Best hiking sandals for women review


If you are here just to find the best hiking sandals for women and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of info regarding the best hiking sandals for women by looking at the sales figures, the value for the money, the overall brand quality, as well as the owner feedback. Out of all the products of which we analyzed the quality, the Teva Tirra Athletic are the best as they are sporty and easy to use and feature straps that are adjustable, thus allowing owners to customize the dimension of the product depending on the features of their feet. Besides, the Teva Tirra Athletic have a compression-molded EVA midsole which has been added to increase the comfort on the part of the user. Finally, this model is one of the most popular items in the line, with over four thousand people attesting its quality of build. If the Teva Tirra Athletic are unavailable, you could also consider the second best choice available these days, the KEEN Venice H2.



Sandals for women – What to Look for:


Getting a pair of comfortable hiking sandals for women can be quite an adventure these days, what with the wide array of products that are available in the market. Some models are superior to others in terms of ease of use, durability, and efficiency for the end-user, which is why it’s important to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. That’s why we’ve created a short buying guide that can allow you to select the right product, once you’ve figured out your requirements. Have a look at it below.

Teva Women's Tirra Athletic Sandal


The dimensions of your sandals and the way they fit on your feet are two core considerations you need to take into account. Everyone knows that it’s a pain to walk for many miles while wearing a pair of uncomfortable shoes. Sometimes, purchasing the right size, especially if you usually shop online, can be a matter of trial and error. If you’ve tried out some sandals before or at least had the chance to go to a store and actually compare several sizes, you probably know the configuration of your foot and what dimensions you’re looking for.

If not, all you have to do is measure length and width of your foot as best as you can and then consult the size chart made available by the manufacturing brand that’s selling the product. If your feet are wider than the ones of other people, this is a crucial factor you have to pay attention to, so as not to have the constant feeling that your feet are crammed up inside the sandal while you’re walking.


Quality of build

It goes without saying that it’s rather difficult to appreciate whether or not the model you might thinking of buying has been constructed high-quality materials or not. Compared to regular sandals that you might wear while you’re out and about, hiking sandals are specifically designed so that they have a thick rubber sole, which has been added for the user to benefit from the grip she might need. Therefore, a thicker sole comes in handy if what you’re looking for is a product that offers the best in terms of comfort and safety altogether.

On the same note, you may need to consider the sturdiness of the straps. Since it is particularly hard to realize whether the straps do a good job of restraining your feet, we urge you to go through some of the reviews and see whether there have been customers who have reported issues related to the straps before. In addition, shaped footbeds are generally considered better than regular ones, as these will allow you to benefit from all the cushioning and protection you might need when stepping on rugged terrain.


Closed-toed vs. open-toed

Open-toed sandals are comfortable and we’re not here to argue. However, they can be used under limited circumstances. One of them is when you’re roaming around at the camping site. They’re great choices for people who like a bit of ventilation, but they might be anything but usable when it comes to hardcore hiking. A closed-toed option with arch support is by far the best kind of trail hiking sandals you’ll come across, mainly because they will prevent your foot from slipping out of the sandal all the time. Whether you’re likely to wet your feet at some point or the other, you won’t find it hard to walk if you’re using a closed-toed model.



Managing to buy a pair of sandals that withstands the test of time and makes hiking comfortable enough for you to keep on walking for hours on end is a daunting task. Unfortunately, the price of most high-end alternatives is usually more than one hundred dollars. In the end, it all boils down to what you’re prepared to spend and to the type of hiking you’re a fan of. If you’re looking to walk around in the woods or for a limited amount of time, perhaps a model that costs about fifty to sixty dollars can do. The higher the price, the more likely it is for the sandals to have been developed properly, thus offering both safety and comfort benefits.

Some of the best trail hiking sandals for women are showcased below. We’ve checked with other buyers to see whether these units are critically acclaimed or not. It appears that they are the most convenient and reasonably priced options you’ll stumble upon these days. You won’t have to go through a lot of effort to get them as they’re available for sale on most retail websites.
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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


ProductColorsPriceMaterialSoleOur RatingWhere to buy

Teva Tirra Athletic

Chocolate Chip and many more$$$TextileSyntheticA+AMAZON

KEEN Venice H2

Black/Gargoyle and many more$$$$TextileRubberAAMAZON

KEEN Venice

Dark Earth/Caribbean Sea and more$$$$LeatherSyntheticB+AMAZON

Teva Omnium

Abbey Stone and more$$$Synthetic/MeshManmadeBAMAZON

Teva Barracuda

Grey and more$$SyntheticRubberCAMAZON

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Teva Tirra Athletic


Best hiking sandals for women reviewThis textile sandal has rubber sole that makes it soft and more reliable for uneven ground. The softness and comfort of this sandal is no match with other. Its heels measurement also makes it more helpful in fixing your feet on ground with ease. Its heel gives amazing grip to foot.  It is 1.25 inches in measurement. Midsole is designed in a way that it can bear all the compression and folding without causing damage to your foot and also to the sandal. Its outsole is Spider Original.


“I like going for a stroll in a natural environment and sometimes boots can prove too much on a warm summer day. That is why I have the Teva Tirra hiking sandal which is very comfortable and at the same time very resistant so I am well protected from hard rocks that can damage my feet.” – Anne Johnson


Buy from for ($79.95)




KEEN Venice H2


Hiking sandals should have special features that allow you to put every single step at hiking with ease. The best hiking sandals for women review will tell you about the above mentioned Keen Sandal. This sandal has rubber sole that makes it very comfy and soft. The measurement of its heel is only 1.25 inches. Its midsole are able to compress that gives you chance to use all your foot muscle to function with no difficulty. This sandal is washable in machine also.


“I like these hiking sandals very much because I find them to be very comfy and at the same time they make me feel very safe regarding my feet because they seem very solid. I can clean them easily as well because they are machine washable” – Rachel Ward


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Teva Hurricane XLT


1.Teva Women's Hurricane XLT Sandal

The Hurricane XLT have gathered an immense degree of appreciation over time, and that doesn’t come as a surprise considering their friendly price and impressive specs. The heel of these sandals has been equipped with a shock-absorbing technology named ShocPad, which makes it possible for users to avoid getting hurt in the ankle area. Top it off with an EVA footbed to which an odor-resistant treatment has been added for the convenience of users, and you’ve got yourself a perfectly usable pair of hiking sandals. This model is an open-toed type of sandal, so it is less suited for heavy or wet hiking.


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KEEN Venice


Everyone is aware about the quality and durability of leather. This sandal is made from leather. It sole is made from rubber to make it comfortable. It is capable of taking any kind of stress and protects your feet from ground harshness no matter what. In water, sand, stones, grass, mountain etc, this sandal is reliable and soft and provides perfect grip. Its midsole is compressible and can also be molded which makes this sandal very comfy and durable. It heels in 1.25 inches in measurement.


“I recommend these sandals because for me they are perfect, being strurdy and offering protection for my feet when I decide to take a walk through the woods on a warm summer day. The sole has an excellent grip with the different ground types I walk on making me feel very secure.” – Mary Elliott


Buy from for ($99.95)




Teva Omnium


The comfort and reliability of any shoe takes it to the top. The foremost thing to that should be considered when buying any kind of shoe and sandal is the grip that it provides. This shoe has it all; it is comfortable, soft and has manmade sole. Its heel is capable to keep you on ground without making any problem. It has an EVA midsole that is highly durable. Water doesn’t remain in this sandal. All the water that get into the sandal drains out immediately through its multiple draining pores.


“From a quality to price point of view I don’t think there is a better hiking sandal than the Teva Omnium. For me it has everything, a nice design, some top features to protect my feet and make them comfortable, plus it comes at a very decent price range.” – Hannah Rossman


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Teva Barracuda


This Sandal is likable by many ladies and present at the top of best hiking sandals for women reviews. This comfortable sandal is designed to make every journey comfortable. It has the open toe area that gives good toe hold and doubles its grip for easy walking and running. Its sole is made from rubber and can withstand any type of ground harshness. The whole sandal is light weighted. Its sole can be compressed according to the wish that makes it highly efficient for any kind of travelling. It has multiple adjustment points that make this sandal an excellent fit.


“I was really impressed by the design of this hiking sandal and I just had to get it for myself. I tested it going for an easy hike in the middle of nature and I am very pleased with how my feet feel and with the grip these sandals offer.” – Sarah Jade


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