Things to consider when buying an Infrared Thermometer:


Whether you are a chef in a high-class restaurant or a mother of three, you can learn a lot about a product by reading the best infrared thermometer reviews on the internet. These reviews can help you choose which is the best product on the market that is both affordable and will meet your specific needs. We have created this buying guide to highlight some important features that you should look for when you are choosing a thermometer.


Intended Use

When you think of an infrared thermometer, you may instantly think that it will be used in the kitchen. While this is mostly true, these thermometers can be used for other things like forging, steel work, induction heating, and various auto repairs like checking engines and motors. It is a good idea to know what your thermometer will be used for because you do not want to purchase the highest rated infrared thermometer for candy making when you want to check the temperature of your car’s motor. Not only will it be cross contamination, but also you run the risk of the thermometer not even registering the high heat the motor will put off.


Accuracy and Adjustable Emissivity

In order to get an accurate reading, you will want to find an infrared thermometer that allows you to adjust the surface emissivity. Most thermometers have a pre-set emissivity level that is around 0.95. This means you will get an accurate reading for measuring surfaces that do not reflect energy—like a wall. If you are testing the temperature of a shiny surface that reflects energy, even the best-rated infrared thermometers will not give you an accurate reading. The surfaces have a lower emissivity levels and you will want to adjust the thermometer.


Distance-to-Spot Ratio

Depending on the intended use of the thermometer, you will want to keep in mind of the distance-to-spot ratio. This refers to how focused the field of measurement is. If your thermometer has a 1:1 ratio, it is bad. This ratio means that you have to hold the device directly on top of the thing you are going to temp. However, if you have a ratio with 10:1, then you can be 10 inches away from an object, and will be measuring a 1-inch-diameter circle around the laser.

Whether you are looking for one of the best infrared thermometers of 2018, or you just want a cheap thermometer to keep on hand in your junk drawer, we hope these few points will help you make the best choice for your needs. They are useful tools to have and every home could benefit from owning one.


Things to consider:

  • Be sure you are choosing the appropriate thermometer for the intended use. Cooking thermometers should not be used for DIY projects.
  • In order to get the most accurate reading, look for a thermometer that allows you to adjust the emissivity levels.
  • Choose a thermometer with a decent distance-to-spot ratio.


Top rated Infrared Thermometers in 2018


The market place is a competitive place and it can be difficult to know who makes the best infrared thermometers on the market. When you take into consideration things like consumer reviews, price, and the different features each product offers, the decision can be narrowed down considerably. By looking at quick product descriptions, you can have a better sense of what features a particular product does or does not have—and this can greatly influence your decision when making a purchase.


Fluke 62 MAX Plus Infrared Thermometer


The Fluke 62 MAX Plus Infrared Thermometer allows you to take the temperature of electrical, HVAC, and auto systems without physically touching the surfaces. The device can measure the temperature of any surface that ranges from -30 to +650 degrees C (-22 to +1202 degrees F), give or take a degree. With the dual lasers that rotate to the edge of the measurement area, the large LCD screen gives you the maximum and minimum temperature, as well as the difference between the two. The thermometer has alarms that will alert you when the measurements are outside of the temperature measurement limits.

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Tempir Body Temperature Thermometer


The Tempir Body Temperature Thermometer is a non-contact infrared thermometer that enables you to take temperatures from three to five centimeters away from the forehead, making it an ideal item to use for taking a baby’s temperature. The device creates an audible alarm that alerts you if the temperature is too high. It also has a unique feature that stores the last 32 temperatures that have been taken. This feature allows you to monitor the temperature of whoever is not feeling well so you can better gauge the wellness of the individual.

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Kintrex IRT0421 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer


This thermometer is designed to provide you with an accurate reading of the temperature of surfaces from a distance of 12 inches. The easy to use design features a trigger that you pull and just aim the device at the intended target. Once the laser indicator is on the intended surface, the thermometer will provide you with a reading in less than a second. The low voltage application-specific integrated circuit, the two AAA batteries will last 60% longer than the traditional 9-volt battery that is found in other infrared thermometers. The thermometer will provid e accurate temperature readings that range from -76 to 932 degrees Fahrenheit (-60 to 500 degrees Celsius), and the LCD screen will display the current temperature and the maximum temperature.

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BAFX Products Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer


The BAFX Infrared Thermometer is designed like a gun that you simply point the front of the gun at the intended surface, pull the trigger, and within a few seconds you will have a temperature read out that ranges from -58F to +1,022F with a +/- 1.5% accuracy on 0.95 emissive surfaces. You can use this thermometer to detect the areas where your home may be letting precious heating and cooling dollars escape from your home. You can use this device to check the temperature on your vehicle’s engine, or the temperature of your tires if you are a racecar driver or a trucker.

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Professional Clinical RY230 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer


For the instances when your child is ill, you want to turn to a thermometer that is easy to use and can give you an accurate reading instantly. This particular thermometer can take the temperature of several areas on the face like the forehead or the tear ducts. It will provide you with a temperature reading within a 1 to 4 inch distance of the surface with an 89 to 109 degree Fahrenheit. You can trust the accuracy of the reading, as it will be within a 0.3 degrees of the actual temperature.

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