Top rated hiking cargo pants in 2019


For millions of Americans hiking represents a chance to escape the city’s dusty and gloomy pulse. This is why so many people are searching for high quality hiking cargo pants, designed to improve the pleasure of each hike. The multitude of options available on the market makes it possible for people to identify the ideal pair of pants. We attentively drafted the best hiking cargo pants reviews on five stunning models. Each of the pants presented below are used by professional hikers during long or short trips in the heart of nature. With the right cargo pants people will be able to hike in complete liberty.


Columbia Sportswear AX8004 Men’s Silver Ridge convertible Pants


Best hiking cargo pants reviewsIt is not surprising to see so many hikers wear with delight the AX8004 Silver Ridge pants from Columbia Sportswear. Made of 100% nylon, this pair of pants is very comfortable and allows people to cover different tracks in record time. Regarded as the best hiking cargo pants in 2019, this model is made of 100% nylon with special Omni-Wick moisture which manages sweat and rain very well. In addition to the high quality construction, the pants include Omni-Shade UPF 50 sun protection material. The pants have a special gusset detail and a unique zip-close security pocket to store valuables.

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Match Women’s Camo Cargo s Sports Outdoor Military


The current best hiking cargo pants reviews underline the sublime design of Match Camo Military pants. Designed especially for women this unique pair of hiking pants is a great for long hikes in the heart of nature. The pants come with a superb military theme which helps the user to easily blend in the surroundings. With a special zipper closure, the pants can be washed by hand or in the washing machine. These pants from Match are ideal for outdoor activities such as camping or hiking. They fit extremely well and the material is very soft at touch! Women love this stunning pair of cargo pants!

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Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Cargo Pant


Today’s top hiking cargo pants reviews emphasize on the beautiful design of Columbia Silver Ridge! This special pair of pants is made of 100% nylon ripstop for enhanced resistance to rainy and windy weather conditions. In addition to the beautiful simple design, this pair of pants comes equipped with Omni-Wick moisture management. Men love these pants from Columbia for the advanced Omni-Shade UPF 50 sun protection levels! The pants also have a precise exterior adjustable waistband which can be customized at will.  It is good to know that the pants have hand pockets, security zip-closed pocket and also mesh pocket bags.

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Molecule Rope-belted Backpackers Cargo Pants


There are many professional hikers searching for the best hiking cargo pants in 2019 in order to experience the most out of each outdoor experience. Today, more and more people prefer to wear Molecule Rope-belted Backpackers cargo pants. This special pair of pants includes a lot of pockets, ideal to store snacks, maps, cell phones, sunglasses or car keys. Night outs with friends in the middle of nature become even more comfortable with these cargo pants. The pants have a slightly loose fit and large rise, just perfect for women hikers. Everyone emphasizes on the pants high quality design and mild comfort levels.

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Craghoppers Men’s Classic Kiwi Full Length Pants


Who doesn’t love to hike on mountain trails? According to recent user testimonials it appears that more and more men own Craghoppers Classic Kiwi hiking pants. Made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester the pants are very comfortable and easy to wear. As one of the bestselling pants from Craghoppers, Classic Kiwi is made for quick-drying and offers high sun protection. In addition to the beautiful appearance the pants have a smooth stain-resistant finish with water resistant layers. This particular construction is perfect for those long rainy days. It comes equipped with 9 pockets, more than enough to store different items.

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