Top KitchenAid pasta makers in 2018


Pasta making is fun and when you give it the touch of right tools it not only makes perfect pasta but also saves your time. Pasta makers are affordable and easy to use. Other articles discuss some best pasta makers under $75 that are not only easy on pocket but also efficient in work.


KitchenAid KPRA Attachment


Best KitchenAid pasta maker reviewsThis product is a perfect choice for those who not only loves to eat pasta but also are interested in preparing it themselves. This product comes with three tools which includes cutters for both linguine and fettuccine also a roller for pasta, all these are made are made up of inbox steel which increases their durability. Using it is pretty easy, just makes the dough and fed it in attachments. Don’t use water for washing it; use the brush for cleaning or toothpicks.

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“I like preparing my own things just the way I like them and I thought why not give pasta making a go. For this I got these pasta making attachments from KitchenAid which help me in preparing the pasta I want. They are really easy to use and reliable so I recommend them.” – Britney Wayde


KitchenAid KPSA Attachment


This product provides a fun way of making pasta right in your house. You will need this product first to create sheets of pasta for you before you can cut them from other products to prepare your desire dish. It is able to create 15.24cm pasta sheets accurately. You can adjust it to create either thin or thick pasta sheets. Either cut the pasta sheet further to prepare another dish or use the sheet as a whole, you can enjoy your food in both ways. It can be easily clean with hand.

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“This is a great pasta attachment which I found at a reasonable price and which aids me in my quest to do the perfect pasta for me and my family. It also lets me adjust the thicknes of the pasta as I want. Cleaning it is another easy task.” – Vanessa Jones


KitchenAid KPEXTA Attachment


This product is another great attachment for your Kitchen Aid mixer. This product lets you make spaghettis, macaronis, rigatonis and fusilis, etc, fresh right in your own house. With this product, now you don’t have to spend hours in cutting and rolling the pasta with your hands, just place the dough in the attachment and it will create noodles for you in the desired length you want. All the products included with it can safely be washed in a dish washer.

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“The KitchenAid KPEXTA attachment for pasta making has been in my kitchen for several months now and I am extremely pleased with how it functions and how it does my pasta. I can wash it in the dishwasher effortlessly. “ ­– Samantha Wallace


KitchenAid KPEX Attachment


When preparing pasta, it is a good idea to have all the necessary tools first that you can use to roll, cut and prepare the pasta. This product includes all the attachments that you will need to prepare a delicious dish of pasta. With these attachments you can prepare, cut and roll pasta according to your needs. With these all in one kit you can prepare spaghetti, macaroni, lasagna, ravioli, fettuccini and noodles. This product shines in best KitchenAid pasta maker reviews.

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“I find this set to be everything I need in order to make pasta exactly as I desire, with the length and thickness which I most like. It is made in Italy and I don’t think there are better pasta speicalists than italians, after all they invented this type of food.” – Natalie Dawson


KitchenAid KPCA Attachment


This product is included in many best KitchenAid pasta maker reviews because it does its job perfectly and you get the desired results by using it. It can cut thick sheets of pasta into thick noodles. Once you attach it to the mixer, it will run it automatically. You don’t have to press the sheet into it; your hands are free during the process. Just like other KitchenAid products, you can easily clean it by removing the remains out of it by using the brush.

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“I bought the KitchenAid KPCA set so I can make the all kinds of kitchen noodles for a very good price. I latch it on easily to my mixer and in no time I have the noodles done. Cleaning it is not a burden and I really recommend it for pasta lovers like me.” – Laura Thompson