Buying advice so you invest in top Landscaping Lights:


While some people may think that landscaping lighting is solely a decorative choice, many homeowners recognize the need to have a well illuminated yard. The highest rated landscaping lights act as ambient lighting, but it can also be a safety measure and a security measure. If you are looking to add some lighting to your yard, you may just want to choose any old light from the best landscaping lights of 2018.

Now, you could choose any old lighting system, but we have created this guide by scouring the best landscaping lights reviews for information that will help you to know what is the best system for your home and your needs.

For starters, you will want to decide what kind of lighting you want to install. Do you want solar lighting or low-voltage lighting? The low-voltage lighting usually operates on 12 or 24-volts of power and are recommended because they are the most reliable landscape lights available. Solar power is good only if you live in an area that gets steady sun. They may seem like a good choice because they are cheap and easy to install—but that’s about the end of their usefulness.

Next, you will have to choose between halogen or LED lights. The LED lights are among the best landscaping lights for 2018 because they are energy efficient and they last much longer than halogens. While LED is more expensive than halogen bulbs upfront, they will pay for themselves in the long run.

Now the fun part—the design of your lighting. There are a lot of different types of lighting that you can choose. Typically, homeowners use pathway lights, in-ground well lights, and bullet lights. If you look at the top ten landscaping lights, you will see the majority of the lights fall into one of these three categories.

Pathway lights are used to line pathways and walk ways. This can be the peg-type lighting that you stick into the ground, or it can even come in the way of glow in the dark rocks, if you want a whimsical look.

Bullet lights are typically used to highlight different features in your yard like trees, fountains, decorations, and even elements on your home.

In ground well lights can be used much like the bullet light; however, since they are more concealed, they are ideal for spotlighting trees where other foliage can’t disguise the bullet light.

Of course, you always have the option of natural lighting. By installing a new firepit, candles, lanterns, or lamps in various places around your yard, you have the ability to create ambient lighting with fire. This is a temporary lighting solution, but it can create a lovely feeling of intimacy in any setting.

There are other viable options, such as fiber-optic lights, gas powered lighting like torches, or line lighting that can be placed under trellis’ and overhangs. We have just mentioned the lighting options that came up when we looked at the best landscaping lights reviews.


Things to consider:

  • Decide on your budget. This will tell you how many (or how little) you can decorate your yard with landscape lighting.
  • Decide on your lighting layout. This will determine the kind of lights you need and what options will work best for you.
  • Next you will be able to choose the type of lights you want to install. Do you want solar powered, which will save money but are not as reliable, or do you mind spending a little bit extra on lights that use a little bit of electricity so they work all the time?


Top Landscaping Lights in 2018


Brinkmann 4 Coach and 2 Spotlight LED Low Voltage Kit


This set of lights feature four matte black path lights and two spot lights of the same finish. The lights are wired with ten feet of cable that is made of a durable poly-resin material. They feature sure-lock connectors that allow for a quick installation. All the lights use LED, so they will save on energy costs and will shine up to six times brighter than a comparable solar-powered option. The lights have a 20 watt transformer that will plug into an outdoor power socket, and they will illuminate the walkway from dusk until dawn.

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Coleman Cable 1 Light Adjustable Spotlight


These bullet style lights stand about seven inches tall and use a 1-watt LED bulb. This single bulb has approximately 100,000 hour life, so you will not have to worry about replacing the bulb frequently. The warm glow that is cast from the light will wash the target in a soft glow, which will accent anything you shine the light on beautifully. Because the light is adjustable, you can position the light to shine anywhere you want to give the target the desired glowing effect. This particular product comes with two in the pack.

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Kichler Lighting 15310AZT Dome Incandescent LED Landscape Light


This minimalist light stands at 21 inches and floods the surrounding area with a beautiful glow of light, thanks to the 12 volt incandescent bulb. The bronze finish of the dome accents the landscape, while the cast aluminum construction provides the incredible durability. If you do not want to use the incandescent bulb, there are LED 12 volt options available. There is only one light sold in the package.

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Moonrays Payton Solar-Powered Plastic LED Path Light


These lights have rechargeable batteries for each fixture, which makes the unit solar powered. The weatherproof design of the lamps are capable of withstanding the elements, whether they are in full sun, in areas that get wet frequently, and they can even withstand heavy snow. These fixtures come with a warm-white 2.4 Lumen LED light, which has a spread of twelve inches in diameter. The bulb can stay lit for 8 hours on a complete charge. The light is made of a tough black plastic and a textured plastic lens. This pack comes with 8 lights.

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Moonray’s Low Voltage Plastic Tier Light Kit


These low-voltage plastic lights uses photocell technology that provides optimal security lighting options to your yard. This technology is what turns your lights on at dusk and off at dawn, leaving your driveway and walk ways illuminated the entire night. Moonrays lights uses a patented Twist-n-Lock connectors, which are easy to install. The soft white lenses casts a beautiful glow from the 4-watt bulbs that are included with the kit. These low-energy lights are connected by a 50-foot cable, which is durable and is made for outdoor use. The kit includes 10 lights with bulbs.

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