Expert Buying Advice for Lumbar Support Pillows


Nowadays, lots of people spend their day on the job or in their lifestyles doing plenty of sitting. This has made the best lumbar support pillow reviews pretty popular today. Computer or office chairs often do not provide adequate support to the lower back, giving rise to plenty of lower back pain and incorrect spinal alignment issues.

A. Lumbar Support Pillow

Pillow Density

Check out products mentioned in the best lumbar support pillow reviews that provide a denser lumbar support if you have a deep lumbar curve. This balances out the depth of your lumbar curve so you can get into a proper sitting position when your work involves sitting for prolonged periods of time.

Individuals with a flatter back posture are best advised to get a product with a shallower lumbar support curve. This ensures that the lower back is not pushed too much inwards and can still maintain its proper alignment with the rest of the body.


Chair Type

As mentioned earlier, office or work chairs are not exactly designed to be ergonomically supportive to people who do plenty of sitting. In addition, not all chairs are built equal. It is best to examine the backrest of the chair. A more pronounced rigid lumbar backrest can make the best lumbar support pillow 2018 for you if the chair is curved or is hugely bucket shaped. This prevents you from sagging backwards into the seat. You may not get sufficient support from a regular lumbar pillow or roll, as the chair is configured to be more relaxed.

Also, you might need a variety of lumbar support pillows to go with different chairs you use. This ensures consistent results, so pick the top rated lumbar support pillows 2018

that best fit the kinds of chairs you use at work.


Ease of Use

People who get up from the chair and back down again may find it annoying to have to pick up a roll that falls off the chair every time. Choose one product from the best lumbar support pillow reviews that comes with a back rest fastening, or an attachment that goes around the chair back. Also, if you share a seat with other people, you may want to get a product that you can bring along with you easily.

Get something that will fit your needs and offers personal comfort.


Top Rated Lumbar Support Pillows in 2018


You’re entitled to get the best support for your back and spine if you do plenty of sitting at work. This means your lumbar support pillow should offer customized comfort that may be different from what others prefer. It can be tedious to find just one product that suits you. Here are three that you can check out.


Therm-A-Rest 6437-Parent


1.2 Therm-A-RestEngineered to adhere to an exclusive pressure-mapping technology, the Therm-A-Rest is truly the best lumbar support pillow 2018. It is designed by the manufacturer to optimize on a special expert technology that takes into consideration the optimal curvature of a normal spine to make precise calculations on how much support a sitting person needs. This is to enable effective prevention of development of incorrect spinal alignment that can cause gradual increase of posture and other more serious back issues. This is a self-inflating posture device, ensuring fast and easy deployment before use.

The Therm-A-Rest Lumbar Pillow is made with a die-cut foam down its center to help decrease pressure along the spine. This product is able to maintain its density on the sides, ensuring adequate lateral support. The self-inflating property also enables customization of the level of support for the user. The supportive inflation level can be adjusted using just one hand so you can get valuable comfort even when using a really bad seat in any setting.

The Therm-A-Rest Lumbar Pillow packs small, so you can bring it with you anywhere. It is a must-have for people who have long wanted a solution to back pain and other similar issues brought about by prolonged sitting.

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Bucky Baxter


3. Bucky BaxterThe Bucky Baxter earns raves in many best lumbar support pillow reviews, and it’s with reason. This lumbar support pillow offers full adjustability, so you can customize its inflation levels to suit your needs. Since not all seats and not all people have the same characteristics and issues, the full adjustability of the inflation levels of the Bucky Baxter is a revolutionary feature for such a product. The lumbar support pillow soothes tense lumbar muscles, lessening the stress and unnecessary stretch the vertebrae go through when you have to sit for extended periods to carry out your everyday tasks.

This premium supportive pillow is filled with buckwheat hull and 100% polyester filling material, ensuring all-natural components to provide the necessary density for you. The buckwheat hull filling is encased in a machine washable and removable cover. This ensures easy cleaning and maintenance. The cover is 75% cotton and 25% polyester liner to ensure comfort and strength. The Bucky Baxter measures 5 inches by 15 inches, providing enough length and size to give enough support to your back.

You can use this in the car to relieve spinal tension during long car trips. Or have it handy at the office for effective back support and prevention of back pain that comes from prolonged periods of sitting. The side carry handles enable easy portability.

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Thalway Back Cushion


1.1 Thalway Back CushionThe single leading cause of disability worldwide is lower back pain, and the Thalway Lumbar Support Pillow and Back Cushion offers an effective way to combat the problem. It is orthopedically engineered to provide expert levels of cushioning to ensure adequate support to the lumbar region and lower back. This can reduce fatigue, pain and strain of unknown causes. You can get two of this to use in the home, for the office or for travel. Use it anywhere you want to get protection for your spine and to enjoy dramatic relief of lower back pain when sitting.

Made of premium quality materials plus high density foam, the Thalway Lumbar Support Pillow offers lasting comfort and valuable lower back support and will not grow lumpy or lose its integrity after use. With this innovative product, you can save on expensive remedies and massages, as well as medical expenses, missed work and other occurrences arising from a really bad back. The lumbar support pillow is conveniently sized at 14 inches by 13 inches, covering your back sufficiently.

The cover is in practical navy blue color, and is ensured to be durable. It is also removable and washable so the entire product looks consistently clean and fresh.

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