Top rated Laptops for Students in 2019


As a College student who is majoring in engineering, it really is hard to get through a semester if you don’t have a decent laptop. I can’t even imagine learning software and simulating designs without a functional laptop of my own. That is why I have been saving up in order to buy a new laptop which has better specs and can run more sophisticated applications then my old one. I found the best laptops for students reviews on the internet and I was able to identify some really good laptop models which are just within my target budget.


Samsung Chromebook 2


Best Laptops for Students ReviewsDo your homework and projects as productive as you can with the Samsung Chromebook 2. It is a reliable laptop that is designed for multitasking and running various sophisticated applications at the same time. It is specially designed to easily access the internet. You can use it to create spread sheets and documents, edit your photos, and do research. With its convenient cloud software, you can store your files without using up your computer’s storage space.

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HP Chromebook 14


According to the best laptops for students reviews, the HP chromebook 14 is one of the most efficient laptops that is designed especially for students. You can easily multitask and open multiple applications with it. It runs by an Intel Celeron 1.4 GHz processor, with 2 GB DDR3L memory. It has bigger screen than most chromebook on the market and it also works faster and better. With this laptop, you can easily store files without consuming your own device’s disk space.

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ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-C1-GR Touchscreen Laptop


Make your crazy student life easier when you have an efficient laptop that can help you organize your files and allow you to do you research fast for all your homework and projects. The ASUS transformer book is a touchscreen laptop, which you can use for two purposes – a laptop and a tablet. It is designed for maximum portability, allowing you to be productive anytime, anywhere. It runs by an intel quad-core processor for a fast and better computer performance. This is indeed the best laptop for students in 2019.

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HP Pavilion 10-e010nr Touchscreen Laptop


If you are an active student who wants to be as productive as possible even when you’re on the go, you need an efficient partner that will get you through all your tasks quickly and smoothly. The HP Pavilion 10-e010nr is a touchscreen laptop packed with amazing features that makes it the best laptop for students in 2019. You can use it to sync all your files and store it in Cloud, allowing you to maximize your laptop’s disk space.

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Toshiba Satellite C55-A5105 Laptop


Student life is not easy especially if you don’t have the appropriate tools that can help you survive tons of requirements, homework, and projects. One of the most popular units in the top rated laptops for students reviews is the Toshiba Satellite C55-A5105 laptop. It is a very efficient laptop that allows you to do your tasks quickly and accurately anytime, anywhere. It is equipped with a powerful processor and it has an ultraportable design, making it one of the best laptop models on the market today.

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