Cheap leaf blowers prices


Your yard has to look nice at any moment and for this you need to take proper care of it. One tool that may help you in this direction is the leaf blower. If you don`t want anything fancy and are looking for a normal leaf blower than the next list should be very helpful. The best leaf blowers under $50 are presented below and can be yours in a jiffy if you order one.


Toro 51585 Electric Blower


Best leaf blowers under $50

Your yard will look nice and clean if you use the Toro 51585 to blow off any debris. Don`t be fooled by its relatively small size it can generate winds of up to 160 mph. If you use it for a long time you won`t get hand fatigue because it weighs just 4.6 pounds. Also you will be able to choose fron 2 speeds, depending on what you want to clean. These special features make it one of the most lauded model in the best Toro leaf blowers reviews.

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“ If you want to clean your yard effectively without spending too much, buy the Toro 51585 Electric Blower and you’ll really get satisfied with its performance. I highly recommend the product to all because I know how this product works and I assure you that it is excellent.” Rosemarie Heather Perkins


Weed Eater WEB150 Blower


The Weed Eater WEB150 is a popular choice all over the US and has proven to many people that it can take care of the aspect of their yard in the right way. Its body color is green to show that it is eco friendly too. Its 7.5 amp engine is capable of making 150 mph winds for blowing off any debris from your yard. When it works it is also quiet so you are not annoyed by the sound it makes.

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“Using the Weed Eater WEB150 Blower for a long time doesn’t make me feel tired and stressed after using it. The product is very affordable so you can have it anytime you want to. Aside from that, you will be happy using it because it is really functional and useful.”  Tad Henson


Weed Eater WEB160 Electric Blower


A powerful 7.5 amp engine makes sure that all the leaves are blown off your yard, walkway, etc. It weighs just 4.5 pounds making it very comfortable to use even for prolonged times. Even its handle is ergonomical to optimize its use and to make sure it fits just right on your hand. The 160 mph wind will make short work of any debris type.

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The Weed Eater WEB160 Electric Blower is an effective tool in cleaning my yard. Leaves and other debris can be removed in just a matter of time. You will have the ease and comfort having this product because it is really reliable and outstanding in performance.”  Silas Melton


Greenworks 24072 Corded Blower


One of the best leaf blowers under $50 is considered to be the Greenworks 24072 because it has the right features to make your yard look nice and tidy. Its maximum speed is well above the class avarage, managing an impressive 235 mph. It is a multi-purpose device as well because it can be transformed into a vacuum and not only be used as a leaf blower. To switch between the 2 roles doesn`t require any tools and can be done in a jiffy.

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“The Greenworks 24072 Corded Blower is the new tool I have at home. It is inexpensive and user-friendly that’s why I love this product very much. If compared to other products in the market, this one is the one that you will surely love. You will feel the satisfaction in this device.” Scottie Newton Peck


Toro 51602 Electric Blower


This Toro model is an electric blower that can be easily and quick transformed in a vacuum or a leaf shredder as well. With so many options available it is no wonder why this model is a very popular choice and has received many positive reviws. A top wind speed of 230 mph will ensure that your yard will be leaf free. In shredder mode it will reduce 10 bags of leaves to just one, for maximum efficiency. Comfortable to use as well because it is light.

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“ Many have witnessed how effective the Toro 51602 Electric Blower in cleaning and maintaining a clean home. I am one of them because I use the product for almost 3 years and I am very happy that it doesn’t get damaged even I use it daily. The product is one of a kind.”  Darin Wells