Top rated Hiking Boots in 2019


If you have read several best hiking boots reviews in the past, you might be aware of the fact that there are numerous choices that can be taken into account, which make it challenging to pick the best one. In the rest of this article, I will share with some insights so that you can have an idea on the possible choices.


How to find the best hiking boots – Professional Advice


hikkMillions of Americans love to go hiking with friends and family members, taking in new memories and cherishing them for years and years. In order to enhance the hiking quality and add new pleasures during each moment, you need to make every step comfortable. There are many hiking boots available on the market, which can accommodate people’s fashion trends. Everyone has a model that can suit their needs and fashion statements, even in the heart of nature. How can you find a great model suited to respect your feet’s circumference and personal fashion inclination? Well, you might want to read some of the best hiking boots reviews, drafted by specialists and professional athletes, used to outdoor activities.

It is important to hike with complete comfort, knowing that every step takes you closer to fun and excitement. Today’s multiple options regarding hiking boots ensures people have the opportunity to choose a great product. Once you find the best hiking boots in 2019, you will be able to set out new mountain trails, worth covering with an open mind. Now, there are a couple of things to take into account while shopping for a brand new pair of boots. The road to your dream boots can be done once you determine most frequent trails you plan of covering and implicit weather conditions. There are 2 important things to consider: find a product that matches your hiking ambitions and also comfortable levels.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Sole Price Material Sizes Our Rating Where to buy

Timberland White Ledge

Rubber $$ Leather and synthetic 7-11.5 A++ AMAZON

KEEN Targhee II

Rubber $$ Leather 5-11 A+ AMAZON

Merrell Moab Ventilator

Vibram $$$ Leather and mesh 7-11.5 A AMAZON

Hi-Tech Altitude Glide WP

Rubber $$ Leather 5-11 B+ AMAZON

Merrell Moab Mid

Rubber $$ Synthetic 5-11 B+ AMAZON


For example if you are planning of hiking during the day, don’t resort to beefy backpacking boots. It is important to find boots that provide enhanced comfort levels and a good fit.

According to some of the latest best hiking boots reviews comfort is essential for adventurous people that want to hike with friends. During the boot-selection process, finding a pair of boots that fits with ease your feet represents an important role. Today, you will find on the market that there are 4 important categories: light hiking boots, hiking boots, backpacking boots and also mountaineering boots. Each type offers different advantages and disadvantages, helping people hike better, irrespective of the terrain conditions.

Light hiking boots come with flexible midsoles, making them ideal for day hiking or long distance journeys. Hiking boots with mid or high-cut sole can be used for backpacking trips or day hikes, requiring a bit of time to get used to them. Backpacking boots were designed in order to carry heavy loads and also multiday trips, being durable and highly supportive. Mountaineering boots are heavy duty models, with stiff midsoles designed to help people go through even the hardest mountain trails. Such products aver very tough, durable and supportive during each moment of the trip.  From these types, you will probably be able to end up with the best hiking boots in 2019, in your hands. You should also take into account boot cut, materials and construction during the selection process. With attention and a profound understanding, you will be able to find the most efficient pair of hiking boots!


An overview of the most important features:


–          Types of hiking boots: light hiking boots, backpacking boots, hiking boots and also mountaineering boots

–          Boot disposition: low-cut shoes, mid-cut boots and also high-cut boots

–          Boot materials and construction: full-grain leather, split-grain leather, nubuck leather and synthetics

–          Support components: shanks and plates



Timberland White Ledge


1The Timberland brand doesn’t need any introduction because it’s already an established name in the footwear industry. The new White Ledge boots baring this brand’s name are among the best hiking boots in 2019 because they’re completely waterproof and have a very pleasant design. The combination of leather and synthetic materials that go into its construction will keep your feet dry and warm through those long hikes. The sole is made out of durable rubber which protects your feet and ensures a great contact surface even on slippery rocks. The EVA foam cushioned footbed guarantees a top comfort level for these unique boots.



Since Timberland boot construction is arguably the best in the biz, designed to tackle even the harshest of terrains, the Ledge model makes no distinction from the high quality bar set forth by the company

Perfect for outdoor adventure these boots are created with full-grain leather and a special waterproof seam-sealed system which offers 100% protection against raindrops

Including a breathable footbed and carefully designed rubber lugs, the boots help the user accelerate, brake and climb rocks easier

Features the exclusive B.S.F.P (Brake, Support, Flex and Propel) system that maintains amazing stability and traction while walking or running on rough terrains



The soft rubber sole might collect smaller cactus spikes or pointy twigs but it offers smooth comfort and flexibility

Doesn’t include a cleaning spray for the leather tongue (this accessory is sold separately)


Buy from for ($76.95)





KEEN Women’s Targhee II


2If you love to hike as much as possible in your spare time, then you need to purchase a reliable pair of hiking boots. We recommend investing in KEEN Women’s Targhee II hiking boots because they can prove to be extremely durable and have a superior level of comfort. High-quality leather makes up the upper which is entirely waterproof. S3 Heel Support structure will help prevent any ankle injuries by dispersing the shock of each step you take. The best hiking boots reviews have given them high ratings, placing them among this year’s leading models.



Regarded as one the best hiking boots the Targhee II from Keen offer hikers comfort and proper foot support on different types of rough or uneven terrains

Designed with a special dry waterproof membrane and 4 mm multi-directional lugs the hiking boots enhances the wearer’s control over the ground, adding stability to each step made

Features a compression-molded EVA midsole and solid Metatomical EVA footbed which provide arc support to the foot’s natural characteristics

Incorporates S3 heel protection that manages impact force and safely dissipates shock and limits the appearance of ankle injuries



The boots are not dryer friendly (don’t expose them to concentrated heat)


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Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Mid


3Hiking is a well-enjoyed hobby by many Americans and if you take pleasure in practicing it too, you must have the right pair of boots. For those long hikes in warm summer days, among the best boots that can be bought today are the Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Mids. The upper is breathable because it’s made of mesh, along with durable leather. This will prevent you feet from sweating too much, thus eliminating foul odors. The air cushion heel is designed to absorb the shock of stepping on hard surfaces, making sure you don’t risk any injuries. Most experts consider this model one of the best hiking boots in 2019.



Regarded by outdoor specialists as the best Merrell hiking boots 2019 the Moab Ventilator features the exclusive M-Select dry mesh lining which resists well to moisture build-up thus keeping feet dry

The hiking boots feature M-Select Fresh odor prevention system which comes in handy after long hiking trips in hot environments

Made of durable leather and mesh materials these boots offer hikers the chance to walk or run in comfort even while taking on rougher areas

Great for trail hiking or exploration trips in the woods the boots are light enough for people to outperform their past experiences in the wild



The boots little eyelets should’ve received a more attentive stitching since most hikes last more than 2 or 3 hours but they provide solid support to the upper area of the feet

The sizes on these boots run pretty small


“I turned to the best rated hiking boots reviews for advice, so I don’t buy a pair with a low quality level.  These boots from Marrell were highly recommended and I was convinced to buy them. It turns out I’ve made a great decision because they feel so comfy and I was even fortunate enough to buy them for a Black Friday discount.” – Adam K. Willburn


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Hi-Tech Women’s Altitude Glide WP Light


4Are you searching for a high-quality pair of hiking boots? After carefully reading and analyzing top expert reviews, we recommend buying the Hi-Tech Women’s Altitude Glide WP. For a very affordable price, these shoes will guarantee a top level of traction on difficult mountain roads and excellent comfort for your feet. Also, you will feel very light on your feet because these boots don’t weigh much. The memory foam sockliner will make sure your feet will fit perfectly and you won’t feel any discomfort. On top of all this, these boots are completely waterproof as well.



The Altitude Glide hiking boots feature a rugged and lightweight design which makes it possible for female hikers to rediscover their passion for outdoor activities in comfort

Featuring a special seam-sealed nubuck these boosts are waterproof and can withstand quite an impressive amount of raindrops

The boosts include TrekLite EVA midsole and a board lasted with solid steel shank which maintain superior fit and stability every step of the way

Weighing only 14.6 oz these hiking boots offer smooth waffle traction which comes in handy while walking on mountain trails or icy surfaces



The boots come in Dark Chocolate color but many expressed their desire for more color designs

Doesn’t present too much padding in the bed of the boot but the comfort levels remain high, compared to other models


“There the boots that I wear when I go hiking and they have proven to be very comfortable and sturdy. The sole offers great traction on slippery mountain trails and I’m sure I’ve made the best deal for the money I spent on them.” – Emily S. Wilson


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Merrell Women’s Moab Mid


5Merrell Women’s Moab Mid Waterproof Oxford boots are highly rated by expert reviews for their lightweight, great protection level and comfort. The leather, mesh and rubber that go into their construction make them light, perfect for long hikes. Pieces of debris won’t be able to get inside the boots because they’re fitted with bellows tongues. The boots are treated with Aegis Antimicrobial solution to prevent odors from forming. Difficult terrain won’t prove a problem for these boots because they are durable and their rubber sole provides excellent traction. Merrell has definitely designed a top pair of hiking boots.



The best Merrell hiking boots reviews underline the solid construction of Moab Mid, a model designed to match the female foot form and particularities

Featuring the Vibram Multi-Sport Plus sole, the boots provide amazing traction on different types of terrains, adding stability and proper foot support during each moment of the hike

Made of Dura leather and mesh materials the boots can be worn in wet weather and still keep the feet dry and comfy

The hiking boots contain in the back a solid membrane treated with Aegis antimicrobial solution which keeps away any germs picked up along the way



Doesn’t present metal lace holes


“I have no clue which are the best hiking boots in 2019, but I do know that these ones from Marrell are durable and extremely comfortable. The Xmas discount they had, made the very cheap for high-quality shoes made from leather.” – Mary Thompson


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Scarpa Men’s SL M3 – Not Available


In various customer reports published in the past, one thing I noticed is that this model is a popular option when it comes to durability. This can be attributed to its solid construction, which is capable of being able to survive tough use. In addition, it may be also because of the Vibram sole. It is mad from full grain leather, which is a material that is not only pleasing in terms of aesthetics, but is also good because it is comfortable and long-lasting.

These boots are really comfortable when warn. I have used them on all kinds of terrain without slipping or having problems to keep my balance. I suggest getting these boots from Scarpa because they’re the best money can buy for under $300.”  Jack Atkins



Merrel Men’s Chameleon – Not Available


If you are climbing a mountain or simply braving a tough terrain, this boots from Merrel will prove to be a good purchase. In many best hiking boots reviews, a lot of its users have reported high level of satisfaction, which can serve as your assurance that such will not be a disappointing choice. It is waterproof, giving it the opportunity to provide the protection that is needed while making sure of its durability as well. It is designed in such a way that air could breathe in and moisture can escape for your convenience.

Merrell Men’s Chameleon 4 Mid Ventilator GORE-TEX Boot have been the best boots I have worn so far. I bought them a year ago and until now they have proven to be very comfortable and sturdy. The prices on Amazon are the cheapest, so I recommend buying one of the most popular hiking boots from their site.”  Bobby Theisen



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Vasque Men’s Breeze GTX – Not Available


This is another model that I can recommend for people who are looking for the right footwear that can prove to be perfect for a rugged adventure. One of its best features is the Vibram Contact Oustole, which makes it possible for the shoes to be stable and to deliver good traction. Additionally, it is also designed with a breathable interior in order to give the feet the air that is needed while it is worn. This is a top choice because it is athletic, but without the need to sacrifice comfort.

The boots have a very modern and fashionable style. They are really comfortable because of their foot paddings. They have impressed me though their resilience and comfort level, proving to be a great investment. ”  Mark Sharpe



Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude IV – Not Available


Best Hiking Boots ReviewsThe high quality construction and durability of this boots is one thing that has been commended in many best hiking boots reviews. According to many of its users, it has provided the best value for their money, and hence, made them satisfied. This waterproof boots is made from the combination of leather and synthetic materials, which, when taken together, helps in the provision of the highest level of comfort to its user, while at the same time, giving the feet the protection that is needed.

Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude IV Hiking Boot is the model I hike with and I am comfortable using them. I find that the padded collar adds comfort to the boots and I also must point out its high-quality rubber sole. ”  Michael Alexander



Hi-Tec Men’s Rainier Event – Not Available


The Rainier Boots is designed to survive rough terrains without the need to sacrifice the comfort of its users. Both the materials and design have been well-thought to be assured that it will be able to deliver superior value to their customers. The interior of the shoes is well-padded, giving your feet the comfort that is needed while you embark on a rough adventure. It also has the ability to repel water, making sure that your feet stay dry.

Whenever I am hiking, I always use Hi-Tec Men’s Rainier Event WPI Backpacking Boot. With them I have great stability, even on wet surfaces, so I can move quickly. I recommend these boots for anybody who loves tough terrain challenges.”  Carlos Martinez