Top rated Measuring Cup Sets in 2019


Ever since my best friend and I started on a community baking class, I have been collecting the best measuring cup set reviews. Baking is always a precise science, so not having good measuring tools for the wet and dry ingredients you use will never give you the best results. To prevent baking disasters and my training from getting wasted, I have done endless research to find the best tools possible. A measuring cup for dry ingredients should have an evenly straight edge so that when another straight-edged tool is used to sweep off excess ingredient, you can get an exact amount. Also, nesting of graduated cups should be possible to save storage space. Cups for both wet and dry ingredients should have easy-to-read measurements. I have included the top five measuring cup brands that baking enthusiasts are most enthusiastic about.


RSVP 6-Piece Stainless Steel Nesting Measuring Cup Set


Best Measuring Cup Set ReviewsIf you hate using measuring cups that get tipped over easily when they only carry ingredients at half their full capacity, you will love this best Measuring cup set in 2019. Each cup in the measuring cup set is properly weighted to stay stable even when they’re empty or half full. The cups are not too light or too heavy, so baking is always a genuine pleasure. Few measuring cup sets carry mid-measure cups, but this set has both a 2/3 cup and a ¾ cup, which is a delight. Every cup is constructed of stainless steel, making them resistant to extreme heat, melting, bending, or dropping. The cups keep their shape, and they have wide, easy-to-hold handles that allow you to have a firm grip as you dip into a tall canister to scoop out ingredients. The cups also nest together easily.

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MIU France 7-Piece Measuring Cup Set


This is a lovely seven-piece measuring cup set constructed from genuinely strong stainless steel. This can be a wonderful addition to your baking tools as it includes measuring cups of usable sizes and they include:1 cup; ¾ c; 2/3 c; ½ c; 1/3 c;1/4 c; 1/8 c. You can easily tell which cup is which since the measurement for each cup is stamped clearly on the handle. A hole is at the handle’s end so you can easily hang each cup, have them nest against each other while hanging, or have them nest on each other in the cupboard or on the shelf.

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OXO Good Grips Angled Measuring Cup


You’ll love how every cup in this best Measuring cup set in 2019 has the exclusive angled surface so you can read the measurement indicators by simply looking directly down into the specific cup. You do not have to do filling, repeated checking and adjusting of the liquid ingredient to make sure you are getting the precise amount. What’s more, the cups have a range of measurement markings corresponding to English (cup and ounce) and Metric (milliliter) systems so you do not have to perform difficult conversions. The handles on the cups are soft yet provide a non-slip grip. The cups are dishwasher safe.

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Oxo 76381 International Measuring Cup Set


The cups in this top rated Measuring cup set in 2019 are not called good grip cups for nothing. They are fitted with secure and soft grips for easy handling and added comfort. They are drawn together in a ring, from which the cups can be detached through their open hook handles without need to get the ring open. The measurement markings are guaranteed to remain readable even after you’ve used the cups for a long time. This is because the markings are molded from plastic and then embedded onto the handle of the respective measuring cup. The cups are of heavy-duty stainless steel so scooping is never a problem. They also have nice bottoms that lend greater stability as they rest on the counter when you fill them to capacity.

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Amco Advanced Performance Measuring Cup Set


This set has landed in the best Measuring cup set reviews with reason. Inside the cups in this set are line markings for half of the cup’s measurement. So when the recipe calls for in-between measurements, you won’t have to do complicated calculations or settle for uncertain measurements. The cups in the set are smart looking and of heavy-grade stainless steel. In addition, they have single-piece and ultra-neat construction, with no unsightly seams or welds. They have an ergonomic design to give topmost comfort and balance. The set carries the four basic measurements: 0.25 cup (1/4c); 1/3 cup; 0.50 cup (1/2 c); 1 cup.

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