Best LG Plasma TVs Reviews


Top rated Plasma TVs from LG


In different best LG plasma TVs reviews that have been recently published, various models have been identified in order to make it easier to make a well-informed decision when trying to choose the best within the product category. Some of the best choices will be identified in this article, with a snapshot of the features that can be enjoyed from such.


LG 50PM6700 Plasma TV


Best LG Plasma TVs ReviewsThis 1080p TV has high definition resolution, promising nothing but the best home entertainment experience. The screen of this TV will surely amaze you as it delivers clear and realistic colors. More so, this unit will prove to be an ideal option if you have multiple gadgets at home and you would want to have them synchronized. This is made possible by the Smart Share feature, which will provide you with access to contents that are stored in your tablets, laptops, and other gadgets. Lastly, it also has built-in Wi-Fi, which will provide you with the opportunity to make seamless internet connection and access a variety of online contents.

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The LG 50PM6700 Plasma TV is an impressive plasma TV I have at home. I purchased this for almost 1 year ago and until now it is functional as brand new. The product has all the features you are wishing to have in a plasma TV. The best feature I like about this product is its Wi-Fi connectivity. It can connect to the internet which allows me to surf the web enjoyably.” Christopher Callihan


LG 60PA6500 Plasma TV


This is another model that has been given favorable feedbacks in best LG plasma TVs reviews. One of the reasons on why people gave a high rating for this TV is its 600 Hz refresh rate, which is most useful when watching fast moving subjects, such as in the case of sports. By having a high refresh rate, this means that there is an elimination of blur, and hence, everything can be seen clearly. The TruSlim Frame is another thing that should be noted about this model. Its frame is less than an inch wide, which adds up to its visual appeal.

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The LG 60PA6500 Plasma TV is the one I bought in Amazon because of its good quality and features mentioned. Aside from that, I was enticed by the feedbacks given by its users because they are all satisfied with it. The quality is undeniably outstanding because it is equipped with mechanisms and technology that are all reliable and trustworthy.”  Jeffrey Hoover


LG 42PJ350 Plasma TV


One thing that makes this TV a good choice from the best plasma TV reviews is that it has the ability to automatically optimize the settings, such as with color, to deliver superb viewing experience. It has the Picture Wizard feature, making it possible to easily change sharpness, brightness, and other on-screen settings. Additionally, this TV also has two XD engine processors. The innovative processors have been developed by LG, and when combined in one unit, will provide maximum picture quality. Aside from video quality, the audio quality is also commendable, which is basically because of Dolby Digital Infinite Sound, and Clear Voice II. These features lead into clear audio reproduction, hearing the sounds way it is intended to be heard.

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I am happy to have the LG 42PJ350 Plasma TV at home. This product is very much realistic. I love viewing my favorite shows in this plasma TV because it delivers clear and crisp images. The sounds are also cool to the ears which make it very outstanding and impressive. I never have a problem with this LG Plasma because of the durability and stability the product exhibits.” Scott Rosa


LG 60PV250 Plasma TV


This 60-inch screen should be your choice of product if you are looking for an addition to you entertainment room that will allow you to watch movies and other contents in high definition. It promises to deliver an entertainment experience that is unmatched, made possible by a combination of features that enhance audio and video quality. This will allow you to view in 1080p full HD, making it easy to have a cinematic experience without the need to leave your home. This is also ideal for watching sports and action movies, because of high refresh rate that makes it possible for the image to retain the clarity even fast-moving.

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I bought the LG 60PV250 Plasma TV 3 years ago and I can say that this product is really durable. Aside from that, it is also lightweight which allows me transfer it anywhere I want to. The product is very nice in design that’s why I want it to be located in our living area. I am proud in this product and I want people to know that I have the best plasma TV. ”  Cynthia Summers