Top LG 3D smart TVs in 2018


TVs are now not only to watch what is on air or from a DVD player rather they have become smart with arrays of features including Wi-Fi too. So for your home, if you have been looking for such an amazing entertainment center piece, then read on the following best 3D TVs under $400 for an expert’s overview.


LG 3D 42LA6200 smart TV


Best LG 3D smart TV reviewsHere is a TV that is worth every buck you will spend on it. The magnificent 42 inch TV is a bundle of surprises. This thing will simply change you TV watching experience. Coming with the most excellent 120 Hz TruMotion along with Full HD 1080p LED technology, this TV produces fantastic view. Besides watch stuff at your heart’s content as there never will be any shortage of contents given that the TV has direct access to YouTube®, Hulu Plus® or NetFlix®.

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“This 3D TV is really something special from LG and I just had to buy it for my apartment. It has the features, the smart TV options, the design and most importantly it has a very affordable price. For me it is all I need and I recommend it for whoever is looking for an affordable 3D TV.” – Robert Griffin


LG 3D 55LA6900 smart TV


I personally was awed to know at how many features were packed into this set. As if the 1080p full HD excellent picture quality was not enough, it also has got the most amazing TruMotion 120 Hz technology to catch every subtle motion. Recommended by satisfied customers for its unbelievable 3D conversion technology, magic remote and hand wave scrolling, built in Wi-Fi, gaming compatibility, external media accesses; no doubt it has clinched a place amongst the best LG 3D smart TV reviews.

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“The LG 3D 55LA6900 Smart TV has impressed me since I have bought it for my home with its superb picture quality in 2D and 3D. Also its sub-field drive of 120 Hz allows me to play my games without having to be bothered by motion blur.” – Charlie Adams


LG 3D 55LA7400 smart TV


Another buy-worthy TV from the family of famed LG, this giant of a TV is a result of cutting-edge technology. Manufactured solely keeping the client in mind, watching TV has never been more fun. A wonderfully designed TV with the most amazing 240 Hz TruMotion technology complete with crisp 1080p full HD, this one is sure to catch your attention with all its other interesting features i.e. 30% energy saving capacity, rich sound system, and unique voice mate technology to recognize your voice.

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“When I saw it the first time I knew this was the HDTV for my home without a doubt. Except the fact that it looks awsome it also comes with the best picture quality which lets me enjoy my PS3 games in the best way possible, even in 3D.” – Erick Johnson


LG 3D 55LA8600 smart TV


With the changing world becoming fast and tech-savvy here is a piece that can surely change your total experience of home entertainment. Call it a gaming device, or a 3D TV, this magnificently designed TV with its NFC (Near Field Communication) and MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) capability can also allow you to share your mobile contents or camera pictures on the large 55 inch screen. Simply best among the best LG 3D smart TV reviews, this 240Hz TruMotion technology and 1080p full HD enabled TV itself is a marvel.

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“I never invest in an electronic device without reading some reviews about it 1st. For this HDTV model form LG I did the same and because the reviews praised its capabilities I went ahead and bought it. It turns out I made a great choice once again, proving that a little bit of research goes a long way.” – Michael Dudley


LG 3D 55LM6200 smart TV


Well believe me this TV is a genie in disguise. Just pick up the magic remote to wave your hands at the TV and get the happy feel of changing the TV menu simply by gesturing. For those who love to be in a world of thrills and would like to get skin deep into everything, this TV can be the perfect answer. Grab one of those 3D glasses coming with the TV and immediately you’ll be transported to the wonder world of most amazing 3D technology.

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“I didn’t think this 3D TV was missing any major feature you would expect from one and I purchased it so I can watch movies and TV programs in the best video quality available. Also I was pleased to see it met the requirements for the Energy star qualification.” – Jake Twist