Top rated ionic hair dryers in 2018


If you are looking for the best hair dryers under $30, some of the models that will be mentioned in this article can prove to be good choices. However, some products that will be identified are even above the $30 price. Although some have high prices, they will be worth it because of its high quality.


Appreciated ionic hair dryers by experts


4A growing number of women invest a lot of their time in discovering the right hair dryer with ionic technology. Fortunately the market is more than willing to help out and set the basis for a quick and precise drying process. With attention any woman can end up with a professional hair drier, designed to efficiently dry hair follicles with minimal effort. If you are on the market for a high quality hair drier, this article can definitely make your job easier. It is important to take into consideration a couple of things before you decide upon a particular product. As you probably already know hair dryers are essential appliances which safely deliver blow-drying effects on the hair follicles. Modern hair dryers permit users to add style to your looks. Why should you go to a professional salon when you can get the job done in the comfort of your home?

Most of the best hair driers available on the market use ionic technology to deliver precise drying effects. We attentively analysed the market in order to help you narrow things down to one single product. After 80 hours of research we managed to draft the best ionic hair dryer reviews, which any woman can use to find a potent product that can dry her hair. With the right dryer you will be able to achieve a new look in just a matter of minutes. There are some things to take into account while browsing for a new hair drier. You need to find a product that meets your needs and tends to each hair follicle. Today, you will find on the market 2 types of hair driers: professional and retail. Each type of drier comes with its virtues but it all depends on your daily needs.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Watts Price Color Speed settings Customer Rating Where to buy

BaByliss Pro BABNT6610

2000 $$$$ Black 6 A+ AMAZON

BaBylissPRO BABNT5548

2000 $$$ Blue 6 A AMAZON

Andis 82005 Professional

1875 $$ Black Chrome 4 B+ AMAZON

Revlon RV544PKF

1875 $ Grey 2 B+ AMAZON

Revlon RVDR5029

1875 $ Purple 2 B+ AMAZON


How can you find the best ionic hair dryer in 2018? Well, the first thing that you have to do is decide whether or not you need a professional or retail dryer in your home. With a better understanding on each of them you will know exactly which one should be yours. Retail hair driers are more affordable than professional driers. They are light and very easy to handle. Furthermore the hair drier can work for around 500 hours. For daily use this type of hair drier won’t disappoint. Professional hair dryers operate with an alternating current motor which can safely boast more heat and also less RPM. It can dry fast due to the enhanced airflow. As a result users will be able to control even better the drying process. A high quality ionic hair dryer delivers enhanced drying effects without compromising quality.

It is important to invest in the best ionic hair dryer in 2018 and thus ensure proper results. Now, you should know that there are also other types of dryers out there: travel hair dryers, dryer hoods and also wall-mounted dryer. This is why it is important to weigh each option carefully. You have to take into account your needs which can narrow things down to one product.



BaByliss Pro BABNT6610 Portofino Dryer


The Italian-made motor of this unit can be considered as one of the reasons why it is recommended by the best ionic hair dryer reviews. Because of the excellent construction of its motor, you can expect it to have a long functional life. It also comes with 6 variable settings for heat and speed, which makes it flexible enough to offer you several choices. It also comes with an ergonomic handle, which makes it easy to hold the dryer even for an extended period.



Users are more than happy to spend their money on the BaByliss Portofino dryer thanks to its true ionic generator and nano-titanium grill that both contribute to making hair smooth and shiny

GHRI tests have proven how the dryer’s six speed settings and heat levels do not allow the appliance to get too hot to the touch, and with a cold shot to boot

Ergonomically-designed handle that does not create hand fatigue, for hours of professional salon work without tiring the user out

Includes a diffuser and three airflow concentrators to give accurate drying right where it’s most needed



Powerful Italian motor onboard does its job well but takes a longer time to ensure thorough drying

Non-dual 110 voltage necessitates an adapter and converter for optimum use, which are easily available in electronics shops everywhere


“My old hair dryer wasn’t working properly anymore and decided it was time to get a new one. I believe I found the best ionic hair dryer 2018 through BaByliss Pro BABNT6610 because it has an affordable price and it functions properly. I can set it to different heat levels so my hair gets dried without damaging it.” – Mamie C. Hughes


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BaBylissPRO BABNT5548 Dryer


Best Ionic Hair Dryer ReviewsEquipped with 2,000 watts of power, you will surely not need to wait for a long time before your hair is dried. This makes it ideal for people who have hectic schedule. Aside from being able to dry your hair quickly, you will also be guaranteed that you will have no frizz. Whether you are going on a romantic dinner date or attending a special event, or even just an ordinary day with your friends, this hair dryer will help complete your beautiful look.



Three heat settings enable precise production of heat so hair always gets the optimum care it needs for that perfect look every time

Carries a powerful 2000-watt motor for even faster drying times, enabling salon professionals and women on the go to complete more tasks easily

Integrated ion generator plus nano-titanium element make the Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 the first answer to what does ionic hair dryer mean for everyone

Lightweight profile helps prevent hand fatigue so users enjoy fast drying experience minus the effort



Minor issue of the nozzle attachment not screwing on tightly to the mouth of the dryer, but just needs to be carefully attached for optimal use at high speed


“Quickly and most importantly safely, I dry my hair with excellent results always. This hair dryer wasn’t expensive and I would definitely recommend it to women who are searching for a reliable model. The compact design gives me the chance to take it with me, even on my holidays.” – Denise McClanahan


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Andis 1875-watt Professional Dryer


This is another model that has received favorable ratings from the best ionic hair dryer reviews. It is equipped with 4 heat settings, which makes it flexible. It also has cool shot buttons for more functionality. Because of ceramic technology, you can be assured that it dries hair quickly, while also making it shiny and healthy. It won’t damage your hair, even if you use it extensively and this is why it has the makings of a reliable model.



Quiet and long life motor boasts of 1875 watts peak power for quick and easy drying jobs and the coolest styling options for today’s women

Get precise control plus styling from four heat and air speed settings with a cool shot button to make things more comfortable

Truly the best affordable ionic hair dryer thanks to bargain price and the supreme heat ceramic technology that it employs to give healthy, silky and shiny hair down to the roots

Comes with special bonus features including a resin concentrator, a resin pick and a metal concentrator so hair gets dried to the ends and at even levels



Toggle switches for power and heat/air speed settings are located on the handle, so care must be taken not to accidentally trigger them when using the dryer

Nozzle attachments are made of high-quality material that does not allow them to come off and attach easily


“I first found out about this Andis model after reading the best ionic hair dryer reviews. The positive feedback it had made me realize it was a top ten hair dryer, so I decided to get it. The 4 heat settings help me properly dry my hair without damaging it. In conclusion, I’ve made a terrific choice which had a cheap price too!” – Leona Hathaway


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Revlon RV544PKF Tourmaline Dryer


With the use of this hair dryer, you can achieve hair that has volume, shiny, and healthy. This model is equipped with two variable heat and speed settings, which will allow you to choose from high or low. Compared to many other conventional models of hair dryers that are available in the market, this model is up to 25% lighter. Lastly, you will surely enjoy the fact that this unit does not produce an annoying noise when it is functioning.



Packs a powerful punch with its 1875 watts of drying power so one’s grooming regimen gets completed quick and easy

Engineered with triple-baked ceramic so heat delivery is always evenly distributed down to the inner hair strands

Has two heat and speed settings so hair can be dried and styled just the way the user prefers, all without getting the hair damaged in the process

Cool air is released through the cool-shot button so the style is locked in, and for extra comfort to the user



Buttons move easily to enable convenient activation of the different settings, necessitating care of handling

With its powerful motor, extremely fine hair may require less heating than average


“I don’t know who makes the best ionic hair driers, but I’m quite sure I have my hands on one of the most reliable models in the market, the Revlon RV555PKF. I received as a Christmas gift from my best friend because she knew my old drier was damaging my hair. I have no such problems with this one and I give it a five star rating.” – Roberta Boone


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Revlon RVDR5029 Ionic Hair Dryer


The durability of this dryer is one thing that has been highlighted in many review. It also offers maximum comfort to its users. When drying hair, it is not only enough that it is dried. This product makes it possible for such to be also shiny, while maintaining it healthy. It has 6 different settings when it comes to its heat. For many, the brand name itself is already enough reason for you to consider choosing this model amongst others that are available.



Even heat distribution thanks to ceramic technology onboard, preventing hot spots that could potentially damage the hair with prolonged use

Uses ionic technology that makes water droplets grow smaller so hair dries faster and more thoroughly

Styling and drying versatility made possible by two speed settings plus 3 heat levels to give hair precise drying results in less time

Features professional rocker switches for convenient toggling from one level/setting to the other, so drying is always quick and easy



Powerful motor that provides even heat makes unit a bit heavy for some users, but it is all a matter of knowing what you’re most comfortable with while getting optimal results


“Buying the Revlon RVDR5029 on Black Fiday didn’t require a substantial financial effort and after using it many times, I’m very satisfied with the value I got for an affordable price. The six different heat settings allow me to dry my hair without burning it. I recommend getting this model from Revlon!”­ – Juanita Maier


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