is not complete without a reliable miter saw. You shouldn’t invest in the first product you see on the market. Take your time! Once you consult professional information, you will know exactly what to look for in a brand new saw. Since there are so many miter saws available on the market, discovering the right model takes a bit of time.

Knowing what to search for in a miter saw saves you time and money. We took the liberty of studying 20 of the most popular miter saws in construction yards and homeowners toolbox.  After 80 hours of attentive tests we were able to safely draft the best miter saw reviews, which anyone can consult with confidence. Today’s market offers miter saws with a couple of technical variations. For instance you will find some of the following products: compound miter saws, sliding compound miter saws and dual compound miter saws. You should learn more things about the power tool in order to perform different cuts at a wide range of angles. This highly specialized tool includes a blade mounted on a solid swing arm which you pivot right and left. Due to this particular flexibility people will be able to deliver rapid cuts for a wide range of applications like: crown molding, door frames, picture frames and also window casings.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Motor Power Price Blade Diameter Max Speed Our Rating Where to buy

Dewalt DWS780

15 amp $$$$ 12 inch 3800 RPM A+ AMAZON

Dewalt DW716

15 amp $$$ 12 inch 3600 RPM A+ AMAZON

Dewalt DW715

15 amp $$$ 12 inch 4000 RPM A AMAZON

Hitachi C10FCE2

15 amp $$ 10 inch 5000 RPM B+ AMAZON

Dewalt DW713

15 amp $$ 10 inch 5000 RPM B+ AMAZON


How to find the best miter saw in 2022? Well, the first thing that you have to do is learn more about each type of saws. There are differences between the current types of miter saws and for this reason you need a better understanding on each of them. Compound miter saws come equipped with blades which safely pivot left and right in order to deliver precise angled cuts. People can also tilt the saw in a single director for more complex bevelled cuts. This type of miter saws is recommend for crown molding, picture framing and woodworking projects that need angled cuts in 2 planes. With this device you will be able to deliver compound cuts in one smooth pass.

One of the best miter saw in 2022 can significantly improve the way you handle different construction and woodworking tasks. For more complex actions during construction projects we recommend the dual compound miter saw. This model can tilt left and right, offering amazing flexibility during every moment of the cutting process. Furthermore you can even use the saw in order to deliver bevels at various angles with no problems whatsoever. You will find on the market sliding compound miter saws which combine the versatility of a compound saw with sliding option. This particularity allows you to move the blade backward and forward with ease.



Dewalt DWS780 Miter saw


Best miter saw reviews

If durability, reliability, accuracy, portability and flexibility all could be put in to one miter saw then it must have been this. Because these are the attributes I myself have found from this tool. The best part of this tool however is its electricity powered 15 amp motor that can provide 3,800 RPM. But the high capacity cutter can do wonders due to its unique back fence design allowing cuts at both 45 degree and 90 degree angles.



Most of the best miter saw for home use reviews underline the efficiency of the DWS780 12-inch compound device from Dewalt, a model known for its durability and high cutting precision

This 12-inch double bevel miter saw represents a great tool for professionals that undergo delicate woodworking, deck framing or heavy duty building

Due to its solid construction and advanced XPS cross-cut alignment system this miter saw offers users the chance to perform accurate cuts on a wide variety of materials

Powered by a solid 15 amp motor this miter saw delivers speeds up to 3800 RPM more than enough for high cut capacities



Benefits from only 1 year of free service

Does not come with a dust vacuum which can keep the worksite free of debris and dust


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Dewalt DW716 Miter saw


Another amazingly helpful miter saw from the world famed Dewalt Company of tools and machineries. Known for years to manufacture innovative products, this tool is another feather to their crown. Convenient with its easily adjustable cam-lock miter handle, 11 positive bevel stops, and 3,600 RPM motor delivery makes the 12 inch miter saw an ideal buy for any professional or homestead needs. Powered by electricity the miter saw can move on both right and left direction within arrange of 0-50 degrees.



Regarded by thousands of woodworkers and professionals as the best miter saw for home use 2022 from Dewalt, the DE716 12-inch power tool is powered by a powerful 15.0 amp motor capable of delivering 3.600 RPM cutting power

This adjustable miter saw is made of stainless steel, equipped with 11 positive stops which enhances productivity and cutting precision

It features a professional miter system with solid base fence that supports optimal cutting tasks on delicate and tough materials

Incorporates a tall sliding fence that holds a crown molding up to 6-5/8-inch and a base molding up to 6-1/2-inch vertically



Comes with a dust bag that has a flimsy design, yet there are professional models from which to choose

During crown angles users can’t perform bevel cuts


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Dewalt DW715 Miter saw


The miter saw also has a miter capacity of 0-50 degrees on both sides. Available within a price range of $230-$270, the tool has a 90 days money back guarantee period! Coming with an attached handle for easy mobility, 11 positive stops, and convenient dust bag; this tool can ensure task accuracy. Hence a free one year service bond and limited warranty for three years on this product apart from its other advantages makes it an easy entry within the lists of the best miter saw reviews.



Present among this year’s Black Friday deals on top products, the DW715 12-inch compound miter saw from Dewalt is powered by a 15 amp motor which delivers around 4000 RPM speed

Designed with a fully adjustable stainless steel detent plate this miter saw offers heightened cutting performance on different types of materials

Features a solid miter system and a durable base fence support for proper delivery of bevel cuts

It can be used to deliver bevels from 0 to 48 degree (left) and 0 degree to 3 degree (right), optimal for a wide array of cutting tasks



The dust collection has a slow rhythm which makes it pretty hard for workers to keep their worksite clean

Does not include a well-documented user guide


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Hitachi C10FCE2 Miter saw


Amazingly cheap in price, this 15 amp electric motor run saw miter can deliver an impressive 5,000 RPM. Priced between $110-$150, this miter saw can focus on an angle range of 0-52 degrees both sides and bevel angle range of 0-45 degrees only on the left. With its 10 inch diameter blade, the tool works almost noiselessly and keeps your work area clean thanks to the Hitachi dust bag which is quite convenient. Covered by a generous 5 years warranty the device is extremely durable and weighing something around 26.3 pounds makes it the best lightweight miter saw. I particularly liked the product for its elastomeric grip on the horizontal handle which is resistant to vibration enabling greater control on the tool.



As the best miter saw for Christmas or simple gift ideas, the C10FCE2 10-inch compound device from Hitachi delivers smooth and crosscuts on materials like plywood, wood, hard board, fiberboard, aluminum layers and even decorative panels

Features a versatile design, capable of delivering a bevel set of cuts that reach up to 45 degrees to the left for comprehensive wok performance

Incorporates a solid 10-inch tungsten carbide tooth saw blade which can easily handle simple and complex workpieces

This new product is powered by a solid 15 amp motor that can generate speeds up to 5000 RPM, more than enough to perform solid cuts



The basic package contains only a dust bag (essential accessory for clean worksites)


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Dewalt DW713 Miter saw


Priced within the comfortable range of $250-$260, this tool is absolutely perfect for any sort of carpentry related precision work. Providing a rapid 5,000 RPM delivery on a 15 amp motor is indeed a great deal. Well supported to maintain fence perpendicularity, the miter saw can work with great accuracy. But the reasons that I believe have entered the tool within the best miter saw reviews are its durable stainless steel structure with an attached handle for moving it from one place to another and its cam-miter lock for easy adjustable miter angles.



As one of the best rated product from Dewalt, the DW713 compound miter saw is powered by 15 amp motor which can deliver up to 5000 RPM speeds for enhanced cutting power and heightened durability

This powerful miter saw features a solid stainless steel detent plate which offers accurate cuts on a wide range of materials

Incorporates a special cam miter lock that allows workers to position the table in the right work position

The miter saw incorporates a solid base fence support for amazing cutting precision, performing easier different tasks



Comes equipped with only one carbide blade

Does not come with a protective case (this is an accessory sold separately)


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