Best kitchen mixers under $50


Cheap kitchen mixers prices


Looking for good mixers to add to your kitchen? We list the best kitchen mixers under $50. Pick from our list and find the mixer that suits your home. Whether you are making that delicious ice cream or kneading dough, you need a device that is multi-purpose and all-in-one so you do not need to clutter your kitchen with a number of devices, each with a single purpose function. Check out our top five mixers that make a great addition to your home.


Hamilton Beach 64650 mixer


Best kitchen mixers under $50

Hamilton products have a long standing reputation for excellent quality. Topping our list of best Hamilton Beach kitchen mixers reviews, the product comes with 4 qt. Stainless steel bowls, a Bowl Rest mixer stabilizer and runs in six different speeds. The bowl is brush stainless steel, durable, long-lasting and robust. The product is easy to use and has diverse functions. From a hand mixer to true mixing, you can accomplish dough kneading, fruit blending and sauce making. You can knead, whisk, beat and grind.

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“I bought the Hamilton Beach 64650 mixer because it is functional and helpful in my kitchen activities without taking too much time. The product is extremely the best so you will be happy owning this kitchen mixer. The product is affordable and user- friendly so you will like it.”  Kathrine Hamilton


Sunbeam FPSBHS0302 mixer


Second on our best five list is a fantastic product from Sunbeam offering a range of functions and attachments for easy machine and hand mixing. The mixer doubles up as a hand mixer with a 3 quart bowl and 5 different mixer speeds for different consistency. A head tilt button and a release button makes for easy install and release of the mixer from the stand. Chrome handles have been attached for mixing dough. The mixer comes with a 250 watt powerful motor.

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“ The Sunbeam FPSBHS0302 mixer has a very effective motor that makes mixing very comfortable to so. The product will never disappoint you because it can thoroughly mix the ingredients of what you want to cook. I highly appreciated this product more than the other kitchen mixers.”  Eileen Craft


Hamilton Beach DrinkMaster mixer


Hamilton, top rate in the mixer department offers consumers a unique product – the Beach Classic Drink Mixer that works great to make that perfect smoothie, milkshake or health drink. The Drink Mixer has a very interesting design, that of a soda fountain retro style. Equipped with a 70 watt motor, 28 ounce capacity stainless steel cup, the mixer is a great addition for a health freak family. The Drink Mixer features two detachable spindles for easy cleaning and two speed electric mixing.

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“ Aside from its budget- friendly price, the Hamilton Beach DrinkMaster mixer is very durable and fashionable. This kitchen mixer is made of high quality materials and the performance is very impressive. You will never feel any disappointment with this kitchen mixer because it is one of a kind.”  Quincy Jolene Solis


Sunbeam FPSBHS0301 mixer


Doubling up as a hand mixer as well as a stand mixer, this product works well for cake batter, cookie dough, muffin batter, a variety of sauces and fruits for delicious custards and cream. The mixer is equipped with a 250 watt motor that provides 5 speeds for different blend consistencies, a 3 quart bowl of stainless steel, dough hooks and a chrome beater for hand mixing. Sunbeam’s mixer is easy to clean and maintain even after extensive use. If you are looking for the best kitchen mixers under $50, this should make your list.

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“ I can easily clean the Sunbeam FPSBHS031 mixer because it is easy to handle. The buttons are well instructed so I find it easy to manipulate. Throughout the years of using this kitchen mixer, I never encounter any difficulties and issues that make me disappointed with this product.”  Ezra Mcintosh


Hamilton Beach 64695 mixer


Rounding off our favorite mixers is another product from Hamilton, the Beach 64695. Powerful mixer with a 225 watt motor, the mixer can be used for most purposes. Blending, whisking, beating, kneading and true-blue mixing, the Beach 64694 offers consumers a 4 quart stylish glass bowl, beaters, dough hooks, a power burst button and a six speed product to achieve the perfect consistency for your cookie or cake. The bowl is detachable from the stand for hand mixing. A mixer stabilizer ensures an even mix of content that is smooth and malleable when put into a mould. Nice little product from the Hamilton range, safe and easy to use for any kind of cooking.

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“ I really commended the functionality of the Hamilton Beach 64695 mixer because it is really flexible. It can handle any kind of mixing without diminishing the palatability of the food. You will find it easy to sue and manageable. The product is extremely one of the best in the Amazon website.” Dollie Dickerson