Professional buying advice for Hookahs:


If you’ve ever been to a hookah bar, you are already familiar with the draw of the experience. Unlike tobacco from cigarettes or cigars, you are smoking flavoured tobacco that is evaporated by heated coals rather than being burned. Why, it’s no wonder that you’re here looking for information on how to buy a new hookah so you can enjoy the experience at home.

We have searched through some of the top ten best hookah reviews and have created this guide with the features we feel are most important when trying to decide which is the best hookah on the market.

There are several different materials that hookahs are available in. Many would argue that a solid brass pipe is the best material for the money that you will be spending. They are heavy, solid, and you can use them forever essentially. One common problem with brass is that for it to continue to look beautiful, it requires consistent polish. Other than brass, some of the best hookahs of 2018 are made of stainless steel, copper, and even glass.

You’ll find that the best rated hookahs are not all one size. In fact, they come in a variety of heights. Experienced smokers tend to prefer a hookah that is somewhere between 28 inches and 32 inches. This is the ideal height for good performance while still being able to be handled easily. Travellers who enjoy a hookah can choose a smaller device, whereas someone who isn’t going to move the hookah can prefer to use a tall one so it can be a design element in the room when it isn’t in use. Keep in mind also, that the best hookah reviews tend to favour the taller pipes because they can hold more smoke and provide more smoke when you inhale, giving you a better experience.

Although there are hookahs available with multiple hose options, the most popular designs only feature a single hose. While smoking a hookah is a social thing that can bring friends together, the use of multiple hoses can diminish the experience because every person is tapping into the smoke and when one isn’t smoking, they have to remember to plug the tip so the others can get enough suction.

Of course, one of the biggest factors of purchasing one of the best hookahs of 2018 is keeping a budget in mind. The cheaper hookahs that you find are not going to be able to give you the enjoyment you are expecting. Be wary of popular name brands though, because they will most likely cost up to 15 percent than good quality hookahs without a name. But, in general, this will be worth the increase as long as you are going to get plenty of use out of the device and you will be happy with your purchase.

We hope that when you look for your hookah, that you feel better aware of some of the features to look for. Just keep these key concepts in mind and you will be fine!


Things to consider:

  • Look for a hookah that has a solid construction, no visible welding lines, and is made of a sturdy material, like brass, stainless steel, or copper.
  • Determine the ideal height that you are comfortable with. Experienced smokers generally choose a device that is between 28 to 32 inches, because it is easy to handle and provides plenty of smoke.
  • Single hose hookahs are ideal because you get the most smoke. Because hookah smoking is a social activity, you want to find a hookah with a check valve hat will help regulate the other hoses.


Top rated Hookahs in 2018


Inhale Hookah Skill Skeleton Huka with Briefcase


The vase of this hookah is crafted with glass and features a sand blast style with skulls and red snakes decorating out outside. The skulls and snakes are created with a durable ceramic material which makes the overall weight of the hookah 9 pounds. The shaft/body twists on to the vase, which gives the unit stability that is otherwise lacking with hookahs with a rubber seal. The pipe is constructed with stainless steel which can easily be removed by twisting the parts. The 70 inch hose features a wooden handle and is accentuated by a PVC and rubber thread.

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Mushroom Garden 1 Hose Hookah


This hookah may be small in design but it is a fantastic little piece. The durable plastic body of this piece allows you to take it on the go and enjoy your flavoured tobacco anywhere you go. The intricate design of the piece makes the hookah a nice display piece as well as a useable unit.

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NeverXHale Deluxe Series: 2 Hose Hookah Complete Set with Optional Carrying Case


This hookah stands 22 inches tall and combines modern production with antiquated tradition. The device is easy to assemble/disassemble, clean, and tuck away, which lends itself nicely for travelling, but you may wish to keep the device out for display, thanks to the colourful glass vase. The two hoses can be used at the same time, and features an interior ball bearing air plugs and shaft hose valves that close automatically when a hose is not in use.

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Hookah4sale 4-Hose Hookah Shisha Pipe


This hookah is an excellent addition to any home because of the sleek design and silver accents along the stem and hoses. The hookah uses four 72-inch washable hoses with laser cut mouthpieces so three other people can join you in a relaxing experience. The wind covered bowl with charcoal screen will keep the tobacco inside, but you can tamper it down with the metal tongs and poking stick that are included with this device.

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Premium Hookah Set


This set comes with everything a person would need to begin using your new hookah directly out of the box. The set includes a glass hookah that stands 12 inches high, a synthetic leather hose, 3ultra premium beamer hookah molasses. It also includes 30 Havana charcoals, tongs, and rubber gaskets. The stem is made out of a durable metal while the rest of the unit is constructed out of a thick glass.

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