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While kayaking may not be seen as a high-risk water sport, it is still important to wear a helmet. With so many options on the market, you probably want to start looking at the highest rated kayak helmets or at the very least the best helmet for the money you intend to spend.

While most people don’t want to think something bad will happen while on vacation, the truth of the matter is, accidents can happen. We have created this guide after looking at the best kayak helmets for 2018 and have gathered some of the key components that make a good helmet, so that if something should ever happen, your head will be protected.

The top ten kayaking helmets do not feature masks or shields to cover your face. Instead, these masks covers your head, chin, and ears. This type of coverage will protect you against the unpredictable water conditions you may face while out on the water.

There are two styles that you can choose from that offer different levels of protection:

Full kayak helmets include the ear protection as well gives the wearer better protection overall around the head and the temple.

Half kayak helmets rest slightly above the ear. While they do not offer the most protection, they are easier to size.

To know which is the best for your sport, you have to think about what sport you’ll be doing. If you are going to be in shallow water, you can get away with a half helmet; however, if you are going to be white water rafting or going through rough water with a rocky river bottom, you want to go with a full helmet.

The fit of the helmet is key. Research shows that the users who have contributed to the best kayak helmet reviews show that the way the helmet fits on the head is the leading why they chose a particular model. You want to choose a helmet that fits the circumference of your head and also doesn’t feel too heavy when you are wearing it. Also, you want to look for helmets that feature adjustable chin straps to give you the best fit. The strap system needs to be easy for you to use as well as durable.

When choosing a new kayak helmet, you will want to look at the material the outer shell is made from. Typically these are made from strong materials like plastic, Kevlar, and carbon fiber. While the older helmets predominately used plastics, Kevlar and carbon fiber are used more often because they are lighter and they do not shatter when they are hit. Be warned though, these newer materials are not cheap and they are likely to raise the price of the helmet.

While looking through the best kayak helmets of 2018, we hope that you keep this guide in mind and reflect on some of the key features you should look for.


Things to consider:

  • First decide what kind of water activity you will be participating in. If you are going to be in shallow waters, you can use a half helmet, whereas rougher waters require a full kayak helmet.
  • Make sure the helmet has straps that can adjust to give you the best fit.
  • Choose a helmet that is made of a strong material for the outer shell. Keep in mind that strong materials like Kevlar or carbon fiber will make the helmet more expensive.


Top rated Kayak Helmets in 2018


Shred Ready Super Scrappy Whitewater Kayak Helmet


This helmet features an ABS injection-molded outer shell with CE 1385 which is standard for wearing while navigating white water. The bill of this helmet can be worn in the front to keep the sun out of your eyes, or you can turn it around for added protection on your neck. The lining on the inside of the helmet is a foam liner that can handle multiple points of impact. The colour coded foam pads that are included allow for a customized fit. The HOG (Hand of God) lock retention system fits behind your neck to keep the helmet secure and in place while wearing it.

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Northern River Supply Havoc Livery Helmet


This particular helmet is an all-around go to helmet for your white water protection. The DialFit system gives you the ability to adjust the fit of the helmet quickly and effortlessly; all you have to is adjust the fit with a ratchet. The adjustable chin strap gives you incredible security while still being comfortable to wear. The fixed Plush FIT pads are located at important contact points for optimal comfort. If these pads become damaged, you can easily replace the pads. The outer shell is made of ABS plastic, which is lightweight and durable.

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Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet


This helmet brings you a multi-impact design that can be used for white water sports, as well as activities outside of the water. The patented sweat saver liner can help eliminate sweat from dripping into your face at the most crucial times. The helmet features a terry cloth lining that provides comfort and softness against the skin while removing the sweat. The moisture-wicking layers can quickly remove the sweat and the material is infused with an anti-bacterial compound that eliminates odor. The adjustable straps and the secure padding can be adjusted to provide you with the best possible fit.

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Shred Ready Standard Fullcut


This new design of kayaking helmet offers you unparalleled performance, thanks to the ABS injection-molded shell. Along with the shell, the inside of the helmet features a multi-impact moulded EPP liner, as well as giving you full ear protection. The full cut helmet uses an adjustable retention system along with interchangeable plush foam. The removable foam padding can give you the perfect fit. The occipital locks fit behind your neck, which provides you with a secure lock that will prevent the helmet from moving. The stainless steel and duraflexhardwear is wrapped in a soft nylon webbing to increase your comfort while keeping your head protected.

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Bern Watts Matte Water Helmet


The multi-impact design of this helmet uses Brock Foam Technology. This technology allows water to drain from the helmet quickly, leaving the helmet light and comfortable to wear, while still fitting securely to your head. With the Brock technology, you are given high performance, breathability and airflow that encircles your entire head. The bomber ABS shell is constructed to ensure your head is thoroughly encased in protection. Because the shell is so sturdy, it will deflect blunt impacts while evenly dispersing the energy from the impact around the whole helmet.

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