What to Consider When Buying a Reliable Jab Saw


When you have to punch through plasterboard or do close-quarter sawing, you’ll need to do it using a good product from the best jab saw reviews. A jab saw, otherwise known as a drywall saw, is a small and aggressive specialty tool built with large teeth. It is a must when installing a wallboard, as it is ideal for creating rough openings needed for installation of electrical outlets, electrical switches, lighting and heating and air-conditioning duct work.

A.Jab saw


Fortunately, you won’t need a professional dentist to check out one of the most important features of the best jab saw 2022: the teeth. The teeth determine how versatile your jab saw is. Make sure to check their sharpness by running your fingers lightly against them. Also, do check out the teeth-per-inch (TPI), which measures the density of the saw teeth. The kind of work you will be doing involves cutting gypsum, wallboard, and backing board, so coarser and larger teeth are a must.

The rougher surfaces you will be working on require that your choice among the products in the best jab saw reviews has a lower TPI. In addition, check the arrangement of the teeth to ensure that they are uniformly set on the horizontal plane. If there is one tooth that projects more than the rest, it could cause the tool to drag and leave behind an ugly mark. In the same manner, the teeth on one side should not be farther from one another as against the teeth on the other side, as this could cause the blade to twist during a cut.


Blade and Handle

The narrow blade of the top rated jab saws 2022 enables them to carry out plunge cutting as the coarse teeth slice through the wallboard quickly. The blade is like that of a compact saw. The blade should not have any bend or bow, no matter how small, as even just a single bow will cause binding.

The handle should be well-designed and solidly attached to the blade to ensure delivery of accurate cuts and comfort during extended cutting sessions. This also ensures long-lasting tool life. The handle should give you a good grip so the jab saw doesn’t slip from your grasp during use. The jab saw should not feel unmanageable or heavy in the hand.


Versatility and Convenience

You would want no tool, especially a sharp one, to be constantly poking at you when it’s in your pouch or coveralls pocket. Choose a quality tool from those highlighted in the best jab saw reviews that is foldable and has a locking mechanism either in open or close position, as this allows easy portability plus user safety.

Some models accept all Sawzall blades, so you wouldn’t need to get a new handle for every type of blade you have to use. Blade changes should also be tool free for greater convenience.


Top Rated Jab Saws in 2022


Any self-respecting contractor or builder will have a jab saw in their toolbox, ready for use when needed. The number of brands and models certainly makes your choice more difficult, so you will have to do a decent amount of research to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need for your specific tasks. Here are three products worth checking out.


Milwaukee 48-22-0305


1.Milwaukee 48-22-0305Regularly part of the best jab saw reviews, the Milwaukee 48-22-0305 delivers quick cutting into various materials using standard SAWZALL® recip saw blades. The tool offers increased versatility with the included three blades. The rubber over-mold grip offers reliable comfort and less likelihood of hand slippage. This jab saw offers tool-free blade changes, reducing downtime in the field since you can change the blade ten times faster. This means more valuable time is spent doing your tasks than having to ensure that you have a constantly sharp and robust blade to carry out cutting jobs.

The heavy-duty tool comes with a 6-inch 18 TPI blade for wood, metal and multiple other purposes. The blade folds into the handle, providing problem-free and safe storage. Manufactured like any other tool from Milwaukee, the jab saw is sure to be of premium quality and is durable and reliable for professional use. It is comfortable in the hand. The locking, heavy duty blade is a great feature. The jab saw does short work of drywall cutting tasks. Cut through gypsum, wallboards and backing boards with ease, so you can install what is needed to get the project done in no time. This jab saw should be in your pocket all the time so you can carry out your cutting and building tasks most efficiently.

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Stanley 20-556 FatMax


2.Stanley 20-556 6-InchVersatile and durable, the Stanley 20-556 6-Inch FatMax Jab Saw is engineered to accomplish tasks efficiently. It is designed to meet the high standards of professional use and delivers the quality and performance you expect from any Stanley tool. The blade has been hardened and tempered to provide long-lasting tool life and reliable service. This enables the FatMax to saw through any type of tough material at a 50 percent faster rate compared to saws with a traditional tooth design. The thick, ergonomic handle is also designed to stay securely in the hand while staying tough.

The slip-free handle ensures reliable accuracy while working on any project. The blade is six inches long and is built rugged enough to handle even Durarock with ease. The blade is also 15% thicker than that of conventional saws, enabling the jab saw to execute straighter cuts with less binding. The FatMax Jab Saw is built with exclusive Sharp Tooth technology that enables it to cut on every push and pull stroke. The exclusive Sharp Tooth Saw technology utilizes three cutting surfaces that deliver faster cutting performance compared to regular hand saws.

The induction-hardened teeth stay sharp for up to 5 times longer than ordinary saw teeth. You can even use the back of the saw to mark the 45- and 90-degree angles.

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Dewalt DWHT20123


3.Dewalt DWHT20123Definitely the best jab saw 2022, the Dewalt DWHT20123 is a multipurpose tool that offers convenience to the user. The jab saw comes with a two-in-one design that allows you to use it to cut through drywall and also to plane edges. That’s one tool that offers two different functionalities. With a teeth-per-inch (TPI) of 8, this jab saw boasts triple ground teeth that deliver fast and effortless cutting. The stainless steel rasp offers easy control when you have to remove wood rapidly from curved surfaces. The ergonomically shaped handle measures 6 ½ inches, offering easier control as you use the jab saw.

The Dewalt DWHT20123 is lightweight at just 7.84 ounces, so it won’t cause too much hand fatigue. The tool has a locking mechanism that locks the blade in both the open and close positions, ensuring safety and excellent control. The handle also boasts ergonomic bi-material construction to ensure extra comfort during use. The Dewalt DWHT20123 jab saw is foldable, enabling easy storage and problem-free portability. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which serves as your assurance of tough and reliable quality plus craftsmanship. Take the Dewalt DWHT20123 jab saw with you to the jobsite, or keep it handy at home all the time.

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