Key Lacrosse Goggles Features Explained:


Played by both men and women, Lacrosse is a fun and exciting team sport. While both sexes may enjoy the sport, there are differences in the type of equipment they use. Women’s lacrosse sticks are all similar, while men’s will vary in size according to the position they play. Their protective eyewear is also different, with only women required to wear lacrosse goggles. If you are trying to decide on what are the best lacrosse goggles, we have put together this informative buying guide to help you make the right and safest choice.



There are three main types of lacrosse goggles, and all are designed to protect your eyes. As long as the protective eyewear is able to shield your eye area, choosing the right type is really a matter of personal preference. The most popular models have a co-poly frame, which is lighter and more stylish than the other types of lacrosse goggles. Since these models do not include wire frames around the lens, they appear similar to skiing goggles.

Wire framed lacrosse goggles give you the advantage of extra support, but the exposed wire is susceptible to rusting. These types of safety goggles can also resemble a hockey mask which might not be appealing to all female lacrosse players. Wrap around protective eyewear resembles swimming goggles, and are extremely flexible and durable. The only downside to this affordable model is that it can occasionally feel too tight.


The Right Fit

When you are trying to decide which model is the best for you, it is important to remember to make the fit. According to the best lacrosse goggles reviews the eyewear cannot adequately protect your eyes if the pair doesn’t fit. Some things to consider include whether the goggles cover your entire eye area. This includes the tops of your cheekbones. You want the lacrosse goggles to fit snugly, without feeling like it is cutting into your skin. You also want to make sure that the glasses do not block any part of your vision.


Meets Safety Standards

The best lacrosse goggles in 2022 will meet all safety requirements. This will ensure that the eyewear can not only protect your eyes, but that the goggles are also safe to wear. Currently the American Society for Testing and Materials ensures that all lacrosse goggles meet the safety requirements for competitive matches. To make sure that your lacrosse goggles meet your team’s safety requirements check with your coach or equipment manager.


The best lacrosse goggles reviews state that it is necessary for women to wear protective eyewear when competitively playing this fun sport. There are different types of lacrosse goggles to choose from, and the best pair for you will often depend on personal preferences. Just remember to ensure that the ones that you choose not only look great, but also fit comfortably.


Things to consider:

  • The best lacrosse goggles for your money will be designed to fit your personal style.
  • It is important to ensure that your lacrosse goggles fit comfortably, and do not block your line of vision.
  • For competitive playing, your lacrosse goggles must meet certain safety requirements. Checking with your team coach can help you find the best pair without wasting your money.


Top Rated Lacrosse Goggles in 2022


While male lacrosse players rely on helmets and face masks for their protection, women can choose between different types of protective goggles. With so many different pairs to choose from, it can be difficult to make the right decision. While we can’t make your choice for you, we can make it easy for you to find the best rated lacrosse goggles.


STX 4 Sight Plus Women’s Adult Lacrosse Goggles


Best Lacrosse Goggles ReviewsAvailable in colors to match your team uniform, these lacrosse goggles are able to offer you exceptional protection. The wire frames protects your delicate cheekbones, without obstructing your vision. You get the advantage of the goggle’s lower profile design, along with the comfortable silicone construction that forms perfectly to the contours of your face.

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Debeer Lacrosse VSTGSW Women’s Goggle/Eye Mask


These lacrosse goggles meet all safety standards required for competitive playing. The eyewear features a stylish cat eye wire design that not only increases your line of sight, but also looks great when you are wearing them. The innovative vision system will help to reduce glare from the sun, so you can see every action packed moment of the game. The lacrosse glasses fit securely across your face, and can be adjusted for maximum comfort.

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STX Lacrosse Girl’s Rookie Dual Sport Goggles


Considered the best lacrosse goggles in 2022, this pair meets every safety requirement for competitive play and field hockey. The low profile design helps to enhance your vision, while also ensuring the protective wire frame doesn’t impede your line of sight. The strong wire frame also adds durability to the protective eyewear. For maximum comfort the goggles feature silicone cushioning that is vented, and resistant to moisture and sweat.

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Bangerz Women’s Wire Lacrosse Glasses


These lacrosse goggles are designed to give you maximum protection around your eye area, and your head. The stretched cat eye design is stylish and functional, and offers protection without obstructing your vision. The sleeker profile also makes it easier for you to watch the ground. You will love the removable padding that is also hypoallergenic, making it possible for you to customize your fit without sacrificing protection. It is the vertical bar on the back of the goggles that really makes it stand out, and it will help to protect your head from accidental hits from lacrosse sticks.

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Brine Vantage Stock Lacrosse Goggle


Designed to provide protection without impeding your vision, these sleek low profile lacrosse goggles also look great. The eyewear won’t interfere with your line of sight, and it also features a more open design for improved air flow to your face. The lacrosse goggles are adjustable for a secure fit, and the foam padding ensures that the eyewear is comfortable against your face. The protective goggles also feature an open cage that makes it easier for you to keep an eye on your opponents during rainy weather.

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