Top Rated Mega Pixel IP Security Cameras in 2019


According to the best mega pixel IP security camera reviews these models will stream high resolution videos in real time. The security cameras can be accessed remotely, and let you continuously monitor your property when you are not there. Since there are several models to choose from we’ve included a few of the top rated mega pixel IP security cameras for 2019 to help you make an informed decision.




Dahua 3M Megapixel IP Dome Security Camera


Consider on the of the best mega pixel IP security cameras in 2019, it is capable of being monitored from several different networks. This makes the security camera ideal for businesses where several employees may have access to the system. The dome security camera is designed to blend into its surroundings, and also features a protective weatherproof casing. With 3.0 mega pixels all of your video will be clearly visible in day or night settings.

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Dahua 1.3 Outdoor Infrared IP Dome Security Camera


As stated in the best mega pixel security camera reviews this unit features the ability to deliver high definition images in day and night lighting. The security camera can be accessed by multiple networks, making it easy for you to always stay informed. There is a 3.6 mm lens for wider angle viewing, and the outdoor camera also features a durable weatherproof casing. It is easy to install and set up, so your property is always monitored even when you are gone.

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Dahua 720P IR Dome Security Camera


This security camera is compatible with most browsing networks, and can be accessed by almost any internet device. It is ideal for monitoring indoors or outside, and will stream high definition images in real time. The 3.6mm lens is designed to give you a wider view of the area, and the weatherproof casing will also protect the camera from vandals. Record clear images up to 60 feet away with the IR lights, and have peace of mind knowing you are protected.

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KaiCong Megapixel HD Security Camera


This is the best mega pixel IP security camera in 2019 that be used in closed circuit or network mode. With CCTV you get high resolution recorded video to play back or save at your convenience, while network access will stream images in real time. The high definition video will capture all of the finer details in all types of lighting. The included software features the ability to display several channels, along with being able to support viewing from different screens.

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GW Security Network Security Camera


This security camera can be access from your PC or mobile device, and will send high definition video in real time. The motion sensor will send you alert you via email when triggered to minimize your response time to any problems. The weatherproof IP security camera is easy to install, and will also let you program several different features. Choose how many frames will be shot per second, and enjoy the sharp images from the 3.6mm high definition wide angle lens.

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