An Expert Buying Guide on Inkjet Printers


An inkjet printer can be a convenient accessory to have at home, and there are several models to choose from. While this does give you several possible options, finding an inkjet printer that meets all of your needs can be confusing. With the helpful tips included in our informative buying guide, you will be able to confidently choose the best inkjet printer in 2022.

A. Inkjet printer


One of the first aspects to consider is the type of printer. Laser color printers can be expensive to operate, while inkjet models are recommended for home use. According to the best inkjet printer reviews these models are able to quickly reproduce text and color images inexpensively, and also include many of the same features. All in one or multifunction printers are another option, and have the advantage of being able to copy and scan documents and photographs.


Color Control

The best inkjet printer reviews recommend considering the cost of using color. Color ink packs are more expensive to use than black, and the cost can add up over time. Some of the best inkjet printers in 2022 do not require all of the ink when printing text, and include settings that let you turn off the color not being used. This will help to cut down on the printing costs, though you also want to make sure the unused ink doesn’t congeal in the tubes.


Printing Quality

You also want to carefully consider the printing quality or resolution, which can be critical for photos and images. Most of the best inkjet reviews suggest choosing a model with a resolution of 1200 x 1600 dots per inch. While this is ideal for printing documents and most color images, some of the higher priced models can have a stronger resolution that will handle images with more intricate details.


Additional Features

You also want the inkjet printer to be Wi-Fi capable, or include a USB or Ethernet port. Some multifunction printers also include two sided printing and scanning, along with a convenient automatic document feeder. Some models also include slots for your memory cards, while other printers will even connect directly to your digital camera.


Top Rated Inkjet Printers in 2022


We can’t choose the right model for you, but we can show you the top rated inkjet printers for 2022. Maybe one of these affordable and efficient printers will be exactly what you need for your home or office.


Canon PIXMA MX922


1. Canon PIXMA MX922According to the best inkjet printer reviews this model can also copy, fax, and scan. You’ll appreciate its compact size and wireless construction, especially if there is a limited amount of available work space. This Canon printer will recreate bright color images, and you have the benefit of only having to replace an ink tube when it is empty.

The wireless printer is easy to set up, and it is also compatible with most of your mobile devices. Print images directly from your smart phone or iPod, and even send faxes and make copies. The printer can be accessed from almost any device, making it easy to share with friends and colleagues.

You will appreciate being able to control the printer from almost any location, and it is also designed to be convenient to operate. The controls are simple to navigate, and you’ll appreciate being able to print on both sides of a page without having to stop and flip it over. The printer also includes an automatic document feeder that will keep up with the high speed fax capabilities. Easy to use and compatible with most of your digital devices, you will love how bright and clear your documents and photos turn out with this wireless printer.

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Epson Expression XP-410


2. Epson Expression XP-410Designed to be easy to use, this wireless printer will also copy and scan. It features a space saving design that is ideal for small home offices, and the printer is also Wi-Fi compatible. Print documents and photos easily from home, or connect to your mobile device. With access to the cloud you can access the printer from almost anywhere.

This multifunction printer is designed to be easy to operate, and features a 2.5 inch LCD screen and one touch functions. Along with printing from your smart phone or tablet, the included card slots also let you access digital photos. Print recent or even older photos with this high quality printer, and easily copy your favorites to share with friends.

You have the advantage of only replacing empty ink tubes, and you can also customize your prints. The easy to navigate touch screen will let your create different layouts and remove unwanted borders without having to connect to your PC. This wireless printer is not only affordably priced, it can also reduce the cost of your replacement ink. Designed to be easy to use, you will love the convenience of being able to print, scan, and copy with this multifunction device.

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HP Envy 4500


3. HP Envy 4500Print, scan, and copy text and images with this wireless printer. It features a compact construction and sleek design, and it is also extremely easy to use. You have the advantage of the built in Wi-Fi connectivity, which enables you to access the printer from your PC, tablet or Android device. Capable of printing text at a rate of 21 pages per minute, this printer is perfect for small home offices.

This printer will also print vivid color images at a speed of 17 pages per minute, and you will appreciate its energy saving design. The wireless printer also lets you use only the colors that you want, which can help you save money on replacement costs. With dual side printing you can save time and waste less paper, and you will love how easy it is to set up.

Customize your photos before you print, and remove borders for unique images. Program this top inkjet printer to run at a set time, or copy directly from your smart phone or tablet. The 2 inch LCD display is easy to read, and you’ll love the convenience of being able to print and copy from home.

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