Expert Irrigation Controller Buying Guide


If you have been tossing and turning and still haven’t been able to find out just which the best irrigation controller in 2018 is, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a short yet informative buying guide, to help you understand just what you might be looking for in such a device. Always remember that your needs and preferences should come first whenever buying an irrigation controller, so be sure to correlate them with the features of the unit.

1.Rachio IRO Smart


Most irrigation controllers nowadays are smart, which means that users have the freedom to connect them to various electronic devices around the house, and even to their smartphones.

This is a great plus for people who are looking to use the controller even when they’re away from home. For example, customizing the unit while at work, in your lunch break, can be done with a simple click on account of these smart varieties.



At first glance, setting a budget doesn’t look like a tedious task. Yet some models can be as expensive as four hundred dollars and more, which is why buyers need to set their priorities straight and need to understand just what they are willing to spend on an irrigation controller. The smarter the device, the pricier it gets.



Seniors and individuals who aren’t keen on modern technologies might find it a bit more difficult to operate an irrigation controller compared to a 20-year old, who’s been using a smartphone ever since he or she was 5-years old. All things considered, a device is absolutely worthless if it can’t be utilized simply and efficiently.

Installation can be a major headache in the case of complex units. Since it’s pretty hard to understand just how usable a model is, we recommend you go over some of the best irrigation controller reviews. Past customers are known to express their opinions rather bluntly, so these reviews will let you know just what to expect from a certain product.



Some models let users to set watering schedules for different areas. This might be a consideration for various flowers or plants, which require constant care.


Top Rated Irrigation Controllers in 2018


To greatly improve your buying process, we’ve selected three of the most acclaimed units that we have stumbled upon. All of the following controllers have been praised by American and worldwide customers for being dependable, affordable and convenient. It sure wouldn’t hurt if you gave them a shot, since they’ve acquired some of the best irrigation controller reviews.


Rachio IRO Smart


1.Rachio IRO SmartThis is one of the smartest units we’ve discovered, and it’s no wonder that it’s a best-seller on a variety of online marketplaces, including Amazon. It might be a little pricey compared to other products in the line, but it’s definitely worth the bang for the buck.

The device can be bought either as an 8-zone controller or as a 16-zone controller. The Rachio IRO is so smart that it’s able to automatically adjust its irrigation according to the seasonal adjustments and real time weather. This allows people to tend to their daily tasks without needing to always schedule their controller.

The Radio IRO is able to integrate with Wink, Control4, IFTTT and a wide array of top tier home automation systems which allow buyers to exploit the device as much as possible.

The model is one of the top rated irrigation controllers of 2018, considering that it is one of the most economical devices in the line, allowing customers to benefit from utility bills up to 30% lower. The Rachio variety practically pays for itself.

As for connectivity, this unit works with any type of device, including Android and iOS smartphones, as well as laptops and PCs.

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RainMachine Mini-8


2.RainMachine Mini-8This model is a somewhat more affordable variant, considering that it comes nowhere near the price of two hundred bucks on Amazon. It might not be as complex as the formerly mentioned unit, but it does what it is supposed to do and does it well.

Connectivity is an innate feature of this product, considering that it works with iPhone and Android applications, and allows users to consult anything from control zones to dashboard stats. This is an 8-zone model that supports Wi-Fi and that provides free weather forecast data from NOAA.

According to the manufacturer’s description and to what users are saying about the RainMachine model, it is remarkably easy to use, on account of the simple illuminated touch keypad and LED display.

Approximately 80% of the people who have chosen this variety were satisfied with their purchase and have provided positive reviews. The most relevant ones that we’ve consulted emphasize that the unit installation is a breeze and that its settings are very flexible. The buyer’s smartphone can be employed to perform any type of changes.

Other individuals speak highly of the performance of the RainMachine model compared to the one of the Rachio unit. Customers who tested both claim that the RainMachine is superior.

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RainBird SST1200O


3.RainBird SST1200OIt would have been difficult to leave out the RainBird controller from the list, as it’s among the most affordable variants on the market today. This is a no fuss, no muss device, that might not be as advanced as the two previously mentioned models, but it still has amazing capabilities.

This watering system timer can be utilized for 12 zones, unlike the RainMachine and the Rachio units formerly described.

The RainBird features a sealed case, which gives users the freedom to mount it indoors or outdoors, as the actual device is protected from moisture, grime or insects.

Usability is a core characteristic of this model, as it’s easy to operate and lets customers set the start time, the watering duration and even the specific days of the week when their plants require irrigation.

Seniors and people that have been experiencing trouble with their vision have nothing to worry about with this model, considering that the model has an easy-to-read screen and backlit buttons. Reviewing settings with this one is definitely hassle-free.

Close to 90% of the people who have bought the RainBird wrote positive reviews, and most of these individuals underline that it’s easy to use, well-constructed and comes well-packaged.

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