How to Buy a New Hockey Elbow Pad


Even professional hockey players understand how important it is to protect yourself from injury, and this means you need the right equipment. Falling on the ice and “checking” other players can take a toll on your elbows, which is why it is important to have protective padding. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will make it easier for you to choose the best hockey elbow pads in 2018 that will keep you safe from injury and able to get out on the ice and enjoy the sport you love.

Best hockey elbow pad


The best hockey elbow pad reviews state that the construction is one of the most important aspects to consider, and will determine how effective it is at protecting you from painful injuries. These pads are normally constructed in 3 separate parts and each one is designed to protect a specific part of your arm. While the bicep and forearm protectors are important, you do want to pay particular attention to the construction of the elbow cap. Thick foam can protect the elbow from bruising and breaks, and you also want the cap to be breathable to prevent uncomfortable sweating.



As stated in the best hockey elbow pad reviews the fit is crucial if you want to protect your arms. The pad should cover your arm from the middle of the bicep to the center of your forearm, with your elbow securely placed squarely in the cap. This ensures that the entire area is protected, so you can concentrate on playing the game that you love. Hockey elbow pads are available in several different sizes ranging from child to large adult, and most packaging includes a convenient chart that will help ensure you find the right one.



Hockey elbow pads can also include several convenient features that can also offer you additional protection. Harder plastic caps can give you protection and help you keep aggressive players in check, while gear that features inner sleeves for your arms can give you additional support and a more secure fit. You also want to choose elbow pads with two or three Velcro straps to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Some additional features to consider include extended protection for your forearms which can prevent opposing players from slashing or cutting during fights for the puck, and additional wrist protectors can provide the support you need during harder swings with the stick.


Top Rated Hockey Elbow Pads in 2018


While we can’t choose the right equipment for you, we can show you the top rated hockey elbow pads for 2018. Designed to be comfortable to wear and able to provide the support and protection you need to play the game, maybe one of these elbow pads is exactly what you are looking for.


Bauer Senior Vapor X60


1.Bauer Senior Vapor X60These elbow pads will protect you during falls and body checks, and features a wider design to comfortably fit around bicep muscles and tapers at the bottom to protect the forearm. Not only does this give you a secure and comfortable fit, it also allows the protective pad to flex and move with your arm. You will appreciate the foam padding on the cup that easily protects your elbow from breaks and bruises, even during hard falls on the ice. The pad also features a breathable mesh liner that will keep you cool and moisture free. This also helps to prevent uncomfortable sweating that can cause the pads to rub and irritate your skin. Designed to flex and move with you while providing exceptional protection, it’s easy to see why these elbows are a favorite with beginning and experienced players.

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Warrior Senior Dynasty AX3


2.Warrior Senior Dynasty AX3There is very little not to like about these comfortable and flexible hockey elbow pads, including the affordable price. The pads are designed to offer a secure and comfortable fit that will also bend and flex with your arm’s natural movements. The stylish design looks great on the ice, and the pads also feature sling wrap straps. This ensures the pads stay securely fastened to your forearm and bicep even during aggressive play. The Velcro straps are designed to stay firmly attached, and you will also appreciate the included liner that prevents moisture from getting inside.

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Tour Hockey Youth Code Active


3.Tour Hockey Youth CodeIt is extremely important to keep young hockey players safe on the ice, and these pads can prevent painful elbow and arm injuries. The comfortable padding will keep elbows safe during hard falls, and younger players will also appreciate the continuous air flow from the mesh lining. The elbow pads feature a lightweight construction that won’t cause uncomfortable arm fatigue, and the stretchable material won’t constrict a child’s movements. Wider at the top to accommodate young muscles and with securely fastening Velcro closures, it’s easy to see why parents and coaches depend on these hockey elbow pads to keep young players safe on the ice.

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Bauer Senior Nexus 4000


4.Bauer Senior Nexus 4000Not all hockey players are built the same, and these wider elbow pads can protect well developed arms. The pads are wider at the top to accommodate large biceps, and will still securely fasten around narrower forearms. The soft foam in the cup will protect elbows from hard checks and falls, and you will also appreciate the mesh liner which provides cooling air flow during the heat of the game. With the 3 Velcro straps you never have to worry about the pads slipping off, and you will also appreciate the added support you get from the inner doughnut sling.

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Bauer Youth Supreme 150


5.Bauer Youth Supreme 150Sized to fit younger players but designed to offer the same protection as professional gear, there is very little not to like about these affordable hockey elbow pads. The pads are designed to protect the bicep and forearm, along with cushioning the elbow during checks and falls. The pads are designed to flex and move with the body, and also features a supportive 3 strap system. This ensures the pads stay securely in place, while also providing additional support. There is also a mesh liner for cooling air flow, and the one piece construction makes these elbow pads incredibly easy to put on and take off.

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