Top rated lounge chairs in 2018


Lounge chairs are a comfortable and cool way to kick back in style. Popular for use in the back yard but many people use it inside the home as well. A lounge chair or a chaise lounge providew a comfortable position with the opportunity to elevate your feet. If you are working on a suntan, a lounge chair or two provide the perfect position for this task. So when preparing one of the best lounge chairs reviews, we took every single factor into account for your best help.


Ostrich CHS-1002B Lounge Chair


Best Lounge Chairs ReviewsIf you want to read laying your face down, then it is the exact thing for you. The experience is great whether you read a newspaper, magazine or other books, just relaxing in one. It is portable including a carrying strap and is also very lightweight. The only shortfall of this chair is if you are taller than 5 feet 10 inch, your feet are probably going to dangle over the edge of the chair. Carrying strap gives you an advantage to move to the beach or poolside with your chaise lounge easily. The price is quite reasonable, between $45-60.

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“I did a bit of research on this lounge chair from Ostrich because I wanted to get myself a very comfortable model. I read the best lounge chair reviews for extra info. I am very pleased with the comfort level for such a decent price range.” – Jeffery Smalls


Caravan Canopy 80009000150 Lounge Chair


The Caravan Canopy lounge is an ideal chair for both outdoor and indoor relaxation. This chair can hold up to 300 pounds with an adjustable headrest. The long lasting fabric of the Caravan Canopy can prove to be very useful in many situations. According to best lounge chairs reviews, this canopy lounge is placed at number two because of its comfortable and sturdy fabric. You can have a nap on one of these lounge chairs very quickly. Its price is not too much for such a comfortable lounge chair.

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“For camping this is the perfect lounge chair because it folds easily, so it doesn’t take up too much room. I have taken many naps on it and have never felt any pain when I wake up. I would even go as far as to name it the best lounge chair 2018 for camping or picnics.” – Bryan D. Berry


Strathwood 2405 Lounge Chair


This is the ideal chair for lazily lounging around the back yard, poolside or deck, providing 5 features for upright seating, relaxed seating or completely flat seating. This sturdy chaise lounge is made of durable Eucalyptus wood. No finishing is required for the Eucalyptus wood and it will not damage if it is kept outdoors. It is a great product with easy assemble options, for an extremely advantageous price. Rust resistant hardware won’t allow any harm to come to it. To hold up drinks, there is a unique tray table which slides back underneath after use.

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“This chair is great for my patio and it has proven to be very comfortable as well. The wood construction is stylish and sturdy as well. All summer long I have kept it outside and it still looks like new. My opinion is that this is surely a very well designed lounge chair.” – Samantha Luna


Strathwood C845S-133 Lounge Chair


To ease back tension, Strathwood recliner has a steel suspension frame to give you the same floating sensations that astronauts experience in a gravity free environment. The unique locking system of the chair provides infinite back and foot positions. The Strathwood furniture has its quality and casual style at its core, and for that reason we place it in best lounge chairs reviews. Some people are using Strathwood chaise in their home, which tells us all about its ease of use. It will cost you about $65-80.

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“I am pleased with this Strathwood lounge chair because it’s quite comfy and has a nice design as well. I relax in it when I’m in my backyard, enjoying some quiet moments for myself. The low price is another advantage for this particular chair.” – James N. Clark


RST Outdoor OP-OL04S-brn Lounge Chair


RST Outdoor rocking patio is all about style and quality in outdoor living. Sleek European design inspired to make this Zero Gravity lounge chair. It is built out of quality materials so it is fade resistant, weather proof, sturdy and durable. The eight inch wide fold allows you to transport this chair with ease. It has a one year limited warranty, a modern design and a magnificent outlook, making this lounge chair very popular. The price is in your reach, between $120-140. So, why don’t you get a comfortable outdoor rocking chair today?

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“I liked this chair’s contemporary design and felt very good when I first lay on it. It can even support a rocking motion, so I relax in the best way possible. I am very satisfied with my new patio investment and recommend it to other people looking for a very comfortable lounge chair.” – Carol S.