If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best lawn sweeper money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best lawn sweepers on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Ohio Steel 50SWP26 is the best model for sale because you can easily tow it behind your tractor thanks to the 5 position universal hitch. It comes with a wide 9 inch chute so you don’t have to worry about clogging, and the hopper is also easy to empty thanks to the rope pull design. Storage also isn’t a problem since the hopper can be conveniently collapsed down to a compact size. If the Ohio Steel 50SWP26 is not available you could consider the Agri-Fab 45-0492 as it is the second best option.



Comparison Table


Product Sweap Path Price Weight Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Agri-Fab 45-0492

44 inch $$$$ 92 lbs Included A+ AMAZON

Brinly STS-42LXH

42 inch $$$$ 80 lbs No A AMAZON

Hoover L1405

21 inch $$ 16 lbs Included B AMAZON

Husqvarna 584401801

50 inch $$$$$ 90 lbs No B AMAZON

Yardwise 236230-YW

21 inch $$ 12 lbs No B AMAZON



Buying Guide


Small twigs, leaves and grass clippings can be a problem and become hugely so in the fall. That is how people find the best lawn sweeper reviews extremely useful. Such devices pick up lawn debris and leaves easily and quickly. They virtually eliminate raking and give a clean and manicured look to any lawn.

Whether or not you get the best lawn sweeper for the money, it can be either of two types. Push models can be used manually, with the operator pushing the unit across the lawn to make it pick up debris. Those who do not own an ATV or tractor are best advised to get a push sweeper. Tow-behind models are convenient to use for those who have an ATV or tractor. They do a quicker job without requiring one to push the unit along to cover the lawn.


A tow-behind unit should be chosen according to the size you require. There are also additional features that make lawn mowers the most popular products in the market. Some are outfitted with a hopper that tilts and can be dumped without requiring the operator to leave the ATV or tractor seat. There are some models offered in the best Black Friday deals on lawn sweepers that may need unloading by hand. These types are more likely to be less expensive. They can be the ideal choice for those who do not wish to spend a whole lot of money on garden equipment. Automatic dumping feature can drive price up in best rated products.

The smaller and lighter push sweepers are still able to handle the same capacity as their tow-behind counterparts.


If your lawn has more trees and more sources of debris, make sure the unit you get is a perfect fit to the cleaning job you may have to do on your lawn. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are smaller units that handle smaller cleaning jobs efficiently. The width of the unit dictates the size of the product you should get. Therefore, it is less of who makes the best product and more of who carries the best unit for your lawn cleaning needs. The size of the hopper also helps you decide whether the machine is ideal for the amount of debris you may have to collect before that specific component is emptied. Remember that the wider the sweeping area of the machine, coupled with a large hopper, the easier and faster you can complete the work in one pass and in less time.

Whether the lawn sweeper has stamped-steel or poly-steel housing is entirely up to your preference. Just remember that long-wearing brushes and tear-resistant hoppers can help you no matter what the season may be. Those components also help well with spring yard work, summer sweeping up of lawn clippings and whatever is thrown to the ground in the fall.

In addition, look for the highest-rated machines that can make great gifts for Christmas thanks to their durable construction and high-quality materials. Those with metal bodies make a great choice over cheaply-constructed plastic machines.


Things to consider:

–      Top-quality materials used in the construction for assurance of reliability and durability

–      Appropriate width and size of the hopper and sweeping surface to do short work of lawn cleaning

–      Sweeping capacity that’s a perfect match to the size of your lawn

–      Price that goes with your objective for value for money



Top rated Lawn Sweepers in 2022



Ohio Steel 50SWP26


1.Ohio Steel 50SWP26

It is easy to keep large yards looking great with this lawn sweeper for tractors. It comes with a large capacity 26 cu. ft. collection bag and a patented spiral brush that is capable of sweeping a wide path so you can quickly and easily finish your lawn chores. When the hopper needs to be emptied you don’t even have to get off of your tractor. Simply pull the rope and it will empty without you getting your hands dirty. You will also appreciate the extra wide 9 inch chute that won’t easily clog so you can finish without any problems. Since it comes with a universal hitch this lawn sweeper is also compatible with all tractor brands.


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Agri-Fab 45-0492


Best Lawn Sweeper ReviewsRaising the bar in performance, the Agri-Fab 45-0492 44-Inch Lawn Sweeper boasts of tool-less assembly. It collapses down to a compact unit. The new “flow thru” hopper saves effort and time while taking care of lawn-cleaning chores with ease. The hopper has a mesh-back and a capacity of 25 cubic feet that fills more completely than hoppers of other models, reducing the time and frequency for emptying the component. The machine has pull button brush height adjustment lever engineered with easy-to-use indicator that assures optimum height for best performance and will never slip to enable easy completion of lawn cleaning tasks. The sweeper tongue can be adjusted to cut and sweep in one pass without the need for tools. The machine has improved dump lever that can be operated without having to leave the tractor seat.


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Brinly STS-42LXH


No job is too big for the Brinly STS-42LXH 20-Cubic-Foot 42-Inch Tow-Behind Lawn-Sweeper. It carries six high-velocity brushes with calibrated brush height adjustment to provide maximum pick up of debris. The large 20 cubic foot hamper and 42-inch sweep help get the job done quickly and efficiently in fewer passes over the yard and with considerably less emptying. The machine has an exclusive storage design that enables easy fold-down and storage using the least amount of space possible. This high-performance sweeper is the ideal tool for sweeping up leaves, grass clippings, pine needles, and old grass (thatch) after dethatching jobs. The machine can be conveniently emptied from the seat of the tractor and can be stored upright, taking up less space in a tool shed or garage. The machine deserves to be the best lawn sweeper 2022.


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Hoover L1405 SpinSweep Pro


Cleaning up grass clippings, mulch, rocks, gravel, sand, leaves, metal filings, tree bark, cans, litter and more has never been something you would look forward to but thanks to the Hoover L1405 SpinSweep Pro Indoor/Outdoor Sweeper, those days are over! This machine from Hoover has reaped praises in hundreds of best lawn sweeper reviews thanks to its motor-less design and amazing ability to do lawn cleaning aside from sweeping the sidewalk, patio and driveway. With its heavy-duty brushes that spin while the machine is pushed, debris is collected into a bin. The 21-inch cleaning path of this bagless machine makes short work of lawn cleaning, with smooth-moving swivel casters that offer zero-degree turn radius for easy maneuvering on narrow walkways and garden pathways. The machine has high impact polystyrene construction that keeps it in great shape for long-term use.


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Yardwise 236230-YW


The Yardwise 236230-YW 21-Inch Lawn Sweeper has multi-functional sweeping brushes that effectively capture lawn debris with ease and collect it all in the 26-gallon basket. The basket is easy to remove, facilitating easy emptying when it has reached its full capacity. Leaves and grass cannot escape the grabbing power of this machine, which has been engineered with a 21-inch wide sweep path so the lawn grooming and cleaning get completed in less time and with fewer passes. Height adjustments are easily done via the dial-in height adjustments, for no missed spots and consistent lawn sweeping results. To make things easier, the makers of the Yardwise 236230-YW 21-Inch Lawn Sweeper have made the machine fold easily for storage, taking up less space in your garage or tool shed.


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Unavailable products



Husqvarna 584401801


The Husqvarna 50-Inch Lawn Sweeper has an extra-wide 50-Inch sweep path to enable you to finish your lawn cleaning job in less time and with reduced sweeps and fewer passes. It has a 26-cubic-foot reinforced hopper that is roomy enough to take in more collected debris without frequent emptying. The no-slip brush height adjustment allows the 11-Inch brushes to easily sweep debris into the collection bin with adjustable levels to accommodate easy maneuvering of the machine around the lawn. It has 11-Inch wheels that help the unit go efficiently around the yard to collect various types of garden debris. The sealed ball bearings on the axle shaft offer longer life with less wearing as compared to plastic bushing. The multi-position clevis adjustment fits a wide variety of tractor models.